Tennant Creek

This headstone data comes from the town of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. The cemetery itself is located on the main road on the Alice - Katherine highway, about 2 km on the southern approach to the township itself.

The data listed includes all desipherable names in this sprawling, scrubby area of red soil. Nemes shown reflect the intense involvement of the town with the mines in the area. There appear to be few pastoralists interred there, a fact which may indicate each station has its own plot, for the farming properties in the Territory are truly enormous.
Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources

  Surname: Absalom First names: Alfred C. Born: abt 1911 At: Died: 24 Jul 1968 At: Age: 57 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Husband of Jessie.

  Surname: Adams First names: Ronald H. Born: 25 Jan 1927 At: Died: 6 Aug 1957 At: Age: 30 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:.

  Surname: Afianos First names: Christine Born: 14 Jul 1928 At: Died: 1 Aug 1995 At: Age: 67 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Wife of Nick, mother of Peter, Ann, Susie, Jasmin, Marina & Athena'.

  Surname: Afianos First names: Nick Born: 28 Nov 1930 At: Died: 22 Feb 1982 At: Age: 52 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Spouse of Christine'.

  Surname: Andrew First names: Raymond Joseph ('Darkie') Born: 20 Sep 1919 At: Died: 12 May 1977 At: Age: 58 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: L/C AIF 9th Div OX20306. 'Husband of Dolly'.

  Surname: Antonini First names: Leo Born: At: Died: 22 Jan 1955 At: Killed at Peko Mine. Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Bainbridge First names: Peter Alfred Born: abt 1920 At: Died: 25 May 1994 At: Killed in road accident. Age: 74 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: FX96760 Lt. (Pilot) RN (Fleet Air Arm).

  Surname: Baker First names: Dale Edward Born: abt 1933 At: Died: 12 Oct 1980 At: Age: 47 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Baker First names: Sydney Jack Born: abt 1920 At: Died: 20 Jul 1975 At: Age: 55 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Remembered by his wife and children'.

  Surname: Barker First names: J.J. Born: abt 1894 At: Died: 25 Aug 1947 At: Age: 53 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Husband of Catherine, father of Ron & Maureen. 1414 Lance Corporal, 3rd Light Horse Regiment'.

  Surname: Barling First names: Ralph Frederick Born: 1920 At: Albury, NSW Died: 1968 At: Mining accident Age: 48 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Only son of John Frederick & May Barling. Father of John Robert Barling. Loved by Sylvia, and loving brother of Phyllis. Trooper VX106164 8 Aust Calvary

