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NameSaint Andrews (Old Mangonui)
RemarksKeep going down the hill from the main cemetery to Turvey Ave. The cemetery is
on your right.
GPS34° 59.693'S, 173° 31.544'E
24 headstones.
Adamson, Margaret Steel
Anderson, Rona Kathleen
Anderson, Willson *Scott*
Barnfather, Arthur
Berghan, Thomas
Braithwaite, Frederick
Coldicutt, Sarah
Cornwall, Charles Amos
Dunn, Christopher Blencowe
Dunn, Eliza
Maria, Emily
Maria, Nicholas
Maugham, William
McIntosh, Archibald
McIntosh, John
McIntosh, John Archibald
Robinson, John
Robinson, Sarah Ann
Robinson, Sarah Harriet
Stockwell, Elizabeth
Wrathall, Richard Theophilus
Wyles, Margaret Steele
Wyles, Norman McLeod
Wyles, Robert