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Herberton is located on the western side of the Atherton Tableland, well inland from Cairns. It is one of the few truly pioneer towns that survive today, with its past firmly set in the mining of tin. Because of the other mining and pastotal developments of the 1880s Herberton became a central mustering point for many other local regions that have since faded to nothing. Chilligo is to the north, Thornborough to the NW, and Atherton to the East.

Being on the western slopes of the Atherton Tableland, Herberton is much drier and the vegetation scrubbier. The township itself is wrapped around and over abrupt hills, most resembling Mount Morgan, with streets like roller-coasters, and houses nestled in narrow defiles or perched proudly on ridges. It is a picturesque and colourful place today, but must have been wilder and even more colourful in the past.

The cemetery listing shown here is for the cemetery to the west of the town, which is apparently is not the original one. At this time (2005) not all the listing is complete. At a later date we will try to obtain the Shire listing, and expand the record.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and the records listed below are steadily being copied over. Once a record is there a green tick will show alongside the entry. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Anderson First names: Agnes Born: abt 1857 At: Died: 21 Aug 1930 At: Age: 73 Buried: Herberton Comments: Wife of Alexander Anderson.

  Surname: Anderson First names: Alexander Born: abt 1847 At: Died: 3 Oct 1935 At: Age: 88 Buried: Herberton Comments: Spouse of Agnes Anderson.

  Surname: Anderson née Bain + First names: Isabella
Genealogy Born: abt 1871 At: Died: 19 Aug 1921 At: Age: 50 Buried: Herberton Comments: Wife of Robert Anderson.
  Surname: Anderson + First names: Robert
Genealogy Born: abt 1877 At: Died: 4 Jul 1925 At: Age: 48 Buried: Herberton Comments: Spouse of Isabella Anderson née Bain.
  Surname: Bain née Hunter + First names: Ann
Genealogy Born: 10 Nov 1825 At: Scotland Died: 27 Nov 1911 At: Age: 86 Buried: Herberton Comments: Spouse of John Bain.
  Surname: Bain + First names: William Hunter
Genealogy Born: ca 1853 At: Bendigo, VIC Died: 16 Jul 1913 At: Age: 60 Buried: Herberton Comments: Son of John & Ann Bain.
7BarrieMary13 Mar 1925abt 1887Herberton38Beloved wife of T. McCowalFWife
8BeckJames B.19271907Herberton20M
9BonarAlice Hannah29 Aug 1964Mar 1865HerbertonAge 99 yrs 7 mnths. Wife of William McAdam Bonar.
10BonarJames9 Jun 19911907Herberton84Son of William McAdam Bonar.
11BonarJanet Macadam22 May 198423 Mar 1893Herberton91
12BonarJanet McAdam22 May 198423 Mar 1893Herberton91Daughter of William McAdam BonarF
13BonarWilliam Brandon13 Dec 19141911HerbertonAge 13 yrs 3 mnths. Son of William McAdam Bonar.Child
14BonarWilliam McAdam17 Jun 19231851Herberton72Spouse of Alice Hannah Bonar.
15ChisholmGrace20 Jun 1929abt 1895Herberton342nd daughter of Alexander Chisholm of Korumburra, Victoria.F
16CowanThomas Jardine25 Feb 1929abt 1857Herberton72'our beloved husband & father'.M
17FairbankMargaret Cecilie9 Nov 1947abt 1871Herberton76Wife of Ralph?F
18FairbankRalph4 Feb 1942abt 1869Herberton73'erected by his loving wife and family'.M
19FosterGwenneth Gladys7 Apr 198514 Sep 1926Herberton59'sadly missed by loving wife and family'.FWife
20HopkinsNorman6 Jun 1911ca 1866Herberton45F
21IronsFrances8 Jul 1908abt 1868Herberton40Beloved wife of John Irons.FWife
22JeffreyPhyllis Miranda6 May 1904abt 1901Herberton3Beloved daughter of J. & E. C. Jeffrey.FChild
23JensenMaude Louise26 Jul 199725 Jan 1927Herberton70('Sis') Nee Brown. Sadly missed by Graham & family
24JensenRichard Thorvald1 Nov 1937abt 1884DenmarkHerberton53Husband of Elsie, father of Noel, Lee, Graham, Robert & JillianM
25JensenRobyn Graham30 Apr 193014 Aug 1929HerbertonDaughter of Richard & Elsie Jensen.FChild
26KaskiAntti Sanfred15 Jul 193027 Mar 1904FinlandAccidentally killed, Ravenshoe, QLDHerberton26érected by loving brother J. Kaski'.M
27KelsoDaniel William11 Oct 1929abt 1913Herberton16Age 16 yrs 3 months.M
28KerGeorge Ross5 Aug 19161853Herberton63'beloved husband of Louisa'.
29LedleJohn29 Jan 1942abt 1866Herberton76With child Patricia Ledle.M
30LedlePatricia24 Sep 1934abt 1899Herberton5With John Ledle. Father?FChild
31LoganCrawford5 Jul 197310 Jun 1905Magmerry, ScotlandHerberton, QLDHerberton68'our dear father & grandfather'.M
32McClellandMoses9 Apr 1929HerbertonIn affectionate rememberance by his relatives in California, USAM
33McCollDuncan15 Nov 1889abt 1834Herberton55M
34McDonaldIsabel31 Jul 19894 Jan 1906Herberton83With Christina Thompson. Sister?F
35McLachlanAlexander3 Aug 1926abt 1841Sterling, ScotlandHerberton, QLDHerberton85M
36McNicholJames Harvey20 Mar 19311858Herberton73'our brother and uncle'

  Surname: Mitchell née Bain + First names: Ann Born: abt 1858 At: Scotland Died: 23 Jul 1913 At: Age: 73 Buried: Herberton Comments: Wife of Charles Thomas Mitchell.
38MorganJohn Edgar23 Aug 1951abt 1890Herberton61'my husband & our father'.M
39MortonMargaret8 Oct 1914abt 1842Herberton72'our dear mother'.F
40NewellJames22 Mar 1917abt 1843Herberton74Spouse of Emily.M
41NewellJanet6 Sep 18633 Dec 1947Herberton84Presumed wife of John Newell.FWife
42NewellJohn10 Sep 19575 Aug 1893Herberton64Capt. 1st AIF. Presumed to be son of John & Janet Newell.M
43NewellJohn29 Jul 193230/11/1848Herberton84óur loving husband and father, one of the discoverers of Herberton'.M
44NewellJohn William5 Mar 19458 Jun 1917Herberton28Son of William Graham Newell.M
45NewellWilliam Graham18 Jan 19535 Sep 1889Herberton64Father of John William Newell.M
46PedersenStella Christina13 Apr 19881 Jul 1900Herberton88F
47RamsayAda Matilda10 Jun 1966abt 1877Herberton89Wife of James Grewar RamsayFWife
48RamsayJames Grewar5 Feb 1927abt 1864Herberton63Spouse of Ada Matilda RamsayM
49RobertsNorman LeslieNov 1963abt 1907Herberton56Erected by his mother Annie RobertsM
50SmithMary Ann13 Sep 1945HerbertonWith Archibald Wishart.F
51TaylorHenry August29 Sep 198621 Jun 1896Herberton90With Jessie Delmar Taylor. Wife?M
52TaylorJessie Delmar18 Aug 198720 Sep 1903Herberton85With Henry August Taylor. Husband?F
53ThompsonChristina19 Jan 1948abt 1868Herberton80With Isabel McDonald. Sister? Daughter in law of Clarence?F
54ThompsonClarence10 Dec 198512 Sep 1910Herberton75M
55ToddJack22 Sep 1920abt 1903Herberton17Son of William & Janet Todd.M
56ToddJanet2 Apr 1924abt 1875Herberton52Wife of William Todd.FWife
57ToddWilliam3 Jun 1922abt 1876Herberton56Spouse of Janet Todd.M
58WilesmithGordon Robert15 May 1923abt 1920Herberton3Age 3 yrs 5 months. 'our dear son'.MChild
59WishartArchibald4 Apr 1905abt 1847Herberton58With Mary Ann Smith.M
60WolodyMyr Kippa7 Dec 19905 Jan 1920Herberton70