  Surname: Bauerwald First names: Margaret Gwen Born: 12 Aug 1931 At: Died: 15 Feb 1985 At: Age: 54 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:
13BeardMaud19801898Tennant Creek, NT82F
14BeebeKenneth John4 Dec 1979abt 1942Tennant Creek, NT37Husband of Robyn Kate Beebe, father of Anna Maree and Janet Louise.M
15BernardMaurice19861900Tennant Creek, NT86Father of Leonette.M
16BerryStan19741933Tennant Creek, NT41M
17BethelJoseph Allen24 Feb 197515 May 1925Tennant Creek, NT50M
18BethelWinifred Barbara24 Sep 198612 Nov 1911Tennant Creek, NT75M
19BielskisVladas29 Feb 1954Killed Peko Rd.Tennant Creek, NTM
20BirdWilliam Augustus2 Dec 1953Peko Mine, Tennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NTDied of illness, Peko Mine.M
21BlackmoreNorm24 Oct 19738 Jul 1904Tennant Creek, NT69M
22BournHarold Louis8 Sep 19758 Dec 1907Tennant Creek, NT68M
23BracherGordon Ray8 May 1983abt 1944Tennant Creek, NT39Husband of Lynette, father of Larissa, Paul & Fleur.M
24BrimsonRobertJun 1963abt 1942Accidentally killedTennant Creek, NT21'Always remembered by Mum, Dad, Frank, Doug & Colin'.M
25BrownFrancis Aubrey8 Dec 1952abt 1925Helen Springs, NTTennant Creek, NT27'Only son of Louis & Gwen Brown, brother to Dorothy, Ethel, Joan & Patricia'.M
26Brownscombe(Reverend) TimTennant Creek, NTPriest in charge of Anglican parish, Tennant Creek, from Feb 1987 to Jan 1992.M
27BryneSharon Marie6 Oct 1878abt 1873Tennant Creek, NT5Beloved daughter of Judith & Denis, sister of Judith, Anne & Patricia'.F
28BunyonStanley John19671919Tennant Creek, NT57M
29BurrowsFred (Blue)9 Mar 1970abt 1912Tennant Creek, NT58WX20289 Sgt. 2/6 Commando Sqd.M
30BurtonWilliam Cecil (Bill)29 Nov 1968abt 1907Tennant Creek, NT61'Beloved husband of Rosina, father of Joan, Robert & Patricia'.M
31CarewLance22 Jan 1977abt 1916Tennant Creek, NT61M
32CarterAlan8 Jun 195214 Sep 1923EnglandTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT30'erected by his fellow employees, Dept. of Civil Aviation, NT'M
33CassidyMay6 Nov 198714 May 1919Tennant Creek, NT68Mother of Diana & Stuart.F
34ChowTong15 Oct 1943abt 1911Wauchope MinesTennant Creek, NT32M
35ChristopherGeorge28 May 199927 May 1924Tennant Creek, NT85M
36ClarkeW. T. (Tom)19781915Tennant Creek, NT63'Widower of Dorothy, father of Doug & Anette'.F
37CleggDavid29 Nov 197618 Oct 1937Tennant Creek, NT39M
38CodyRonald George10 Jan 197412 Aug 1952Tennant Creek, NT22M
39ColesClara3 Jan 19781904Tennant Creek, NT74'Dearly beloved, missed by children & grandchildren'.M
40CookDavid3 Nov 19999 Dec 1942Tennant Creek, NT57M
41CookMonica MaryTennant Creek, NT51F
42CornwellReginald John29 Aug 1952abt 1887Tennant Creek, NT65'our dear brother'.M
43CowanKeith Allan19 Nov 1957abt 1931Tennant Creek, NT26M
44CowleyAnthony John31 Oct 1973abt 1963Tennant Creek, NT10MChild
45DavidsonSandra L.2 Dec 199926 Sep 1945Alice Springs, NTTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT54Wife of Bill Davidson, mother of Kerryan & Anne Marie (Tiger).F
46DerrickKenneth James22 Apr 1950Tennant Creek, NTAge 4 mnths 4 days. 'Our darling son'.MInfant
47DilworthAnthony John26 Feb 197911 Apr 1949Killed Geko MineTennant Creek, NT30M
48DimitriyevichLisa9 Sep 196912 Sep 1968Tennant Creek, NT1FInfant
49DinnieDonald28 Aug 19991 Jul 1924Tennant Creek, NT75M
50DohertyHugh Patrick19 Jul 199512 Dec 1973Tennant Creek, NT22Son of Garry & Jan, brother of Cathy.M
51DomagalaCzeslaw23 Jun 1985abt 1927PolandTennant Creek, NT58'Loved brother of Feliksa'.M
52DonnellyElaine Florence23 Jun 1969Tennant Creek, NTWife of Clem.F
53DorshorstFrank7 Feb 199213 Mar 1947Amsterdam, HollandTennant Creek, NT44Husband of Lorraine, father of Jenette & James.M
54DorshorstJames Richard11 Jan 200017 Feb 1973Tennant Creek, NT27Son of Frank & Lorraine Dorshorst.M
55DouglasEstella Phyllis5 Jul 199919 Jun 1915Punta Arenas, ChileTennank Creek.Tennant Creek, NT84She grew up in Newbury, UK.F
56DowlingFrederick W.18 Dec 1955abt 1905Tennant Creek, NT50M
57EdwardsThomas Joseph (Tommy)20 Jul 199726 Jul 1923Tennant Creek, NT74M
58EiderMichael John15 Apr 197423 Mar 1951Tennant Creek, NT23M
59ElleryJoan June24 Nov 19961 Jun 1935Tennant Creek, NT61Mother of Elizabeth, Robert, Anita, Pearl, George & g'children.F
60ElleryRobert Joseph26 Apr 196915 May 1954Tennant Creek, NT15'Dearly beloved, and missed by his mother, brother & sisters'.M
61EllisHarryDec 1943abt 1908Tennant Creek, NT35M
62FacerMargaret (Meg) Joan16 Sep 198623 Apr 1942Tennant Creek, NT44'Wife of Ron, mother of Gordon & James (Jimmie)'.F
63FacerRonald Terrence5 Aug 19744 Oct 1941Tennant Creek, NT33'Husband of Meg, father to Gordon & Jimmy'.M
64FairheadAlan29 Jul 197817 Sep 1931EnglandTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT47M
65FinitaJozsef Tibor17 Oct 19916 May 1935Tennant Creek, NT56'our dear father'.M
66FolfasF.30 Sep 1963abt 1911Tennant Creek, NT52M
67FordJames John1 May 1955abt 1888Tennant Creek, NT67Husband of Norah, father of Patrick & John'.M
68FordJames John23 Mar 1950abt 1924Accidentally killedTennant Creek, NT26'beloved husband & father of Marjorie and Maureen, son of James & Nora, brother of Patrick & John'.M
69FordNorah25 Jan 1953Tennant Creek, NTWife of James John Ford, mother of John, Patrick & Marg'.F
70ForwardHarold G.19721915Tennant Creek, NT57M

  Surname: Forward First names: Harold G. Born: 1915 At: Died: 1972 At: Age: 57 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Frank First names: Linda Napanangka Born: abt 1912 At: Died: 22 Nov 1988 At: Age: 76 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Mother of Ted, Anthony, James, Jean & Dorothy.

  Surname: Gallagher First names: Olive Born: abt 1898 At: Died: 7 Jun 1969 At: Age: 71 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Widow of Peter, loved mother of Peter, Billie & Shirley'.

  Surname: Garemyn First names: Penny Born: 1915 At: Died: 1979 At: Age: 64 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'My dear wife'.

  Surname: Ghisellini First names: Francesco Born: 30 Jul 1926 At: Died: 31 Aug 1963 At: Result of car accident Peko Rd. Age: 37 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Gibson First names: Eta Born: 10 Feb 1901 At: Died: 12 Feb 1981 At: Age: 80 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Remembered by family and Frank'.

  Surname: Gibson First names: Maurice Born: At: Died: 17 Aug 1949 At: Accidentally killed. Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'my dear son. With Eta Gibson. Dates assume she is his mother.

  Surname: Gilbert First names: Max (Constable) Born: abt 1923 At: Died: 17 Aug 1948 At: Accidentally killed. Age: 25 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Of NT Police. Son of Cliff & Mary Gilbert, brother of Merle & Graham.

  Surname: Gill First names: Alexander Murray Born: Sep 1957 At: Died: 12 Jul 1958 At: Tennant Creek, NT Age: 10 months Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Gneuss First names: Erhard Born: At: Died: 3 May 1958 At: Tennant Creek, NT Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Accidently killed at Peko Mine.

  Surname: Graefe First names: Alwyn Born: abt 1887 At: Died: 14 Apr 1947 At: Age: 60 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Served WW1 wireless unit, Mesopotamia. Loving son of late H.E. & M. Graefe of SA'.

  Surname: Gray First names: George Born: abt 1871 At: Died: 10 May 1950 At: Age: 79 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Green First names: Frank Born: 27 Oct 1861 At: Mudgee, NSW Died: 25 Oct 1950 At: Age: 89 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Green First names: Grace Born: abt 1916 At: Died: 1992 At: Age: 76 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Wife of Don Green, mother of Ron.

  Surname: Gunn First names: Jason Born: abt 1935 At: Died: 19 Jun 1959 At: Age: 24 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'brother of John'.

  Surname: Ha First names: Jason Born: 22 Dec 1966 At: Died: 22 Nov 1980 At: Age: 20 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Our beloved son, brother of Damien & Kent'.

  Surname: Hagan First names: E.L. (Edith) Born: 1914 At: Died: 1985 At: Age: 71 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Wife of Jim Hagan.

  Surname: Hagan First names: K.A.J. (Jim) Born: 1904 At: Died: 1983 At: Age: 79 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Spouse of Edith Hagan.

  Surname: Hallett First names: James Coby Born: 4 May 1992 At: Died: 11 May 1992 At: Age: 7 days Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Infant son of Donna & Scott Hallett.

  Surname: Hanrahan First names: Margaret Born: 1932 At: Died: 1940 At: Age: 8 years Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Hansen First names: Nathan George Born: 13 Mar 1997 At: Died: 5 Aug 1998 At: Age: 1 year Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Harris First names: Fred Born: At: NSW Died: 1 Jul 1965 At: Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Beloved husband of Elsie, father of Esther May, Reg & Margaret Melodie'
Ron Teague, of Ruakaka (near Whangarei, in NZ) has emailed to tell us that he used to live at Tennant Creek, and that Fred was the station owner at McLaren Creek, and that at one time he also had the butcher's shop in Tennant Creek.

  Surname: Hartman First names: Gladys (Fritzie) Born: ca 1906 At: Died: 29 Mar 1939 At: Age: 33 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Hatzel First names: John Born: At: Died: 30 Jan 1972 At: Accident Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Son of Frank & Peggy.
94HealeyThelma May (MA)13 Aug 198226 Jun 1909Tennant Creek, NT73'Wife of Edgar Noel Healey. Original licencees of the Dunmarra Pub.M
95HereenAnthony Martin5 Jan 1952Tennant Creek, NTAge 3 mnths. Son of Mart & Mary Hereen.MInfant
96HereenThomas22 Jun 1995abt 1924Tennant Creek, NT71M
97HermannDaniel7 Jun 1983Tennant Creek, NTAge 32 weeks. Brother of Kara & Kylie.MInfant
98HittmaierAlois21 May 1958abt 1929AustriaAccidentally killedTennant Creek, NT29M
99HolewaMargaret Mary19751915Tennant Creek, NT60F
100HolleyAllan20 Sep 19667 Aug 1949Car accident on Peko Road.Tennant Creek, NT17M
101HunterRaymond John (Nick)26 Mar 199827 Nov 1913Tennant Creek, NT85Father of Bonnie, grandfather of Shane, Sharon & Natalie.M
102JonesMark Anthony16 Apr 198119 Dec 1951Tennant Creek, NT30M
103KapplerShane Robert (Kappy)11 Jan 200015 Jan 1964Tennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT36Husband of Trish, son of Bonnie, brother of Sharon & Natalie.M
104KielySydney26 May 199913 May 1917Tennant Creek, NT82M
105KittleGeorge Eli11 Jun 1959abt 1880Tennant Creek, NT79'Beloved husband of Anne, loving father of Len, Geoff & Fred'.M
106KnightAnn Louise4 Jul 1968abt 1945Tennant Creek, NT23'A dear daughter & sister'.F
107KnoxHarold15 Jun 1976Tennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NTSpouse of Joan.M
108KnoxJoan McDill28 Dec 1975Tennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NTWife of Harold.F
109KoenigOtto Waldemar28 Nov 199329 Nov 1935Tennant Creek, NT58Husband of Margrith Koenig, father of Angelika and Roger.M
110KoldaJohn8 Feb 1958Accidentally killed Peko Mine.Tennant Creek, NTM
111KosakowskiStanislaw15 Jun 198818 Apr 1927Tennant Creek, NT50'Remembered by his Peko workmates'.M
112LandreyRobert Phillip28 Oct 197718 Dec 1949Bendigo, VICTennant Creek, NT28'Loved husband of Anne, father of Kellie, Sharon & Wayne'.M
113Le KlerkGeradus12 Nov 1979abt 1918Tennant Creek, NT61F
114LemonW.F.3 Dec 1986abt 1916Tennant Creek, NT70QX63905 Lance Corporal, Army Service Corps.M
115LitchfieldWilhelmina Doreen19411923Tennant Creek, NT18nee Smith. 'Wife of Kenneth Cameron Litchfield, daughter of Harry & Wilhelmina Smith'.F
116LloydEdward Charles William6 Jun 1966abt 1909Tennant Creek, NT57'Husband of Ivy Maud, father of Michael & David'.M
117MaloneyJames13 Dec 1948Tennant Creek, NTM
118MaloneyJames (Jerry)24 Apr 1988abt 1905Tennant Creek, NT83Husband of Nellie (deceased), father of Patricia (deceased), grandfather of Julie (deceased), Catherine & John.M
119MarkhamTom21 Jub 1949abt 1915Tennant Creek, NT34Husband of Kathleen, father of Kevin.M
120MarshPaul Allan15 Aug 199518 Jan 1978Tennant Creek, NT17Son of Noel & Andrea, brother to Helen & Julie.M
121MathewsJean Isabell19 Apr 198117 Feb 1921Tennant Creek, NT60Mother of Janette, Marvin (deceased), & Donna.F
122MathewsMarvin24 Sep 1966abt 1954Tennant Creek, NT12Accidentally killed. 'Only beloved son of Jean & Doug, brother of Jeanette & Donna'.M
123McAllanWilliam (Chooky)4 Jul 1975abt 1911Tennant Creek, NT64M
124McCarryJ.R. (Jack)23 Jul 1978abt 1919Tennant Creek, NT59'Beloved husband of Phyllis, father and g'father of Janice & family'.M
125McCartheyMaria19 Sep 1974abt 1956Tennant Creek, NT18Daughter of Peter & Leah.F
126McCrossenSydney John19821913Tennant Creek, NT69M
127McCubbenEileen24 Sep 1945Tennant Creek, NTF
128McDonaldAlexander19671898Tennant Creek, NT69'loving memories of our dear father Al McDonald, soldier, prospector, pioneer. Affectionately known as the Maori Mayor of Tennant Creek.M
129McDonaldJohn25 Jun 1969abt 1906Newcastle Waters Stn.Tennant Creek, NT63'My brother'.M
130McRaeHilary Joan2 Jun 197516 Apr 1943Tennant Creek, NT32'Wife of Ian. Mother of Kathryn, Anne & Stephen'.F
131McRaeRamon14 Mar 1969Tennant Creek, NTAge 6 wks. 'Infant son of Hilary & Ian McRae'.MInfant
132MerrittAlbert J. E.29 Jul 19843 Apr 1930Tennant Creek, NT54M
133MeyersCamelia Eileen7 Jan 200017 Feb 1911Tennant Creek, NT89Wife of HermannF
134MeyersHermann John (Jack)31 Aug 195723 May 1899HermannsburgTennant Creek, NT58'husband of Camelia, father of John'.M
135MillClara3 Sep 199128 Dec 1906Tennant Creek, NT85Mother of Heather, Iris, Ron, Maurice.F
136MillRonald John30 Apr 20011 May 1933Tennant Creek, NT68Son of Clara.M

