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We have changed the site and are in the process of converting to a different structure. This means all the content also has to be changed and it will be some time before it is all complete. Part of the reason for the changes is that we need to eliminate the so-convenient email link and replace it with a graphic the spiders and robots cannot read and send us the thousands of spam emails we currently receive.

Most people have found the family history and cemetery pages of most interest, but Myra has been working on her books and there will be considerably more to see there as well. The format is changing to pdf and those interested can download any or all.The shipping and passenger section, along with the cemeteries listing, will evolve into searchable databases quite apart from their present links into the various genealogies.

By the way... If you are finding that the above text or indeed any text on ordinary websites has developed a habit of unexpected links that shows a pop-up, it means your browser has been cunningly manoevred to accept an add-on that redirects users to an unwanted site. To get rid of it use the tools function of the browser in question and disable/delete the suspect function.
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