Clarendon (Circle Hill) cemetery

Pos S  46 2.641'
E 170 1.779'
Clarendon cemetery is hidden in plain sight. If you drive south from Waihola Phosphate Road appears on the right, for which you have to cross the railway tracks. On the right is a sharply conical hill, all apparently in grass; the cemetery is on the very top of that hill.

To actually get to it requires that you walk across farmland owned by the family in the first farmhouse on the right. As is the case with all farms, the owner appreciates being asked and will likely give more directions, but in essence you continue along Phosphate Road and take the next right into Berwick.

Less than a kilometer on is another intersection, this one with Cullen Road. Find a spot to park on Cullen because you must now make your way across Berwick, into the paddock and up the line of trees to the top of the hill where eventually you reach the very overgrown cemetery.

Remember that this site was chosen by the very people now sleeping there; it required the agreement of all the families before it could be set aside as a place to watch forever go by...

 But the place is a mess! There is a sturdy fence around the site but nobody (by 2018 at least) has attempted the cleanup the place requires.

It is, however, a magic place and the views north in particular take in the Sinclair wetlands while in the distance can be seen the airport at Momona. In the other direction you can see Milton in the distance and the hills near the Clutha River.

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