  Surname: Monckton First names: Hilda Wilbraham Born: ca 1917 At: Died: 21 May 1978 At: Age: 61 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Wife of James E. Monckton.
Ron Teague tells us that Jim's wife Hilda was a much loved Nursing Sister at the Tennant Creek Hospital prior to marrying Jim. She arrived in Tennant Creek from Darwin with Roma Allen (Nursing Sister) who was later the wife of Don Barrow who established the first Soft Ball teams in the Tennant and Darwin.

  Surname: Monckton First names: James E. (Jim) Born: ca 1904 At: Died: 9 Dec 1988 At: Age: 84 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Spouse of Hilda. Father of Hilary & Robert.

  Surname: Nicholls First names: Kath Born: ca 1918 At: Died: 6 Apr 1998 At: Age: 80 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Noble First names: Malachi (Jack) Born: 5 Apr 1885 At: Died: 2 Apr 1966 At: Age: 81 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Bushman, prospector and gouger. Discoverer of Noble's Nob Mine'

  Surname: Noud First names: Ross Born: At: Died: 14 Mar 1974 At: Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:
Ron Teague tells us that Ross Noud hailed from Coff's Harbour in NSW, and that his wife Patricia subsequently died in Sawtell, NSW after an accident when crossing the street.

  Surname: O'Grady First names: David Charles (Mick) Born: 1919 At: Died: 1936 At: Age: 17 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Padman First names: John Douglas Born: 29 May 1937 At: Died: 5 Mar 1981 At: Result of accident Age: 44 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Husband of Ursula, father of Teresa, Josephine & Michelle.

  Surname: Padman First names: Ursula Marie Born: 20 Oct 1936 At: Died: 16 May 1984 At: Age: 48 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Wife of John. Mother of Teresa, Josephine & Michelle.

  Surname: Parker First names: John William Alfred Born: abt 1916 At: Died: 31 May 1983 At: Age: 67 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Husband of Florrie.

  Surname: Parsons First names: Ethel Maud Born: abt 1923 At: Died: 3 Oct 1987 At: Age: 64 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Presumed to be mother of the Parsons bunch. Greg's age precludes his being husband, in spite of being quoted husb of Ethel.

  Surname: Parsons First names: Gregory Arthur (Greg) Born: abt 1955 At: Died: 4 Mar 1987 At: Age: 32 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:
Chris and Kev Walker confirm that Greg Parsons was indeed the son of Ethel. Greg died as a result of an accident while on shift at TC8 goldmine some 5kms west of the township. They went on to say that both Greg & Ethel were keen Lawn Bowlers, both playing until the time of their deaths. Greg was the brother of Les, Brian, Lawrence, Alex, Beryl, Josephine, Michael & Michelle
#SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceCemeteryAgeCommentsSexOccupationDeathcause 148PatersonLorna Mavis14 Mar 19921928Tennant Creek, NT64Wife of Ronald Victor Paterson.F 149PatersonRonald Victor20 Mar 200130 May 1930Tennant Creek, NT71Husband of Lorna Mavis Paterson.M 150PenmanDouglas John16 Jul 198324 Dec 1942Tennant Creek, NT41Husband of Judith, father of Katherine, David and Richard. Director of nursing Tennant Creek Hospital 1983.M 151PerryCarmel Merle3 Dec 1984abt 1944Tennant Creek, NT40Wife of Connell Patrick Perry.F 152PerryConnell Patrick12 Feb 1984abt 1932Tennant Creek, NT52Spouse of Carmel. Father of Con, Joe, Susan, Kathy, David & Libby.M 153Perry (Khan-Pera)ConstantineFen 1986Nov 1900Tbilisi, RussiaTennant Creek, NTHusband of Nell, father of Ellen, Connell (Dec), & Mary. Pioneer miner, pastoralist.M 154PilgrimLewis George31 Jul 19844 Feb 1921Tennant Creek, NT63Spouse of Lilac Pilgrim.M 155PilgrimLilac Thelma16 Feb 198220 Dec 1922Tennant Creek, NT51nee St. Clair. Beloved mother of Dean, Lindsay, Janice, Lorraine & Diana. Wife of Lewis George Pilgrim.F 156PilkingtonRex22 Jan 1940Tennant Creek, NTAge 14 monthsMInfant 157PopeVichi Dianne9 Jan 19589 Jan 1958Tennant Creek, NTInfant daughter of Nola & Ivan.FInfant 158PortugallerChutima19 Mar 199717 Aug 1941Tennant Creek, NT55'Remembered by loving husband & friends'.F 159PurerGeorge20 Mar 199514 Jan 1926Tennant Creek, NT69M 160PurkissAmelia (Min)23 Sep 1958abt 1904Tennant Creek, NT54'Wife of Leonard Hunter Purkiss, mother of Jean & Mae'.F 161PurkissLeonard Hunter24 Nov 1965abt 1900Tennant Creek, NT65Husband of Amelia PurkissM 162ReedNoela Fay1954abt 1948Tennant Creek, NT6FChild 163ReedRobert Noel6 Jul 1995abt 1950Tennant Creek, NT45M 164RenfreyBeryl14 Jun 198327 Feb 1911Tennant Creek, NT72Nee Gillies. Mother of Linda Price, Rosemary Callaghan, Nyle Renfrey & Jennine Armistead. Grandmother of Frank, Amanda & Megan Price, Richard, Tracey (See REUNION)M 165RewkiewiczAmelita G.15 Dec 198914 Feb 1950Tennant Creek, NT39Wife of Daniel, mother of Casey.F 166RoachFabian Leonard24 Oct 1961abt 1926Tennant Creek, NT35'Our husband & father'.M 167RobertsStanley Joseph21 Jun 1979abt 1921Tennant Creek, NT58'Husband of Rosalie, father of Allan, Jean, Moira + Christina'.M 168RotaPieta4 Nov 1955Accidentally killed Peko Mine.Tennant Creek, NTM 169RovacsekImre19921935Tennant Creek, NT57M 170RugerFritz19891913Tennant Creek, NT76'A pioneer of mining in Tennant Creek. Always remembered by his children and grandchildren'.M 171SawdyNoel Llewellyn12 Jan 1992abt 1926Tennant Creek, NT66M 172ScanlanE.J.1 Jan 1964Tennant Creek, NTM 173SchultzChristine Margaret28 Dec 1960Tennant Creek, NT'Infant daughter of Geoffrey & Mary, sister of Paul, and twin of Catherine'.FInfant 174ShannonJonathon Alexander Reginald13 Aug 19998 Apr 1969Tennant Creek, NT30M 175SheldonClarence James (Clarrie)26 Feb 1994abt 1937Tennant Creek, NT57Husband of Kay Sheldon.M 176SimeonGerdah15 Aug 1983abt 1916Tennant Creek, NT67F 177SimpsonEdward John ('Sailor Jack')7 Dec 19797 Jan 1924Tennant Creek, NT55M 178SincekGeorge G.1 Dec 