Green Lake


These cemetery records have been derived from genealogies and not by actual visit.
Collated by Alan Wagener
Actual headstone data;  Data from other sources

  Surname: Gross née Huf First names: Anna Sophie
Genealogy Born: 31 Oct 1903 At: Jung, VIC Died: 15 Nov 1996 At: VIC Age: 93 Buried: Green Lake, VIC Comments: Wife of George Frederick Gross.
  Surname: Gross First names: George Frederick
Genealogy Born: 8 Aug 1898 At: Bungalally, VIC Died: 6 Apr 1990 At: VIC Age: 92 Buried: Green Lake, VIC Comments: Spouse of Anna Sophia Gross née Huf.
  Surname: Gross First names: Ian Winton
Genealogy Born: 11 Feb 1928 At: Horsham, VIC Died: 26 Aug 1922 At: VIC Age: 4 Buried: Green Lake, VIC Comments: Child of George & Anna Sophie Gross.