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Tully has the reputation of being the wettest town in Australia. There's a standing joke that if its dry and sunny you'd better get the brolly out; in all other situations you'll already be using it... The township is located about 2 hours north of Townsville and is a later development in the region due almost entirely to the establishment of the sugar industry. Prior to this Cardwell was the main focus of the district, while Mission Beach was the place where the ill-fated Kennedy expedition started out.

The cemetery is located on the hill behind the sugar mill and to access it you have to cross the railway line and head south to find the road on the right that heads straight for it.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and the records listed below are steadily being copied over. Once a record is there a green tick will show alongside the entry. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Adams First names: Russell Kevin Born: 9 Apr 1958 At: Died: 13 Apr 1958 At: Age: 4 days Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments: Infant son of Ailsa & Blue Adams.

  Surname: Adams First names: Sarah Jane Born: At: Died: 1 Jan 1964 At: Age: Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Adams First names: William Francis Born: At: Died: 17 Jul 1964 At: Age: Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Alexander née Cutten First names: Florence Violet Born: 10 Dec 1862 At: London, UK Died: 20 Nov 1952 At: Age: 90 Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Applegren First names: Martha Elizabeth Born: abt 1887 At: Died: 13 Dec 1935 At: Age: 58 Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments: 'my dear wife and our loved mother'

  Surname: Bagley First names: Charles Born: abt 1881 At: Died: 14 Sep 1939 At: Age: 58 Buried: Tully cemetery, QLD Comments:
7BeatieJohn5 Jul 1949abt 1877Tully cemetery72M
8BlandfordKevin William18 May 1964abt 1943Tully cemetery21'my dear husband, our father, son and brother'.M
9BrandtJoachim26 Dec 1933abt 1863Tully cemetery70'An old Tully pioneer. Erected by his friends'.M
10BrosnanJames5 Sep 1947abt 1901Tully cemetery46M
11BuntingMuriel Ruth29 Apr 1937Tully cemeteryAge 1 yr 8 mnths. 'our darling'.MInfant
12ButlerEmma Esther28 Mar 193313 Apr 1857Tully cemetery76Mother of Henry, Joseph, Harriet, Grace, Mabel, Josephine, Myrtle, Joseph, Oswald, Joseph & Victor.M
13CaldersmithCharlotte Elizabeth19351848Tully cemetery87With George Dudley Ward Caldersmith.M
14CaldersmithGeorge Dudley Ward19381856London, UKTully cemetery82With Charlotte Elizabeth Caldersmith.M
15CavanaghP.W.4 Dec 1943abt 1900Tully cemetery43U7541 Corp RAAFM
16ChristopherEthel Mary9 Oct 1947abt 1904Tully cemetery43'my dear wife and our mother'.F
17CollinsAlwyne Dowse25 Feb 196817 Nov 1897Herberton, QLDTully, QLDTully cemetery71Husband of Mary Bridget Collins. Father of Alwyne Dowse Collins, Roderick D Collins, Denis D Collins, John Collins, Edgar D Collins, Michael D Collins, Jocelyn D CollinsM
18ConstantineCon2 Feb 1931Tully cemeteryAge 3 yrs 10 mnths. Son of C & E.G. Constantine.M
19DallachyDaphne Ross27 Jan 19621909Lisbon, PortugalTully cemetery53Wife of William George Dallachy, mother of Rosslyn Dallachy.F
20DallachyJohn1971abt 1903Tully cemetery68With Jack Dallachy.MBotanist
21DallachyJohn Joseph Ahern (Jack)19321907Tully cemetery25With John DallachyM
22DallachyWilliam George28 Mar 19631904Sth Molle Is., Whitsundays, QLDTully cemetery59Father of Rosslyn, husband of Daphne Ross Dallachy.M
23DavidEllen William21 Apr 195731 Jul 1897Tully cemetery60Wife of William David, mother of Ethel & David.F
