Ogle Family Rangiahua

The Hokianga Harbour has a habit of sneaking up on the visitor; firmly convinced you may be that you have passed it and are headed intp the bush clad hills, but unexpectedly a stretch of winding waterway reaches out and snares your awareness.
In the case of Rangiahua its even more subtle, for the road abruptly crossed an elevated bridge over a lazy creek and there's absolutely no hint that this is the tip of a tentacle of the same winding harbour environs. If the weather has been wet, and the tide in, its a different story as the lazy creek becomes something much more muscled and rises to cover the strip of tar we call a road.
Being at the end of an arm of the harbour was a benefit to the pioneers, and one family made this idyllic creek crossing their home. Travelling north and crossing that same bridge those intent on arriving will miss the small sign immediately on the left inviting a visit to a beautiful resting place on the hillside overlooking the valley.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
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  Surname: Anderson First names: Robert Walter Born: 13 May 1884 At: Died: 14 May 1984 At: Age: 100 Buried: Rangiahua, Hokianga, Northland, NZ Comments: Son of Robert & Ruby Anderson.

  Surname: Cumberland née Sturge First names: Alice Born: 23 Mar 1921 At: Died: 18 Aug 2004 At: Age: 83 Buried: Rangiahua, Hokianga, Northland, NZ Comments: 'From her loving daughters Jill Allison, Patricia Kathleen.

  Surname: Faithfull First names: Alfred Born: 1909 At: Died: 1973 At: Age: 64 Buried: Rangiahua, Hokianga, Northland, NZ Comments:

  Surname: Fergusson née Ogle First names: Annie Isabel (Bella)
Genealogy Born: abt 1877 At: Died: 2 Dec 1935 At: Age: 58 Buried: Rangiahua, Hokianga, Northland, NZ Comments: Wife of Robert Norman Fergusson
  Surname: Fergusson First names: Robert Norman
Genealogy Born: 2 May 1872 At: Whirinaki, Hokianga, NZ Died: 16 Jan 1927 At: Age: 55 Buried: Rangiahua, Hokianga, Northland, NZ Comments: Spouse of Annie Isabel (Bella) née Ogle
SurnameFirstnamesSectionGravenoDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceCemeteryAgeCommentsReunion_fiReunion_idBurialBoughtHeadstoneSexOccupationDatabase file nameShipShip dateReligionMinisterUndertakerDeathcause
FaithfullAlfred Charles28 Apr 198123 Jul 1960Ogle family cemetery21HM
FaithfullElizabeth Susan26 Dec 1950ca 1879Ogle family cemetery71Mother of Roland William Faithfull.HFwife
FaithfullRena Doreen20 Nov 1951ca Sep 1949Ogle family cemetery2Age 22 months. Daughter of A & R Faithfull.HFchild
FaithfullRoland William30 Nov 1928ca 1910Ogle family cemetery18Son of Elizabeth Susan Faithfull.HM
FergussonJoseph OgleOgle family cemeterySon of Robert & Annie Fergusson. Brother of Irene and Alexander.inez5416HM
FergussonWalter16 Nov 1966ca 1901Ogle family cemetery65HM
HeadWilliam5 Oct 1950ca 1872Ogle family cemetery78HM
LandMartha May17 Jan 1992Cremated Purewa, AucklandWife of William (Bill) Land. Daughter of Margaret Ethel & Richard (Dick) Ogle.HFwife
OgleAgnes Elizabeth10 Jul 1980ca 1934Ogle family cemetery66Wife of Frederick Joseph Ogle.HFWife
OgleBert (Stump)11 Oct 199531 Aug 1916Ogle family cemetery79Spouse of Ellen Ella Ogle (Bunty)HM
OgleDes14 Jul 20026 Jun 1921Ogle family cemetery81Son of Charles (Charlie Jack) Ogle, g'son of James (Jim), g'g'son of Joseph, g'g'g' son of James of Hokianga.masters2194HM
OgleFrederick Joseph16 Sep 1979ca 1913Ogle family cemetery66Spouse of Agnes Elizabeth Ogle.HM
OgleGeorge Wallace27 Mar 1956ca 1938Ogle family cemetery18Accident.HM
OgleJames10 Sep 1949ca 1873Ogle family cemetery76Spouse of Emma nee Stancliffe.beniston4816HM
OgleJohn Richard26 Aug 2000Ogle family cemeteryRNZN RN Spouse of Barbara, father of Richard, Charmaine, Yvonne & Ronda. 3rd son of John & Evelyn. Brother of Desmond, Hartley, Roy, Dawn, Maxwell, Thirza, Barry, Peggy & Stella.HM
OgleJohn Simon (Wacco)24 Nov 1976Ogle family cemeterySpouse of Josephine Ogle.HM
OgleJoseph Frederick16 May 196226 Aug 1887Waipipi, Hokianga, NZOgle family cemetery76Spouse of Lena Ogle.beniston4823H, OM
OgleJosephine18 May 1969Ogle family cemeteryWife of John Simon Ogle.HFwife
OgleJosephine Sophia18 May 1967Ogle family cemeteryPresumed to be daughter of John Simon & Josephine Ogle.HF
OgleLena11 Mar 1953ca 1893Ogle family cemetery60Wife of Joseph Frederick Ogle.HFwife
OgleMargaret24 Jul 1928ca 1862Ogle family cemetery66Wife of Joseph Ogle.HFwife
OgleMurray Leslie2 Nov 197312 Sep 1944Ogle family cemetery33Son of Frederick Joseph & Agnes Elizabeth Ogle.HM
OgleRichard7 Jun 1950ca 1976Ogle family cemetery74HM
OgleWalter Murdoch (Bully)5 Sep 19902 May 1938Ogle family cemetery52Spouse of Hine (Kuna), father of Ruby, Frederick, Wally, Senga, Whiskey, Mary & Murray.HM
WhiteMary Jane4 Jan 1919ca 1890Ogle family cemetery29Daughter of Joseph & Margaret Ogle.inez5415HFwife
WhittakerLinda May4 Oct 196626 Aug 1908Rangiahua, Northland, NZRangiahua, Northland, NZOgle family cemetery58Nee Ogle. Wife of Thomas (Digger) Whittaker.beniston4817OFwife