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This file contains data almost exclusively from Switzerland and is linked with the WAGENER file. Obtaining family data in Switzerland is coloured by the fact that few families consider genealogy to be of overriding importance, and thus little personal information is kept beyond a generation. As ever, please tell us of any errors so we we can change it and make it RIGHT!. Note that the data presented in these files do NOT conform to the '3 sources rule'. As time has gone on, other material has been included from various sources. Where there are errors or omissions, or where there are updates required, please email us directly at the address shown at the bottom of this page.

Husband: Theodore Karl Berger   
  Born: 22 MAR 1867 at: Married: 1900 at: Died: 12 DEC 1932 at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses:
  Wife: Elisabeth Jecklin
  Born: 6 APR 1878 at: Died: 13 JUN 1935 at: Father:Rudolf Jecklin Mother: Other Spouses:
I will always remember Flawil as the first place I saw storks nesting on the top of houses. I'd read about it, of course, and I knew the birds migrated south for Winter, but the reality of the birds and their untidy collection of sticks plonked on the ridgetop quite near the chimney was something real!
There seemed no good reason why they should choose a human house at all; what did they do in the ages past? but choose they had, and their presence was judged good luck by the inhabitants who are forbidden by law as well as custom to disturb the birds.

  Name: Theodor Berger Born: 18 MAR 1899 at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: 1923 at: Vancouver, Canada Died: 18 MAR 1979 at: Vancouver, Canada Spouses: Rosina Maria Hollenstein
  Name: Martha Berger Born: 10 FEB 1901 at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: 29 APR 1989 at: Flawil, Switzerland Buried: at: Flawil, Switzerland Spouses:
Name: Elise Berger Born: 6 SEP 1907 at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: 1937 at: Died: 8 FEB 1991 at: Amriswil, Switzerland Spouses: Eduard Faessler
  Name: Margrit (twin) Berger Born: 14 AUG 1913 at: Flawil, SG, Switzerland Married: 27 JUN 1927 at: Died: 7 JUN 1995 at: Rorschach, SG, Switzerland Spouses: Jacob Hauser
  Name: Paul (twin) Berger Born: 14 AUG 1914 at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:
  Name: Walter Berger Born: 10 SEP 1917 at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: 18 JAN 2000 at: Rickenbach, Luzern, Switzerland Buried: at: Rickenbach, Luzern, Switzerland Spouses:
  Name: Adolf Berger Born: at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: at: Amriswil, Switzerland Buried: at: Amriswil, Switzerland Spouses:
  Name: Anna Berger Born: at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: at: UnterIberg, Switzerland Buried: at: UnterIberg, Switzerland Spouses:
  Name: Rudolf Berger Born: at: Flawil, Switzerland Married: at: Died: at: Chur, Switzerland Buried: at: Chur, Switzerland Spouses: