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Previously this part of the website took you directly to a MOP login page and access to the dynamic database. Now we have enough to allow a degree of direct public access and the Direct Headstone Search shown below will allow you to directly search the cemetery records but not to make use of the other features. Downloading GEDcom files, for example, can only be done within MOP as a logged in person, Guest or otherwise.

To find a family tree (GEDcom file) click on the file associated with a headstone and/or passenger file and a reasonably current file can be downloaded. Note that these files are only updated occasionally and it might be more helpful to email a request. Note also that the file is not a singular block but is made up of many threads uncovered during research of the particular family.

The login process is NOT to keep people out but to allow management of multiple users within the databases.

Note; Becoming a formal user does NOT provide more records but allows add/edit of nominated records. You can contribute!

You can login as Guest pw guest if you have no assigned name, with limited options.

Hint; Once inside the system use the broad SEARCH option to find where your target might be...

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