Comet: Archive

 Pos S  2336.141
E 14833.142
This is a very small village on the Capricorn Highway, between Blackwater and Emerald. It is beside the Comet River, and was once a crossing for the old trail on to Springsure. There remains a pub, a few houses, and Leichardt's famous tree. The cemetery is somewhat in disrepair, and clearly is not in current use.

In addition to the interments shown below there is a stone with Chinese characters. All graves are included irrespective of date.

We have now gone to an on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and as we transfer the records below a green tick will appear beside them. MOP records a lot more than just cemetery records; it also shows ships-voyages-passengers plus many other useful things. Check it out here!

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.

Actual headstone data;   Data from other sources  Data has been transferred to MOP

  Surname: Carrington First names: Eliza Born: At: Died: 2 Jul ?? At: Age: 46 Buried: Comet Comments: Spouse of William Carrington.

  Surname: Carrington First names: Frederick Floyd Born: 1875 At: Died: 16 Jul 1922 At: Age: 47 Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Cooper First names: W. Willoughby Born: 7 Dec 1883 At: Died: 12 Dec 1883 At: Age: 5 days Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Coulson First names: Walter Born: Aug 1875 At: Died: 25 Jan 1878 At: Age: 2 years 4 months Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Ellis First names: Marie Constance (Tottie) Born: 4 Jul 1924 At: Died: 1 Feb 1926 At: Age: 1 year 7 months Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Gifford First names: Albert Born: May 1885 At: Died: 22 Feb 1916 At: Accidentally drowned. Age: 30 years 11 months Buried: Comet Comments: Spouse of May Gifford.

  Surname: Kitchiner First names: Annie Born: 5 Aug 1882 At: Died: 5 Sep 1882 At: Age: 1 month Buried: Comet Comments: With Harriet Kitchiner. Sisters?

  Surname: Kitchiner First names: Harriet Born: 14 Jan 1885 At: Died: 6 Apr 1885 At: Age: 3 months Buried: Comet Comments: With Annie Kitchiner. Sisters?

  Surname: O'Reilly First names: Ellen Mary Born: 1854 At: Died: 4 Feb 1887 At: Age: 33 Buried: Comet Comments: Spouse of Thomas O'Reilly.

  Surname: O'Reilly First names: Terence Peter Born: Sep 1884 At: Died: 8 Jan 1885 At: Age: 10 weeks Buried: Comet Comments: Son of Ellen Mary and Thomas O'Reilly.

  Surname: Parker First names: James (Jim) Alexander Black Born: 1874 At: Died: 1 Aug 1943 At: Age: 69 Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Roads First names: Ellis Daisy Born: Jan 1898 At: Died: 16 Nov 1898 At: Age: 10 months 3 days Buried: Comet Comments:

  Surname: Wafer First names: Moses Frederick Born: 1883 At: Died: 15 Aug 1927 At: Age: 44 Buried: Comet Comments: