SARINA: Archive

 Pos S  21°24.320
E 149°13.563
Sarina is on the coast like Mackay, and abot 40 km to the south. If you drove north to get there you'd be very familiar with fields of sugar cane and the small tramways that carry the harvested cane to the mill. Sarina has the mill and associated industries and is truly part of the tropics. It is one of the areas where people from the islands were 'encouraged' to accept employment in the days when cane was burned and cut by hand. Now burning is less common and specialist machines do the job.

The cemetery is a short distance to the east of the town and is moderately large. It should be remembered that the area provides coastal shipping for all of the inland areas and that includes cattle and coal.

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Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Ablett First names: Isabelle May Born: 16 Dec 1913 At: Died: 11 Jan 2004 At: Age: 91 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Wife of William Charles Ablett. Mother of Elaine.

  Surname: Ablett First names: William Charles Born: 12 Feb 1910 At: Died: 29 Nov 2000 At: Age: 90 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Spouse of Isabella May Ablett. Father of Elaine.

  Surname: Ackers  
First names: William Born: At: Died: 14 Sep 1953 At: Age: Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: 'my dear husband and our father'.
  Surname: Adams First names: Alyn Stewart Born: abt 1923 At: Died: 25 Aug 1985 At: Age: 62 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: 'my dear husband and our father'.

  Surname: Andersen First names: George Born: abt 1889 At: Died: 8 Oct 1941 At: Age: 52 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Spouse of Robina Margaret Andersen.

  Surname: Andersen First names: George Kenneth (Mick) Born: 21 Jun 1914 At: Died: 26 Oct 1988 At: Age: 74 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Spouse of Margaret (Marge) Andersen.

  Surname: Andersen First names: Jens Born: ca 1891 At: Died: 27 Sep 1973 At: Age: 82 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: 'my dear husband'. Presumed spouse of May Andersen.

  Surname: Andersen First names: Margaret (Marge) Born: 18 May 1913 At: Died: 2 Aug 1995 At: Age: 82 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Wife of George Kenneth Andersen.

  Surname: Andersen First names: May Born: ca 1893 At: Died: 14 Jun 1987 At: Age: 94 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Presumed wife of Jens Andersen. 'my dear mother'.

  Surname: Andersen First names: Robina Margaret Born: ca 1893 At: Died: 27 Jul 1966 At: Age: 73 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Wife of George Andersen.

  Surname: Anderson First names: Gladys Jessie Born: ca 1905 At: Died: 25 Jun 1982 At: Age: 77 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Presumed wife of John Joseph Anderson.

  Surname: Anderson First names: John Joseph Born: ca 1900 At: Died: 30 May 1966 At: Age: 66 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Presumed spouse of Gladys Jessie Anderson.

  Surname: Andersson née Nilsson First names: Kristina Born: 13 Aug 1875 At: Elsop Mallmahust, Sweden Died: 26 Jun 1960 At: Mackay, QLD Age: 85 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Wife of Nils Andersson.

  Surname: Andersson (Strid) First names: Nils Born: 12 Jun 1869 At: Kristianstad, Sweden Died: 10 Sep 1960 At: Mackay, QLD Age: 91 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: Spouse of Kristina née Nilsson.

  Surname: Arthurs First names: Eileen Mary Born: ca 1899 At: Died: 26 Dec 1992 At: Age: 93 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: 'our dear mother'. Wife of Jack Arthurs.

