These records are complete but there are relatively few headstones in the quite large grounds. It must be assumed that there are many more burials than these listed. Einasleigh is located at the base of the York Peninsula, in Queensland's north, on the road that runs from Mt. Garnet to Normandton.

It had brief glory as a mining town, with copper and gold being processed. Nowadays it is a sleepy village at the mouth of the Copperfield River Gorge, with the twisted remnants of the old railway line bent away down the river from the still standing eucalypt supports.

To reach Einasleigh or the nearby Forsayth, one has to drive north from Charters Towers to The Lynd, then turn NW on a gravel road and follow the signs. Alternatively you can proceed on bitumen from Mt Garnet, turn off to Forsayth, then take the gravel road back to Einasleigh.
Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources

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  Surname: Chisholm First names: George Born: 1877 At: Died: 13 Mar 1913 At: Age: 37 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Husband of Beatrice E. Chisholm.

  Surname: Cross First names: Patricia Born: 1929 At: Died: 8 May 1931 At: Age: 4 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: 'our dear daughter & sister'.

  Surname: Fletcher First names: Verbena Florence Born: 1897 At: Died: 28 Nov 1929 At: Age: 32 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Wife of Daniel Fletcher, mother of R.F. & E. Fletcher.

  Surname: Furber First names: Alan Born: 15 Mar 1938 At: Died: 25 Oct 1998 At: Age: 60 Buried: Einasleigh (ashes) Comments: Spouse of Ethel. Father of Christine,Wendi, Brian & Steven. Son of Arthur.

  Surname: Furber First names: Arthur Born: 5 Nov 1900 At: Died: 27 Jul 1994 At: Age: 94 Buried: Einasleigh (ashes) Comments: Spouse of Edith Barbara Furber. Father of Alan, Delwyn, Colin.

  Surname: Furber First names: Cyril Reay Born: At: Died: 22 May 1934 At: Age: Buried: Einasleigh Comments: 'our baby son'.

  Surname: Furber First names: Delwyn Lyle Born: 9 Aug 1941 At: Died: 3 Sep 1998 At: Age: 57 Buried: Einasleigh (ashes) Comments: Spouse of Gloria, father of Mitchell & Anita. G'father of Keira,Justine,Quentin & Ashley.

  Surname: Furber First names: Edith Barbara Born: 19 Jul 1918 At: Died: 4 Aug 1988 At: Age: 71 Buried: Einasleigh (ashes) Comments: Née Barker. Wife of Arthur Furber.

  Surname: Gard née Holt + First names: Mary Ellen Born: 1861 At: Died: 2 Dec 1913 At: Age: 52 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Wife of William Gard.

  Surname: Giles First names: Thomas Kenneth (Kinnith) Born: 23 Dec 1887 At: Died: 26 Sep 1967 At: Age: 79 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Pte 925 3 Battalion.
Tracey Laughlin, who is the Great Niece of Thomas Giles, has kindly provided the following information:

Thomas was born 23 Dec 1887 at Gulgong in the district of Mudgee NSW and he died at Einasleigh, Queensland. He served during WWI enlisting on the 19th Aug 1914 at Randwick, NSW and landed on the Gaba Tepe Beach on the 25th Apr 1915. He was wounded three times; the first time was 10th May 1915 at Gaba Tepe, Gallipoli. He was evacuated to Limnos Is where he spent eight days before rejoining his battalion back at Gallipoli and was eventually evacuated with the rest of the battalion to Egypt.
He was then sent with his battalion to France where he was wounded for the second time at Poziers on the 18th Aug 1916; he was evacuated back to England where he was to send the next five months recuperating from severe gunshot wounds to the left shoulder, arm, thigh and leg. After recovering from his wounds, he was sent to the Somme, where he rejoined his battalion at the Battle of Bullecourt.
This is where he was wounded for the third time on the 20th Apr 1917 and once again, he found himself being evacuated back to England with severe gunshot wounds to the left leg and thigh, which ended his service and resulted in him finally being transported back to Australia where he was to spend three and half years in Randwick Hospital in NSW recovering. He was medically discharged 12th Mar 1918.
On the 3rd June 1944 Thomas once again enlisted, this time it was with the 17 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps (QLD), Service No: Q220383 and was discharged on 21st Oct 1945.

  Surname: Kershaw First names: Edlaine Ivy Born: Aug 1925 At: Died: 10 Apr 1931 At: Age: 5 years 8 months Buried: Einasleigh Comments:

  Surname: Knust First names: Johann August Edward Wilhelm (William) Born: 6 Jun 1860 At: Sack, Hannover, Germany Died: 12 Oct 1933 At: Einasleigh, QLD Age: 73 years 4 months Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Migrated initially to Sydney, NSW, where he lived before moving north.
This information kindly provided by Julie Palethorpe (née Knust) of Cloncurry, QLD.

  Surname: Linneman First names: Gottlieb Born: 1836 At: Died: 7 May 1918 At: Age: 82 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: 'erected by his sons & daughter'.

  Surname: McDowall First names: Catherine Elizabeth Born: 1879 At: Died: 9 Jan 1917 At: Age: 88 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Wife of Charles McDowall.

  Surname: Munro First names: Walter Born: At: Died: At: Age: Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Beloved 4th son of J & M Munro.

  Surname: Nux First names: Nabby Born: 1847 At: Died: 13 Sep 1923 At: Age: 76 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Beloved mate of A. Hoosian.

  Surname: O'Donaghue First names: John J. Born: 1853 At: Died: 12 Aug 1919 At: Age: 66 Buried: Einasleigh Comments:

  Surname: Plate First names: Stanley Vincent Born: Dec 1910 At: Died: 8 Aug 1912 At: Age: 1 year 9 months Buried: Einasleigh Comments:

  Surname: Riley First names: Sidney Adams Born: 1875 At: Died: 1911 At: Age: 36 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: Youngest son of the late James & Harriet Sophia Riley of Geelong,VIC.

  Surname: Suhle First names: Thomas Born: At: Died: 6 May 1953 At: Age: Buried: Einasleigh Comments: 'our dear uncle and my brother Tom'.

  Surname: Wallis First names: Margaret Born: 1852 At: Died: 24 Dec 1924 At: Age: 72 Buried: Einasleigh Comments:

  Surname: Woodward First names: Arthur Wilton Barnes Born: 1838 At: Died: 27 May 1910 At: Age: 72 Buried: Einasleigh Comments: