Waipapakauri: Archive

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E 173°12.629'
The area considered to be the Far North of New Zealand is that part of the North Island north of the Mangamuka ranges. These are bush-clad, and extend virtually completely from coast to coast. North of this range the Aupouri Peninsula projects NNW for nearly 90km, with the harbours of Awanui, Houhora and Parengarenga on the undented eastern coast. The western coast is almost completely taken up by the long 90 Mile Beach.


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Travelling north from Kaitaia the road first passes through Awanui, then crosses the low lying paddocks to Waipapakauri, at the edge of what was once the local airfield. Today it is marked by the premises of the Waipapakauri Pub, but in earlier times the sandy hills to the west and south-west were places where Kauri Gum was dug, sorted and sold. Now it is the beginning of orchards and pine forests and in modern times an increasing number of avocado orchards as old dairy farms are sold on to big business.

A little further along the highway a road on the left offers access to the 90 Mile Beach via what is locally known as 'The Ramp'. Take this road and about a kilometer in, on the right, can be found the Waipapakauri cemetery, high on a rounded hill that looks out over the old gum diggings, and further off, against the hills, Kaitaia itself.

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Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Adams
First names: Agnes May (Aggie) Born: 21 May 1949 At: Died: 10 Dec 2000 At: Age: 51 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Wife of Ron, mother of Kiri & Rangi.
  Surname: Almond
First names: Susan Leigh Born: 20 Sep 1953 At: Died: 28 Dec 2001 At: Age: 48 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments:
  Surname: Andrew
First names: Lillian Maude Born: ca 1903 At: Died: 1979 At: Age: 76 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Beloved wife of Ronald, mother of Vernon, Noel & Carol.
  Surname: Andrew
First names: Ronald Vernon Born: ca 1906 At: Died: 1980 At: Age: 74 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Lillian Maude Andrew.
  Surname: Atkinson First names: Sydney Kitchener (Sid)
Genealogy Born: ca 1917 At: Died: 10 Oct 1995 At: Age: 78 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Joan Wilma née Nordstrand.
  Surname: Austen
First names: Betty Born: 30 Apr 1926 At: Died: 26 Oct 1994 At: Age: 72 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Wife of Laurie Austen.
  Surname: Austen
First names: Laurie Born: 16 Jan 1912 At: Died: 14 Mar 2001 At: Age: 89 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Betty, father of David, George, Chris, Graeme, Laurie & Desley.
  Surname: Baird
First names: W. K. (Bill) Born: ca 1923 At: Died: 13 Sep 2004 At: Age: 81 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: 631445 2nd NZEF J Force Sapper 5 FD Coy.
  Surname: Bamber
First names: Ian Anderson Born: 10 Aug 1924 At: Died: 17 Jul 1983 At: Age: 59 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Audrey, father of Barbara, Mary, Robbie, Ian, Philippa.
BirdBertha Pearl27 Aug 19736 Oct 1905Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ68Wife of Ellis Robert Bird.
BirdDesmond Kenneth13 Mar 1978ca 1931Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ47Spouse of Colleen, father of Evan, Graeme & Raewyn.
BirdEllis Robert27 Jun 197418 Sep 1902Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ72Spouse of Bertha Pearl Bird.
BirdEric James22 Mar 197725 Mar 1911Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ66Spouse of Margaret Anne Bird. Father of Brian, Lois, Judith, Jennifer, Dougles.
BirdJohn Olaf9 Oct 1982ca 1960Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ22Accidentally killed. Only son of Peter & Louise Bird.
BirdMalcolm Hedrich19601899Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ61Spouse of Mary Agnes.
BirdMargaret Anne31 Dec 20023 Feb 1910Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ92Wife of Eric James Bird.
BirdMary Agnes19611903Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ58Wife of Malcolm Hedrich Bird.
BirdPeter12 Jan 1982ca 1929Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ53Spouse of Louise, father of John & Sheryl.
BlomfieldMaude13 Oct 1981Wapapakauri, Northland, NZWife of Reginald Blomfield.
BlomfieldReginald N.6 Oct 1980ca 1897Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ83Spouse of Maude Blomfiield.

  Surname: Brent
First names: Charles Francis (Frank) Genealogy Born: 1900 At: Died: 1977 At: Age: 77 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Jean née Adamson.
  Surname: Brent née Adamson
First names: Jean Eleanor Genealogy Born: 7 Aug 1905 At: Died: 22 Apr 1997 At: Age: 92 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Wife of Charles Francis (Frank) Brent.
BridgfordArthur Wilfred19751907Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ68Loved father of John, Stuart & Cecilie.
BridgfordElizabeth Isabella19621884Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ78Wife of John Henry Bridgford.
BridgfordJohn Henry19571864Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ93Spouse of Elizabeth.
BrownAlice Mavis Pauline (May)24 Oct 200411 Sep 1929Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ75Wife of Lewis (Joe) Brown.
BrownLewis (Joe)5 Jan 199311 Aug 1928Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ65Spouse of Alice Mavis Pauline (May) nee Cameron.Father of Lorna, Gary & Neil.
BrownMary Ann3 Apr 1974ca 1898Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ76Wife of Robert Brown.
BrownRobert2 Mar 1983ca 1901Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ82Spouse of Mary Ann Brown.
CameronAubrey1 Jul 1986Wapapakauri, Northland, NZSpouse of Emily and father of Rosemary, Henry, Darren & Karl.
CampbellNita31 Dec 1976ca 1896Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ80Wife of the late James Leonard Campbell.
CampbellPeggy Pikitai25 Dec 199618 Dec 1927Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ69
CassidyCrystal29 Dec 1980Wapapakauri, Northland, NZWife of Thomas Ngature Cassidy.
CassidyThomas Ngature19 Feb 1987Wapapakauri, Northland, NZSpouse of Crystal Cassidy.
ColquhounRuby M.12 Dec 1995ca 1922Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ73W62188 PTE A.T.S. 1939-1945
DavanDaneil Keith20 Nov 198019 Nov 1980Wapapakauri, Northland, NZDearly loved for a short time. Aroha, Grant & Tangi.
DavanVera E.19951922Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ73Wife of Keith Davan. Mother of Greg, Jon, David, Grant.

  Surname: Dean
First names: Hector Colin Stephenson Genealogy Born: 15 May 1917 At: Te Kiri, Taranaki, NZ Died: 7 Nov 1994 At: Age: 77 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Dorothy née Atkinson. Father of Alan, Colleen, Daphne, Sheryl and Brian.
DeanColin Francis20 May 19915 Jul 1949Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ42Spouse of Margaret, father of Susan, Bronwyn & Simon, son of Peg & Frank, brother of Helen.
DeanMervyn Joseph (Merv)7 Feb 199625 Feb 1931Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ65Spouse of Noelene.
DyerAmy5 Jun 1959ca 1873Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ86Mother of Phyllis.
EdwardsThomas Arthur (Tom)26 Jul 1997ca 1954Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ43
FergusonRobert Duncan10 Mar 199829 Jul 1922Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ76

  Surname: Foster
First names: Arthur David Genealogy Born: 2 Jan 1904 At: Died: 2 May 1983 At: Age: 79 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Dora, father of Horace & Lynda, stepfather of Ron & Doreen.
  Surname: Foster
First names: Arthur Horace Genealogy Born: ca 1925 At: Died: 21 Aug 1999 At: Age: 74 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Spouse of Carol, father of Paul, Peter & Grant.
GallagherConstance O.L.29 Oct 1980ca 1906Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ74Wife of Maurice Gallagher. Mother of Janice.
GallagherL.7 Aug 1992ca 1902Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ902548 Spr NZ Engineers 2nd NZEF
GallagherMaurice L.T.3 Sep 1976ca 1905Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ71Husband of Constance. Father of Janice. Grandpa of Brian, Joanne & Lorraine. 617493 L/Bdr NZ Artillery NZ 2nd EF.
GoodhueRussell Howard20 Aug 1977ca 1945Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ32Husband of Mary, father of the late Shelly, and of Dean and Angela.
GoodhueShelly20 Aug 1977ca 1971Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ6Daughter of Mary and the late Russell. Sister of Dean & Angela.
GoodmanRuth Margaret9 Jan 1997ca 1921Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ76Wife of Tony, mother of Suzanne, Virginia & Alison.
GriffithsWinifred6 Sep 1982ca 1893Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ89Wife of the late James.
HamlettHerbert Foster7 Oct 1984ca 1910Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ74Loved husband of Zorka. Father of Robert, John, Stuart, Joan & Fred.
HarrisonJohn Toi4 May 1987ca 1939Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ48Son of Tony & Lucy Harrison.
HassanGlenn Lawrence1 Jul 1989ca 1966Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ23Son of Earl & Gladys, brother to Mark.
HassanPaul Stephen5 Jun 1994ca 1930Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ54Loved father of Maureen, Lawrence, Carl, Craig & Jason.
HearneVerna Ellen24 Nov 199930 Jun 1923Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ76Wife of William.
HearneWilliam (Bill)30 May 19967 Jun 1913Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ83Husband of Verna.

  Surname: Henderson
First names: Lesley Joan Genealogy Born: 1 Dec 1954 At: Died: 24 Oct 1966 At: Road accident at Hukerenui Age: 13 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Daughter of Leslie & Marion.
  Surname: Henderson
First names: Leslie Clarence (Les) Genealogy Born: 22 Mar 1930 At: Died: 24 Oct 1966 At: Road accident at Hukerenui Age: 36 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Husband of Marion, father of Joan.
HespJames Robert Gordon (Jim)25 May 19961 Aug 1921Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ75
HespMazaine Monica25 Oct 1985Wapapakauri, Northland, NZWife of Jim Hesp.With Mahina Tahana. Daughter?
HillColin David29 Dec 1996ca 1924Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ72Son of Olive & Frederick.
HillErnest William7 Aug 1985ca 1916Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ69Husband of Nancy, father of Leonard, John and the late Glenda.
HillFrederick20 Aug 1964Wapapakauri, Northland, NZSpouse of Olive.
HillOlive May24 Jun 1958ca 1900Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ58Beloved wife of Frederick.
Hilton-JonesPeter Frederick7 Jun 199424 Mar 1932Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ62Husband of Heather Patricia Hilton-Jones (nee Brent). Father of Beverley, Jennifer, Nyree and Natalie. All Black 1953-1960.
Hilton-JonesRobert Ivor26 Oct 1992ca 1926Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ66Loved husband of Aida. Father of John, David, Morgan, Pam & Sue.
Hilton-JonesRosa Maria (Molly)9 Feb 1967ca 1899Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ68Nee Kunish. Wife of Wtitleer.
Hilton-JonesWtitleer15 Sep 1964ca 1880Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ84Husband of Rosa (Molly) nee Kunish.
HogwoodMary Ellen3 Jul 1982ca 1884Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ98Wife of R.B.S. (Bob) Hogwood.Mother of Bobby & Madge.
HogwoodR.B.S. (Bob)30 Aug 1981ca 1885Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ96Husband of Mary Ellen Hogwood. Father of Bobby & Madge.
HorsmanW.J.22 Apr 1967ca 1893Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ7479725 Pte Canterbury Reg.
HowsDoreen Isobel22 Jan 1956ca 1878Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ78Wife of Fredrick George Hows.
HowsFredrick George20 Dec 1976ca 1890Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ86Husband of Doreen Isobel Hows. 31412 L/Cpl Rifle Brigade. 1st & 2nd NZEF.
HowsR.G.A.18 Sep 1990ca 1920Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ70Presumed to be son of Fredrick & Doreen. 81076 Tpr 18 Armoured Reg. 2nd NZEF
HutleyCharles Frederick16 Oct 19956 Nov 1907Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ88
HutleyGeorge Richard31 Dec 1984ca 1910Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ74Husband of Margaret. Father to Ron, Moira, Wynne and the late John.
ImmsRobin Ada3 Oct 199825 Sep 1939Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ59Wife of Bill, mother of Rose, Debra, Rebecca, Suzanne & Diane.
JacquesFrank21 Nov 200321 Jun 1918Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ85Husband of Joyce.
JacquesJoyce Eadie6 Sep 199416 Apr 1927Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ67Wife of Frank.
JarvisFlorance Annie11 Sep 2003ca 1911Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ92Wife of Ralph Preston Jarvis.
JarvisRalph Preston28 Nov 1983ca 1912Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ71Father of Sadie, Bevil, Dawn & Verna.
JonesDavid25 Oct 1988ca 1968Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ20

  Surname: Jurlina First names: Richard Joseph (Dick)
Genealogy Born: 15 Jun 1930 At: Died: 22 Mar 1988 At: Age: 58 Buried: Waipapakauri, Northland, NZ Comments: Son of Clem & Karmela Jurlina. Brother to Olga, Victor, Milan & Gladys.
KellyJohn Wtitleer22 Jun 1983ca 1914Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ69
RainkoVerna Gay5 Jul 1985ca 1942Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ43Daughter of Ralpg & Florance Jarvis.

  Surname: Richards née Carr
First names: Esta Anita May (Esta) Genealogy Born: 14 Jun 1910 At: Died: 14 Mar 1994 At: Age: 84 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Wife of Sydney George Melville Richards.
  Surname: Richards née Goldsmith
First names: Pauline Lily Rerewaipuke Moeturu Genealogy Born: 26 Jun 1931 At: Died: 15 Dec 1980 At: Age: 49 Buried: Waipapakauri cemetery, NZ Comments: Wife of Bev Richards.
ThompsonSadie Leila23 Dec 1996ca 1933Wapapakauri, Northland, NZ63Daughter of Ralpg & Florance Jarvis.