195016 Mar 1933Result of car accident on Peko Mine roadTennant Creek, NT17M 179SmillieAlexander Montgomery5 Mar 1981abt 1916Tennant Creek, NT65'Husband of Louise, father of Louise, Len, Lawrie & Linda'.M 180SmithRobert Ashley25 Aug 1940abt 1921Tennant Creek, NT19M 181SmithWalter Granville12 Nov 197319 Oct 1915Tennant Creek, NT58'Our dear brother & uncle'.M 182SovranSteve28 Sep 1994abt 1930Tennant Creek, NT64M 183SpringRobert Patrick30 Jun 1968abt 1950Tennant Creek, NT18'Our beloved son & brother'.M 184StanleyJohn12 Feb 1966abt 1949Killed Noble's Knob Mine.Tennant Creek, NT17M 185StanleyWilliam Simon20 Jul 1982abt 1915Tennant Creek, NT67'Dearly beloved husband and Dad of Marjorie, Brian, Jean & Robert. Father of John (deceased, shown elsewhere)'.M 186StauntonDenis27 Dec 19511875Tennant Creek, NT76'a true pioneer'.M 187StauntonDenis John22 Mar 198614 Sep 1938Tennant Creek, NT47M 188StauntonJohn Leo29 Nov 19588 May 1901Tennant Creek, NT57'A true pioneer'.M 189StauntonMatthew Bede29 Jun 19481889Tennant Creek, NT59'A true pioneer'.M 190StauntonMichael John15 Oct 1954abt 1936Tennant Creek, NT19'our darling son'.M 191StauntonVincent (Oscar)7 Jun 198320 Jul 1923Accidentally killedTennant Creek, NT20M 192SteersAlice6 Oct 1983abt 1898Tennant Creek, NT85'She is far from her land alone, but not forgotten, at peace in a friendly town. Loved by her daughter Jean'.F 193SteinRoy John Charles4 Apr 1975abt 1942Tennant Creek, NT33'Husband of Ruth, father of Anthony & Timothy'.M 194StevensJohn Lawrence6 Aug 1963abt 1898Tennant Creek, NT65'Husband of Isabella Mary, father of Edward John'.M 195StirlingSteven13 Feb 1981abt 1962Tennant Creek, NT19M 196StraedeVivianTennant Creek, NT20Wife of Dr. Walter Straede. 'who perished of exhaustion on an errand of mercy'.F 197StraedeWalter Ferguson (Dr.)Tennant Creek, NT23Spouse of Vivian Straede.M 198StrandPaul Brian12 Oct 1991abt 1968Result of accident.Tennant Creek, NT23Age 22 yrs 11 months. Husband of Fiona, eldest son of Lorraine & Colin, brother of Michael & Karen. Pte. 7100115 Norforce.M 199StylianouAntonio17 Apr 19897 Sep 1935Tennant Creek, NT54Remembered by his fello Peko workmates.M 200SummerfieldSamuel2 Apr 196718 Mar 1894Derby, EnglandTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT74'Pioneer aviator, training instructor and onetime Capt. in RAF'.M 201SuttonCharles Paul E.4 Sep 19825 Aug 1938Tennant Creek, NT44M 202TandyColin Wayne4 Sep 197819 Jun 1967Tennant Creek, NT11Son of Lorraine & Ray, brother of Mark & Glenn.MChild 203Tarca (Targa?)Anna Lina Eva14 Dec 199524 Jul 1921Tennant Creek, NT74Wife of Guiseppe, mother of John, Ernie, Anna and Gabriella.F 204Tarca (Targa?)Gabriella17 Dec 19964 Jan 1964Tennant Creek, NT32Daughter of Anna & Guiseppe. With her mother.F 205ThyerFrederick B.30 Sep 1969abt 1881Tennant Creek, NT88'Beloved husband of Laura, father of Fern, Colin & Ross'.M 206TilmouthWilliam8 Sep 1948Tennant Creek, NT'Always remembered by his wife Ruby, and children Nell, Liz, Joan, Gerald, Maureen, Charlie & Richard'.M 207TuxworthLindsay John2 Feb 198114 Mar 1904Wollongong, NSWTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT77Husband of Hilda Elsie, father of Ian, John & Robert.M 208UhlhornCharles L.6 Jan 198319 Oct 1929Amsterdam, HollandTennant Creek, NTTennant Creek, NT54Remembered by his Peko workmates.M 209VanceS.K. (Pte)Tennant Creek, NT1756. 1914-1918 + 1942.M 210VanceStanley Kendall25 Jul 1954abt 1897Tennant Creek, NT57M 211VittyDorothy Vira (Dolly)15 Oct 199530 Nov 1926Tennant Creek, NT69M 212WalettGrace3 Nov 1995abt 1912Tennant Creek, NT83Wife of William Walett, mother of Ronald (deceased) and Patricia.F

  Surname: Wappett First names: Mary Henbury Born: At: Died: 24 Feb 1976 At: Tennant Creek, NT Age: Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: Wife of Bob Wappett.

  Surname: Wappett First names: Robert John Born: abt 1908 At: Died: 19 Jan 1964 At: Age: 56 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments: 'Beloved husband of Mary'.
Ron Teague tells us that Bob Wappett was the Tennant Creek hairdresser.
215WarneGregory Alexander10 Jul 1983abt 1965Tennant Creek, NT18Only child of Alex & Beryl.M
216WatkinsRobert ('Lefty')19851938Tennant Creek, NT47M
217WeaberWilliam5 Oct 1940abt 1877Tennant Creek, NT63'my dear husband and our father'.M
218WellingsLindsay Gordon26 May 1942abt 1912Tennant Creek, NT30'our dear son'M
219WellsFrank10 Jan 20018 Oct 1926Tennant Creek, NT75M
220WheatleyG. M.4 Aug 1988abt 1940Tennant Creek, NT4037-94883 Sapper R. A. Engineers.M
221WhitbyEdgar Charles (Hec)16 Oct 1956abt 1912Tennant Creek, NT44M
222WhiteleyMargaret27 Feb 1966abt 1927Tennant Creek, NT39'Wife of Tom, mother of Peggy, Kathleen, Patricia, Marie, Eileen & John'.F
223WilczekBrother Michael10 Jan 198719 Sep 1939Tennant Creek, NT48M
224WilkeyMabel17 Jun 1968abt 1916Tennant Creek, NT52'Beloved wife of Reg, mother of Mary, John, Janet & Michael'.F
225WillsWilliam Ernest10 Jul 19616 Aug 1917Result of car accident on Peko Rd. 8/7/1Tennant Creek, NT44M
226WilsonA. ('Nugget')29 Jun 195015 May 1874ScotlandTennant Creek, NT76M
227WindleyMary Barbara8 Jun 1985abt 1933Tennant Creek, NT52nee Williams.F
228WisdomJessie19811895Tennant Creek, NT86F
229WoolcockMary Therese6 Jun 195026 Jun 1923Tennant Creek, NT27'beloved wife of Leslie, mother of Robert, Leslie, Marilyn, Dorothy and Mary'.F
230YoungDouglas23 Dec 199931 Mar 1928Tennant Creek, NT71M
231ZangaLuigi9 Oct 1973Tennant Creek, NTRemembered by daughter Lucy.M
232ZasadaEdward Joseph8 Oct 196428 Mar 1937Result of car accident Stuart Hwy 4/10/1Tennant Creek, NT27M

  Surname: Zigenbine First names: Andrew Born: 5 Jul 1928 At: Died: 29 Jun 2001 At: Age: 73 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Zigenbine First names: Ruby Born: abt 1894 At: Died: 2 Feb 1963 At: Age: 69 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:

  Surname: Zigenbine First names: William Henry Born: abt 1891 At: Died: 2 Oct 1954 At: Age: 63 Buried: Tennant Creek cemetery,NT Comments:
Ron Teague tells us that the Zigenbine family were well known as long distance drovers, girls and all.