This is a small railway junction town that refused to die, and is now more well known for its rodeo events. It is located on the Townsville-Charters Towers road, at the top of the Mingela Range, where the road turns off to Ravenswood. Originally there was a rail link to Ravenswood, and Mingela was then known as Ravenswood Junction. Now it is a scattering of houses perched at the top of the escarpment.
All graves are included irrespective of date.
Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources

  Surname: Baker First names: Arnold Albert Born: 2 Aug 1941 At: Died: 9 Aug 1994 At: Age: 53 Buried: Mingela Comments:

  Surname: Baudino First names: Isobel Valentine Born: 1915 At: Died: 20 Sep 1951 At: Age: 36 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'erected by loved ones'.

  Surname: Caspani First names: Peter Robert Born: 1912 At: Died: 1988 At: Age: 76 Buried: Mingela Comments:

  Surname: Caspani First names: Vivian Joseph Born: 1915 At: Died: 22 Jan 1948 At: Age: 33 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'erected by brother Richard'.

  Surname: Clark First names: Albert (Hob) Born: At: Died: 1939 At: Age: Buried: Mingela Comments: Spouse of Alice Clark.

  Surname: Clark First names: Alice Born: At: Died: 1914 At: Age: Buried: Mingela Comments: Spouse of Albert (Hob) Clark.

  Surname: Hawkins First names: George Henry Born: 1837 At: Died: 14 Jan 1886 At: Age: 49 Buried: Mingela Comments:

  Surname: O'Brien First names: Thomas Born: 1862 At: Died: 21 May 1921 At: Age: 59 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'erected by loving wife and family'.

  Surname: Olsen First names: Emily Mary Born: 1894 At: Died: 9 Aug 1960 At: Age: 66 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'our mother'.

  Surname: Olsen First names: Thomas Henry Born: 1917 At: Died: 30 A92 1981 At: Age: 66 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'our brother'.

  Surname: O'Neill First names: (Baby) Born: 14 Apr 1912 At: Died: 14 Apr 1912 At: Age: Buried: Mingela Comments: Died at birth. Twin of Pauline. Son of Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Eugene O'Neill. 'Headmaster Ravenswood Junction (Mingela) State School 1/7/1911 to 5/7/1914.

  Surname: Quinn First names: William Joseph Born: Sep 1886 At: Died: 5 May 1912 At: Age: 25 years 8 months Buried: Mingela Comments:

  Surname: Ramsay First names: John William Born: 20 Apr 1914 At: Died: 5 Jun 1983 At: Age: 69 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'my husband, our father, father-in-law, g'father, brother and son-in-law'.

  Surname: Ramsay First names: Raymond Robert Born: 1947 At: Died: 9 Aug 1978 At: Accidentally killed Age: 69 Buried: Mingela Comments: 'husband, father, son, brother, g'son,uncle, nephew and cousin'.

  Surname: Sugars First names: Annie Born: 1873 At: Died: 7 Mar 1936 At: Age: 63 Buried: Mingela Comments: Spouse of Morris Sugars.

  Surname: Sugars First names: Morris Born: 1863 At: Died: 28 Sep 1943 At: Age: 80 Buried: Mingela Comments: Spouse of Annie Sugars.