'SKIOLD' Passenger List
For voyage from Hamburg to Nelson
Departed 21 Apr 1844 -- Arrived 1 Sep 1844
Capt. C. Clauusen, master, Dr. Franz B. Baum, surgeon

Material supplied by Michael Subritzky, drawn from archival information in the Nelson Public Library, The Alexander Turnbull Library, and the Nelson Examiner, all in New Zealand. Additional information drawn from several on-line sites, including that of Marc Benier

SurnameFirstnameAgeTradePassenger Category
BALCKJohann Friedrich J. M.41JoinerSteerage
Christine Wilhelmine36WifeSteerage
Anna Maria Auguste9Steerage
Carl Friedrich Joachim7Steerage
Elizabeth Katerine Wilhelmine5Steerage
Sophie Marie Fredericke3Steerage
BANNIERJohann Joachim Carl34Agricultural workerSteerage
Dorothea Hanna Maria27WifeSteerage
Anna Maria Christina11Steerage
Dorothea Margarete Sophie2Steerage
Joachim Christian Martin6Steerage
Johann Friedrich Joachim8Steerage
BENOITJohann Ferdinand Cabin
BRAASCHJohann D. Wilhelm43SawyerSteerage
Magdalene Maria Johanna51WifeSteerage
BRAUNFranz BernhardSurgeonCabin
BUSCHHans Heinrich Conrad43Steerage
Sophia Dorothea (née Grebin)37WifeSteerage
Christina Maria Sophia13Steerage
Hans Johann Friedrich9Steerage
Johann Joachim Heinrich7Steerage
Hans Joachim Christoph3Steerage
Hartwig Christian Heinrich1Steerage
DUBEJohann Joachim Heinrich Hans33Steerage
Johanna Maria Christine20WifeSteerage
Johanna appears to be the sister of Johann Joachim Parbst, listed below. She and her husband left Nelson on the 'Sisters' for Hobart, arriving Dec 1844, which means they left virtually immediately the 'Skiold' had arrived. They then continued on to South Australia on the 'Palmyra', arriving in January 1845. In 1853 her husband died in Siegersdorf (north of Tanunda, in Sth Australia) and she went on to marry Johann Friedrich Andriske.
FANSELOWHeinrich Curt Joachim47SawyerSteerage
Katerine Maria38WifeSteerage
Hans Joachim Heinrich16Steerage
Hans Heinrich Christian14Steerage
Sophie Maria Dorothea12Steerage
Minna Louise Sophie11Steerage
Dorothea Sophie Catherine9Steerage
Maria Dorothea Margaret1Steerage
GEBARTJohann Adolph Bernhard32Agricultural labourerSteerage
Maria Katarine Elise26WifeSteerage
Ernst Friedrich Paul Johann6Steerage
Carl Friedrich Ludwig3Steerage
GERHARDTFriedrich Johann Christian25SmithSteerage
HAMMERICHCarl Johann Heinrich33JoinerSteerage
Sophia Katherine (Katrina)20WifeSteerage
HEINIUSHeinrich Friederich31BricklayerSteerage
Frau (Mrs) WifeSteerage
Fritz Adolf Johann3Steerage
Heinrich Fritz Johann3Steerage
Maria Stina ElizabethAge 3 mnthsSteerage
HERBSTJohann Heinrich Ludwig38CooperSteerage
Anna Charlotte Christine19WifeSteerage
KELLINGJohann Fedor Augustus24Steerage
Frau (Mrs)WifeSteerage
C (?)Steerage
KIELMinna Elizabeth26Steerage
LANGBEINJoachim Gottfried Heinrich33Agricultural labourerSteerage
LANGEJohann Christian43Agricultural labourerSterage
Katarine Marie42WifeSteerage
Johann Friedrich18SmithSteerage
Johann Christian Friedrich16Agricultural labourerSteerage
Maria Magdalene Sophie10Steerage
Heinrich Johann Joachim7Steerage
Johann Joachim Gottfried4Steerage
