Gnadenthal (Penshurst)


These cemetery records have been derived from genealogies and not by actual visit.
Collated by Alan Wagener
Actual headstone data;  Data from other sources

  Surname: Presser First names: August Theodor
Genealogy Born: 3 Jan 1899 At: Wal Wal, VIC Died: 17 Jun 1986 At: Penshurst, VIC Age: 87 Buried: Gnadenthal (now Penshurst), VIC Comments: Spouse of Irma Elizabeth Presser née Koop.
  Surname: Presser née Koop First names: Irma Elizabeth
Genealogy Born: 11 May 1900 At: Yorketown, SA Died: 10 Nov 1991 At: Penshurst, VIC Age: 91 Buried: Gnadenthal (now Penshurst), VIC Comments: Wife of August Theodor Presser.
BurgerJohann (1)25 Jun 186120 Jul 1860Gnadenthal, VIC1Infant of Andreas & Anna BurgerOMInfant
BurgerJohann (2)3 Jul 186523 Jul 1862Gnadenthal, VIC3Infant of Andreas & Anna BurgerOMInfant
MirtschinAnnette Marie29 Jan 196324 Apr 1890Gnadenthal, VICGnadenthal, VICNee Matuschka. Wife of Paul MirtschinOFWife
MirtschinLorna21 Feb 198330 Aug 1915Gnadenthal, VICGnadenthal, VIC67Nee Mibus. Wife of Victor Mirtschin.OFWife
MirtschinPaul9 Nov 195714 Dec 1878Gnadenthal, VICGnadenthal, VICSpouse of Annette nee MatuschkaOMFarmer