Miscellaneous Headstones

The following are records of stones and interments at places that are too small for a file of their own, or where the cemetery is a private one on a station.

Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources

  Surname: Gardner First names: Robert Charles Born: 10 Jul 1930 At: Died: 2 Jun 1934 At: Age: 1 year 6 months Buried:
Haseldean Comments:
  Surname: Goldworthy First names: Michael Ralph William Born: At: Died: At: Age: Buried: Mt. Lara Station Comments:

  Surname: Hopkins First names: Mary Born: 1848 At: Died: 29 Dec 1896 At: Age: 48 Buried:
Belyando Crossing Comments: 'our darling mother'. 'erected by her loving children'.
Belyando Crossing is where the main Charters Towers/Clermont highway crosses the Belyando River. It has been the inland route for many years, but has never had sufficient local population to support a township. The the tiny graveyard is a little back from the road, quite well kept and protected by an enclosure.

  Surname: McGlashan First names: Neil Born: 1816 At: Died: 13 Mar 1882 At: Age: 66 Buried:
Belyando Crossing Comments:
  Surname: Moffatt First names: William Born: 1848 At: Died: 8 Jul 1884 At: Age: 36 Buried:
Haseldean Comments:
  Surname: Nichols First names: John Born: At: Died: 10 Dec 1900 At: Age: Buried: Dingo Comments:

  Surname: Owen First names: William Thomas Born: 1856 At: Died: 20 Dec 1876 At: Age: 20 Buried:
Bedford Wier Comments: Youngest son of John Smith Owen, MD..
The Bedford Wier is about 30 km north of today's Blackwater, on the old coach road north. The river there has been dammed for use by agriculture and for the town. For most of the season little water flows over the wier, but in the Summer Wet it can be an incredible torrent. On the southern bank, just above today's road, is a single gravestone. It is also reputed that a trooper was also laid to rest there after being killed while chasing the local version of bushrangers. Indeed, once the gold transport from Clermont was held up and the cargo lifted, and while the police did catch the perpertrators later in Rockhampton, they never did find where the bullion was stashed...

  Surname: Perry First names: Charles (Charlie) Born: 1864 At: Died: 11 Nov 1880 At: 'From the effects of a fall from his horse' Age: 16 Buried:
Haseldean Comments: Son of Charles and Mary Perry.
Haseldean is located on the Peak Downs Highway some 15 km west of Eton, at a crossing of what is known as Blackwaterhole Creek. In 1865 a small township was proclaimed in the expectation that it would come to service the small mines then being found. It never got much bigger than the pub, which burned down and left an inexplicable sward of cleared grass in an otherwise moderately forested area. Modern day settlers have planted new trees, and the tiny, unkempt graveyard is little more than a sad huddle of cast iron among the trees, protected in part from the cattle by a tangled thread of barbed wire fencing.

  Surname: Savage First names: Lucy Born: Dec 1893 At: Died: 21 Aug 1896 At: Age: 2 years 9 months Buried: Dingo Comments:

  Surname: Wafer First names: Moses Born: 1835 At: Died: 28 Sep 1907 At: Age: 72 Buried: Dingo Comments: