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NameCharters Towers (New)
LocationCharters Towers
RemarksTake the road north to The Lynd and the cemetery is on the left just out of
GPS20° 2.784'S, 146° 14.684'E
64 headstones.
Alford, Elise Alice (Gwen)
Blucher, Henry Frederick Wilhelm
Blucher, Margaret Maria Ann (Margaret)
Bolitho, Alfred
Bolitho, Alice Jane (Sally)
Bolitho, Douglas Arthur
Bottrell, William Rapson
Boyd, David
Carbis, Amy
Carbis, John
Clarke, Jack
Clarke, Minnie
Clemo, James R.
Cole, Bertrem Grey
Cole, Harold David
Down, John
Evans, Archie
Evans, Bertie
Evans, Frederick B.
Evans, Johnny
Gillard, Sarah
Green, Ivy Ann
Halbert, Clara
Halbert, Michael Lindsey
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Ernest
Hall, Herbert
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Joseph Harrison
Hall, Lizzie
Hall, Nellie
Hall, Samuel Henry
Hall, Victor Ferdinand
Hampton, Thomas
Hocking, Francis
Holden, Dorothy Sutherland
Holt, Elizabeth
Holt, Joseph
Hooper, Albert Edward Wyvill
Hooper, Francis
Howell, E.M.
Jones, Jane
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, William
Kettle, Ann Jane
Kettle, James Thomas
Kettle, Mary Ann
Kettle, William Ralph
Lear, Thomas
Lewis, Blodwen
Lewis, Claudia
Lewis, Edmund
Lewis, Elizabeth Ann
Lewis, Gladys
Lewis, Ivor
Lewis, Morgan Edward (Morgan)
Littleford, Arthur
Luxon, James
Martin, Harold George
Millett, John Douglas
Mills, Ernest Daniel
Parnell, John
Partridge, Elizabeth Mary
Zonga, Charlie