24DixonRichard James24 Jul 198930 Aug 1922Tully cemetery (ashes)Son of Sadie and Richard Dixon. Warrant Officer. Husband, father & g'father. Only son of Richard & Sadie.M
25DixonSadie Linda3 May 1963abt 1904Tully cemetery59Wife of Richard James Dixon'.F
26DoyleLilian Grace Jarvis4 Sep 1946abt 1888Tully cemetery58'my dear wife and our mother'.F
27DrockmanElsie Jane19641907Tully cemetery57F
28DrockmanFrederick William19631891Tully cemetery72M
29DrockmanWilliam Frederick19341920Tully cemetery14M
30DuffyDonna Christine20 Dec 19646 Mar 1962Tully cemetery2FChild
31EfstathionAnna14 Jun 1936abt 1877Tully cemetery59'our dear mother and grandmother'.F
32Ellis (or Hatziargyroy)Angelina13 Jul 1947June 1905CastellorizoTullyTully cemetery42Remembered by her loving husband and children.F
33EyreStanley Maxwell29 May 1930abt 1902Tully cemetery28'my dear son'. Erected by his mother.M
34FergusonAlex29 Jul 1948Tully cemetery'our dear father'M
35FleglerJohn Bernard24 May 19447 Mar 1944Tully cemeteryloved son of Jack & Laura.MInfant
36FormosaGrace Daphne23 Jul 1957Tully cemetery'my wife'.F
37FrazerAnnie21 Sep 1951Tully cemeteryWife of Donald George Frazer.F
38FrazerDonald George6 Oct 198615 May 1892Tully cemetery94Husband of Annie.M
39FullickDeborah Mary20 Aug 196620 Aug 1966Tully cemeteryFInfant
40GeorgeAndrew15 Jul 1957Tully cemeteryM
41GillespieAndrew Lindsay6 Feb 1939Tully cemeteryM
42HarmanAlbert James11 Sep 195722 Dec 1879UKTully cemetery75Husband of Catherine Mabel Harman. Father of James & Ross.M
43HarmanCatherine Mabel8 Jan 199915 Aug 1896Tully cemetery102Wife of Albert James Harman. Mother of James & Ross.F
44HenryBrice21 Feb 1940abt 1878Tully cemetery62Husband of Jeanie Henry. 'our dear father'.M
45HenryJeanie Justine28 Dec 1964abt 1884Tully cemetery80Wife of Brice Henry. 'our dear mother'.F
46HielscherDesmond George9 May 1959abt 1924Tully cemetery35'my son and our brother'.M
47HielscherGeorge Herbert7 Feb 1958abt 1901Tully cemetery57'my husband and our father'.M
48HielscherOlive Jane15 Sep 198222 May 1906Tully cemetery76'our beloved mother, g'mother & g'g'mother'.F
49HooperArleen Mary13 Nov 1938Tully cemeteryDaughter of Doll & Ned.F
50HourstonKen22 Feb 1961Tully cemeteryM
51HumphriesAnnie16 Oct 1945abt 1874Tully cemetery71'erected by her loving family'.F
52HyattDennis Charles29 Feb 1940abt 1921Tully cemeteryAged 18 yrs 7 mnths. Beloved son of Montague & Helen Hyatt, dearly beloved brother of Margrete French.M
53IhlWilliam Andrew19631888Tully cemetery75Remembered by wife and family.M
54JagoDoris Myrtle22 Aug 1964abt 1913Tully cemetery51'our wife and mother'.F
55JarredJack10 Sep 1941abt 1909Tully cemetery32'beloved husband of Rose, father of Pearl, Gladys, Kathleen & Jack.M
56JenkinsEdgar George5 Nov 195923 Jun 1902Tully cemetery57Husband of Phyllis Jessie Jenkins. 'loving parents and g'parents of Les, Joan, Bill, Nolene, Eleanor and their families.M
57JenkinsJohn StuartFeb 19331932Tully cemeteryAge 4 months.MInfant
58JenkinsPhyllis Jessie17 May 19591 Jul 1913Tully cemetery46Wife of Edgar George Jenkins. 'loving parents and g'parents of Les, Joan, Bill, Nolene, Eleanor and their families.F
59JodrellArthur James Earl13 May 1947abt 1903Tully cemetery44'my dear husband and our father'.M
60JonesArthur William23 May 1960abt 1881Tully cemetery79'my dear husband and our father'.M
61JonesDorothy Ellen13 Aug 1929Tully cemeterywith Warrant Officer Lloyd George JonesF
62JonesLloyd George13 Nov 1945Tully cemeterywith Dorothy Ellen JonesM
63KatahanasJohn Michael22 Jul 19571892Volos, GreeceTully, QLDTully cemetery65Husband of Vaitsa Katahanas, father of Michael & Jean.M
64KatahanasVaitsa29 Nov 19961915Volos, GreeceTully, QLDTully cemetery81Wife of John Michael Katahanas, mother of Michael & Jean.F
65KeirElizabeth19 Sep 1957Tully cemeteryF
66KorinAlexander16 Nov 1952abt 1885Tully cemetery67'our dear friend'.M
67LandriganEvelyn18 Sep 1939abt 1914Tully cemetery25M
68LeesonMichael John5 Apr 19494 Jan 1949Tully cemeteryMInfant
69LinklaterAlexander19621895Tully cemetery67M
70MaingayDora Irene28 Jun 1955abt 1899Tully cemetery56'my dear wife', 'our mother-in-law'.F
71MalteyFrank24 Dec 1961abt 1903Tully cemetery58'dear husband and father'.M
72McConnellHugh McNair17 Dec 19606 Feb 1887Tully cemetery73Husband of May Irene Isabella McConnell, father of Donald & Sylvia.M
73McConnellMay Irene Isabell21 May 199213 May 1902Tully cemetery90Wife of Hugh McNair McConnell, mother of Donald & Sylvia'.F
74McDonaldAlexander Andrew3 Mar 1948abt 1887Tully cemetery61M
75McGurkRose19641890Tully cemetery74'beloved wife of Charles, mother of Charles & Margaret'.F
76McKinnonHelen Alice19461946Tully cemetery40Loved wife of Jack, mother of Roderick, Bruce & Valerie.M
77McNamaraLouisa6 Apr 1940abt 1877Tully cemetery63'our dear mother'.F
78MorrisBert3 Dec 1955abt 1922Tully cemetery33Erected by loving wife and children, Ken, Bob, Judy & LarryM
79NewburnGeorge Ryland17 Jun 1945abt 1885Tully cemetery60'our dear father'.M
80PanosAndrew20 Apr 1947abt 1883Kranidi, GreeceTully cemetery64M
81ParmeterThomas D.3 July 1944abt 1890Tully cemetery54Shows masonic sign on h'stone.M
82ParryEthel Maud4 Jul 1952abt 1888Tully cemetery64'our dear mother'F
83ParryThomas19571887Tully cemetery77'Sadly missed by daughter Evelyn'.M
84PartridgeBertram Arthur14 Apr 1963abt 1915Cairns, QLDTully cemetery48Loved brother of Lillian & RonaldM
85PatovichPeter4 Jul 1952abt 1873Tully cemetery79M
86PeaseCuthbert13 Aug 1956Tully cemeteryHusband of Minnie Isabel Pease.M
87PeaseMinnie Isabel25 Mar 1951Tully cemeteryWife of Cuthbert Pease.F
88PollardHelen Maria23 Jul 1952abt 1900Tully cemetery52'our mother'. 'erected by loving daughters Celia, Isabell & Daphne'.F
89PorterHerbert John28 Aug 192829 Dec 1876Tully cemetery52With William Thomas PorterM
90PorterWilliam Thomas18 Oct 200328 Jul 1919Tully cemetery84With Herbert John Porter. 'Fondly remembered by your nephews and niece, Les, Tom & Hazel.M
91PrattGeorge21 Oct 1957Tully cemeteryErected by Cairns family.M
92RamsayWilliam Edward17 Nov 19516 Sep 1868Tully cemetery83Beloved father, g'father and g'g'father.M
93RippingaleArthur3 Apr 1929abt 1860Tully cemetery69'our dear husband and father'.M
94RobertsIsabella23 Mar 1956Tully cemeteryF
95RopeGeorge James18 Nov 1937abt 1883Tully cemetery54with infant son of F & A Rope. Erected by his loving wife and family.M
96SingHelen (Ellen)Dec 1933abt 1893Tully cemetery40M
97SkardonAndrew Basil10 May 1938abt 1859Tully cemetery79Presumed spouse of Esther Skardon.M
98SkardonEsther10 Mar 1933abt 1869Tully cemetery64Presumed wife of Andrew Basil Skardon.M
99SkardonJoseph AugustusJan 1933abt 1863Tully cemetery70M
100SmithErnest ('Gunboat')7 Jul 1939Tully cemeteryEver remembered by his wife Patricia and son Keith.M
101StephensJudith Ann1941Tully cemeteryFInfant
102TeitzelEsther Violet6 Oct 1945abt 1900Tully cemetery45F
103UzingerGeorge7 Jun 1941Tully cemeteryKIA. Inserted by his mother, father, sisters and brothers.M
104UzingerPeter3 Dec 1929Tully cemeteryInserted by his mother, father, sisters and brothers.M
105WallArthur Joseph6 Jun 1929Oct 1928Tully cemeteryAge 9 months.MInfant
106WallThomas Joseph31 Jul 1952abt 1894Tully cemetery58M
107WarbyClare22 Sep 1935Tully cemetery'my dear wife'.M
108WoolacottNellie3 Apr 1946abt 1898Cardwell, QLDTully cemetery49'my dear wife and our mother'.F

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