LANKOWJohann Joachim Daniel44Agricultural labourerSteerage
Christine Sophie Margaretta40WifeSteerage
Johann Gottfried Hartwig18Agricultural labourerSteerage
Elizabeth Christine Magdalene8Steerage
Anna Maria Louise6Steerage
Christine Elizabeth Maria5Steerage
Joachim Delf Carl3Steerage
Dorothea Elizabeth MagdaleneAge 3 mnthsSteerage
MEYERFriedrich22Agricultural labourerSteerage
PAAPHeinrich Christian32SawyerSterage
Katarine Magaretha34WifeSteerage
Heinrich Christian (jr)11Steerage
Anna Maria Elizabeth8Steerage
Johann Christian Wilhelm6Steerage
Johann Joachim Christian1Steerage
PARBSTJohann Joachim28Agricultural labourerSteerage
Maria Friederike Sophie31WifeSteerage
Maria Sophia Dorothea6Steerage
Johann Joachim Christian3Steerage
QUALMAANFriedrich Ludwig35DoctorSteerage
Sophie Margarete Elizabeth38WifeSteerage
Marie Louise Sophie9Steerage
Christine Dorothea Elizabeth7Steerage
RAUSCHNikolaus Jacob27Agricultural labourerSteerage
SCHREPP (SCHRÄP)Heinrich Ernst33Agricultural labourerSteerage
Sophia (jr)1Steerage
SCHRODERJohann Anton47Agricultural labourerSteerage
Sophie Katarine43WifeSreerage
Johann Heinrich Carl Gottlieb16Steerage
Johann Heinrich Karl14Steerage
Minna Friederike Sophie10Steerage
Maria Friederike Dorothea8Steerage
Johann Christian Friedrich Wilhelm4Steerage
Sophia Maria Dorothea1Steerage
SCHRODERJoachim Daniel Heinrich21Agricultural labourerSteerage
SCHWASSChristian Friedrich Johann36Agricultural labourer>Steerage
Sophie Elisabeth Katarine31WifeSteerage
Ernst Heinrich11Steerage
Johann Friedrich Heinrich10Steerage
Adalbert Friedrich David10Steerage
Sophie Dorothea Johanna7Steerage
Franz August Friedrich3Steerage
Friederike Sophie Maria2Steerage
Maria Sophie Henriette1Steerage
August Friedrich GustavAge 6 mnthsSteerage
SIGGELKOWAugust Heinrich Karl42Agricultural labourerSteerage
Johann Ludwig Christian19Steerage
Friederike Christine Louise17Steerage
Christian Friedrich Johann15Steerage
Sophie Karoline Maria12Steerage
Ernst Heinrich Christian10Steerage
Maria Amalie Antonie6Steerage
Heinrich Johann Christian4Steerage
Heinrich Theodor Wilhelm Friedrich1Steerage
TIETJENFriedrich Heinrich34Agricultural labourerSteerage
WENDELBORNLudwig David Friedrich40Agricultural labourerSteerage
Sophie Dorothea Karolina39WifeSteerage
Friederike Louise Henriette20Steerage
Wilhelm Friedrich Karl14Steerage
Johann Christoff Hermann11Steerage
Heinrich Julius Christian Friederich9Steerage
Ludwig Johann Christian6Steerage
WESTPHALKaspar Heinrich Christian42WheelwrightSteerage
Dorothea Elizabeth40WifeSteerage
Maria Sophie Christine19 onward on the'Sisters'Steerage
Karoline Katarine Sophie16 onward on the'Sisters'Steerage
Anna Sophie Elisabeth12 onward on the'Sisters'Steerage
Maria, Karoline and Anna left for South Australia shortly after arrival, probably on the 'The Sisters' to Hobart, thence on the 'Palmyra' through to Adelaide. They travelled with the Subritzky family, among others, and in Adelaide Maria married one of the Subritzky boys.
WESTPHALLouisa Johanna Henrietta8Steerage
Sophie Maria Anna5Steerage
Karl Christian Johann5Steerage
Heinrich Daniel KasparAge 9 mnthsSteerage