  Surname: Arthurs First names: Jack Born: ca 1899 At: Died: 29 Apr 1985 At: Age: 86 Buried: Sarina, QLD Comments: 'my dear husband and our father'. Spouse of Eileen Mary Arthurs.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceCemeteryAgeCommentsBuriedSexOccupationDatabase file nameShipShip date
AsletteBarrie John1 Jan 1975ca 1940Sarina cemetery, QLD35Presumed son of George & Beatrice Aslette.HM060421_sarina_aslette2
AsletteBeatrice Ellen21 Jul 198816 Jul 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD89Wife of George Aslette. 'our dear mother, grandmother, g'grandmother and g'g'grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_aslette1
AsletteGeorge23 Sep 1974ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD89Spouse of Beatrice Ellen Aslette.HM060421_sarina_aslette1
AsletteTrevor Anthony1 Jan 19961 Jun 1965Sarina cemetery, QLD31'our dear son and brother'. Presumed grandchild of George & Beatrice Aslette.HM060421_sarina_aslette3
Atherton Arthur2 Jun 1955ca 1939Sarina cemetery, QLD162nd son of B.F. & Marjorie Atherton.HM060421_sarina_atherton3
Atherton Bert Frederick (Eric)20 Jul 1971ca 1901Sarina cemetery, QLD70Spouse of Marjorie Davis Atherton nee Chapman.HM060421_sarina_atherton5
Atherton Charlotte22 Mar 19051844Sarina cemetery, QLDNee Patterson. Wife of Edmund Atherton snr.H,OFWife060421_sarina_atherton2
Atherton Edmund8 Feb 18991839Lancashire, QLDSarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Charlotte nee Patterson.H,OM060421_sarina_atherton2
Atherton Frederick Arthur26 Feb 19546 Sep 1896Normanton, QLDSarina cemetery, QLD'my dear husband and our father' Erected by his wife Viola and his daughters Robin & Jill.H,OM060421_sarina_atherton1
Atherton Marjorie Davis23 Sep 1989ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD84Nee Chapman. Wife of Bert Frederick Atherton.HFWife060421_sarina_atherton5
Atherton Viola Jessie19761903Sarina cemetery, QLD73'love, Robin, Jill & Families'.HF060421_sarina_atherton4
BarnesFlorence Maude21 Oct 1976Sarina cemetery, QLDPresumed to be wife of John Edward Barnes.HFWife060421_sarina_barnes2
BarnesJohn Edward24 Aug 1968ca 1898Sarina cemetery, QLD70Presumed to be spouse of Florence Maude Barnes.HM060421_sarina_barnes2
BarnesLavinia Albertina15 Apr 1958ca 1901Sarina cemetery, QLD57Presumed to be daughter of James & Maria Monument. With them.HF060421_sarina_barnes1
BartlemJohn Frederick19501888Sarina cemetery, QLD62HM060421_sarina_bartlem1
BartlemRonald George11 Sep 1994ca 1926Sarina cemetery, QLD68HM060421_sarina_bartlem2
BartlettThomas Stephen13 Oct 1981ca 1937Sarina cemetery, QLD44HM060421_sarina_bartlett1
BatesCharles Henry2 Aug 1980ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD71Spouse of Elsie Bates.HM060421_sarina_bates1
BaulchAgnes Hilson30 Jan 1968ca 1893Sarina cemetery, QLD75Wife of Henry Baulch.HFWife060421_sarina_baulch1
BaulchArthur John (Jack)19991908Sarina cemetery, QLD91Spouse of Dorothy Elizabeth (Dot) Baulch.HM060421_sarina_baulch2
BaulchDorothy Elizabeth (Dot)29 Jun 2002Dec 1914Sarina cemetery, QLD88Wife of Arthur John (Jack) Baulch.HFWife060421_sarina_baulch2
BaulchHenry10 Nov 1976ca 1888Sarina cemetery, QLD88Spouse of Agnes Hilson Baulch.HM060421_sarina_baulch1
BaxterAlfred Leslie30 Mar 1975ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD70HM060421_sarina_baxter1
BellAlice15 May 1892ca 1842Sarina cemetery, QLD50Nee Atherton. Wife of Henry Bell.H,OFWife060421_sarina_bell1Great Britain27 Jun 1844
BellClarence William26 Jun 1989ca 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD76'our dear husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_bell3
BellEdna Ivy11 Jan 1962ca 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD47'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_bell2
BellGarry William4 Jan 1964ca 1940Sarina cemetery, QLD24'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_bell3
BenningtonByril Kate15 Jan 19211920Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 10 months. Daughter of R.W. & E. M. Bennington.HFInfant060421_sarina_bennington1
BentleyRobert25 Nov 1935ca 1848Sarina cemetery, QLD87HM060421_sarina_bentley1
BiltoftArthur11 Aug 1963ca 1891Sarina cemetery, QLD72Spouse of Josephine Tate Biltoft.HM060421_sarina_biltoft1
BiltoftHilma6 Jul 1896ca 1866Sarina cemetery, QLD36HF060421_sarina_biltoft2
BiltoftJosephine Tate26 Mar 1949ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD54Wife of Arthur Biltoft. 'my dear wife and our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_biltoft1
BishopArthur Hinton14 Sep 198824 Mar 1910Sarina cemetery, QLD78Spouse of Bijou Dardenelles Bishop.HM060421_sarina_bishop1
BishopBijou Dardenelles15 Aug 200530 Jul 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD90Wife of Arthur Hinton Bishop.HFWife060421_sarina_bishop1
BlackBetty Ella27 Sep 1981ca 1930Sarina cemetery, QLD51'my loving wife and mother'. Mother of Brian Arthur Black.HFWife060421_sarina_black1
BlackBrian Arthur6 Apr 1969ca 1951Sarina cemetery, QLD18'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_black1
BosNicolaas30 Nov 1984ca 1968Accidentally killedSarina cemetery, QLD16'our son, brother and grandson'.HM060421_sarina_bos1
BradfordEdward Albert18 Mar 199824 Aug 1914Sarina cemetery, QLD84'our dear husband and father'. Spouse of Margaret Ellen Bradford.HM060421_sarina_bradford1
BradfordJames10 Apr 1972ca 1918Sarina cemetery, QLD54HM060421_sarina_bradford2
BradfordMargaret Ellen27 Jun 200110 Jun 1918Sarina cemetery, QLD83'our mother, grandmother & great-grandmother'. Wife of Edward Albert Bradford.HFWife060421_sarina_bradford1
BradfordWilliam Edward21 May 19669 Jan 1945Sarina cemetery, QLD21'our dear son & brother'. Son of Edward & Margaret Bradford.HM060421_sarina_bradford1
BrettMargery Bates5 May 1914ca 1894Sarina cemetery, QLD20HF060421_sarina_brett1
BrewsterWilliam16 Nov 1995ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD88Age 88 yrs 9 mnths.HM060421_sarina_brewster1
BrookesDulcie May19871951Sarina cemetery, QLD36HF060421_sarina_brookes1
BusseyAllan J.14 Jan 1984Sarina cemetery, QLDHM060421_sarina_bussey2
BusseyCharles22 Jun 1990ca 1908Sarina cemetery, QLD82Spouse of Flo Bussey.HM060421_sarina_bussey1
BusseyFloSarina cemetery, QLD85Wife of Charles Bussey.HFWife060421_sarina_bussey1
ButlerJoshua Peter12 Jan 1951ca 1884Sarina cemetery, QLD67'my dear husband and our father'. Spouse of Violet Ann Butler.HM060421_sarina_butler1
ButlerViolet Ann15 Nov 1957ca 1887Sarina cemetery, QLD70'our dear mother'. Wife of Joshua Peter Butler.HFWife060421_sarina_butler1
CampbellAntoinette Margarette21 Jul 1939ca 1873Sarina cemetery, QLD66'our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_campbell1
CampbellJessie Christina4 Jun 1972ca 1893Sarina cemetery, QLD79'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_campbell2
CampbellRobert Hans9 Jul 1976ca 1894Sarina cemetery, QLD82'my dear father'.HM060421_sarina_campbell2
CarlonBrian Eric13 Aug 1973ca 1932Sarina cemetery, QLD41'my darling son, our brother, and father of Nicholas'.HM060421_sarina_carlon2
CarlonEric August28 Mar 1964ca 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD60Presumed spouse of Lucy Beatrice Carlon, and father of Brian Eric Carlon. 'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_carlon3
CarlonLucy Beatrice7 Jul 1979ca 1916Sarina cemetery, QLD63'our mother and grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_carlon1
CatlingLillian18 Sep 19933 May 1897Sarina cemetery, QLD96Wife of Walford Hewit Catling.HFWife060421_sarina_catling1
CatlingWalford HewitSarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Lillian Catling.HM060421_sarina_catling1
ChapmanPeter Norman14 Feb 19883 Apr 1957Sarina cemetery, QLD31HM060421_sarina_chapman1
ChingAgnes17 Nov 1941?ca 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD45Wife of Charles Ching.HFWife060421_sarina_ching1
ChingDorothy GraceSarina cemetery, QLD7Daughter of Charles & Agnes Ching.HFChild060421_sarina_ching1
ChingEdward FrederickSarina cemetery, QLD9Son of Charles & Agnes Ching.HMChild060421_sarina_ching1
ChingMaud AgnesSarina cemetery, QLD15Daughter of Charles & Agnes Ching.HF060421_sarina_ching1
ChingRichard HughSarina cemetery, QLD5Son of Charles & Agnes Ching.HMChild060421_sarina_ching1
ChingWinifred AmySarina cemetery, QLD1Daughter of Charles & Agnes Ching.HFChild060421_sarina_ching1
ClarkAnnie7 Aug 1978ca 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD63'my dear wife, mother & grandmother'. Wife of Benjamin David John Clark.HFWife060421_sarina_clark2
ClarkBenjamin David John1 Sep 1983ca 1903Sarina cemetery, QLD80'our dear father'. Spouse of Annie Clark.HM060421_sarina_clark1
ClearyJonathan Wayne20 Mar 1985ca 1982Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 3 yrs 2 mnths 17 days.HMChild060421_sarina_cleary1
CliffordWilliam7 Apr 1922ca 1844Sarina cemetery, QLD78'our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_clifford1
ConnorsBetty May28 Dec 1985ca 1929Sarina cemetery, QLD56'our dear mother and grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_connors1
CoulterSamuel John20 May 1949ca 1900Sarina cemetery, QLD49Spouse of Sarah Jane Coulter. 'my dear husband and my dear father'.HM060421_sarina_coulter1
CoulterSarah Jane5 Apr 1983ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD84Wife of Samuel John Coulter.HFWife060421_sarina_coulter1
CranstonFrances Estelle26 Sep 197813 Mar 1920Sarina cemetery, QLD58Wife of Stanley Richard Cranston.HFWife060421_sarina_cranston1
CranstonStanley Richard3 Feb 199318 Apr 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD82Spouse of Frances Estelle Cranston.HM060421_sarina_cranston1
CrossArthur Richard11 Jan 1974ca 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD59'our dear brother'. Presumed to be son of Robert & May Cross.HM060421_sarina_cross1
CrossCatherine Mary25 Mar 200417 Feb 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD89Wife of Frank Joseph Cross.HFWife060421_sarina_cross2
CrossFrank Joseph7 Oct 198718 Dec 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD75Spouse of Catherine Mary Cross.HM060421_sarina_cross2
CrossMay18 Jul 1961ca 1888Sarina cemetery, QLD73Wife of Robert James Cross.HFWife060421_sarina_cross1
CrossRobert James1 Feb 1959ca 1879Sarina cemetery, QLD80Spouse of May Cross.HM060421_sarina_cross1
CurnessAlister Stanley3 Oct 200313 Nov 1978Sarina cemetery, QLD25'loved son of Ceri (dec) and Stanley. Brother of Hamish and Alisa'.HM060421_sarina_curness1
CurnessCeridwen (Ceri) Robyn16 Feb 199118 Aug 1950Sarina cemetery, QLD41Wife of Stanley.HFWife060421_sarina_curness2
DaviesEvan Joseph19 Dec 1935ca 1877Sarina cemetery, QLD58HM060421_sarina_davies1
DaviesThomas Samuel5 Apr 19915 Apr 1903Sarina cemetery, QLD88HM060421_sarina_davies2
DavisSamuel Steven19 Dec 1977ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD78'our dear uncle'.HM060421_sarina_davis1
DayCharles James19451888Sarina cemetery, QLD57Presumed spouse of Sarah Day.HM060421_sarina_day2
DaySarah (Lily)19351887Sarina cemetery, QLD48Presumed wife of Charles Day.HF060421_sarina_day1
DentAnn9 Jan 1970ca 1889Sarina cemetery, QLD81Wife of Sydney Dent.HFWife060421_sarina_dent1
DentSydney16 Jun 1962ca 1884Sarina cemetery, QLD78Spouse of Ann Dent.HM060421_sarina_dent1
DickInez Evaleena11 May 1991ca 1916Sarina cemetery, QLD75HF060421_sarina_dick1
DicksonLorraine Elizabeth3 Apr 1969ca 1953Sarina cemetery, QLD16'loved by her Dad, Mum & brothers'.HF060421_sarina_dickson1
DobieChristopher James6 Dec 200020 Sep 1975Sarina cemetery, QLD25HM060421_sarina_dobie1
DouglasJane ElizabethAug 1955ca 1883Sarina cemetery, QLD72Wife of John Douglas.HFWife060421_sarina_douglas1
DouglasJohnDec 1954Sarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Jane Elizabeth Douglas.HM060421_sarina_douglas2
DouglasJoshua Thomas19 Jul 196514 Sep 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD58'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_douglas3
DouglasV.C.9 Jul 1966ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD61QX13197 PTE 2/26 Inf. Batt. 'wife Ellie, daughters Beryl & Yvonne'.HM060421_sarina_douglas4
EdwardsAgnes14 Dec 1967Sarina cemetery, QLDHF060421_sarina_edwards1
EdwardsLillie May16 Nov 1975Sarina cemetery, QLDWife of William David Edwards.HM060421_sarina_edwards2
EdwardsR.J. (Tid)19 Sep 1976ca 1920Sarina cemetery, QLD56'from his loving family'.HM060421_sarina_edwards3
EdwardsWilliam David30 Jul 1976Sarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Lillie May Edwards.HFWife060421_sarina_edwards2
EllisErnest Robert Henry28 Feb 1980ca 1903Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Helen Elizabeth Ellis (Deceased), devoted father of Moira & Des'.HM060421_sarina_ellis1
EngelBeryl Winifred6 Apr 199929 Apr 1922Sarina cemetery, QLD76'my darling wife, Mother and Nana'.HFWife060421_sarina_engel2
EngelNeville Raymond20 Apr 1965ca 1948Sarina cemetery, QLD17'our dear son & brother'.HM060421_sarina_engel1
EricksenEllen Maria8 Mar 1982ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD77'our dear mother'. Wife of Timothy James Ericksen.HFWife060421_sarina_ericksen1
EricksenTimothy James2 Jun 1951ca 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD49'our dear father'. Spouse of Ellen Maria Ericksen.HM060421_sarina_ericksen1
EvansDaphne Everil15 Sep 1984ca 1932Sarina cemetery, QLD52HF060421_sarina_evans2
EvansElizabeth5 Jan 1979ca 1898Sarina cemetery, QLD81HF060421_sarina_evans3
EvansJohn Gomar11 Aug 1976ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD811538 Sgt. 9th Inf Battn.HM060421_sarina_evans1
EversonBrett John21 Feb 198627 Feb 1968Sarina cemetery, QLD18'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_everson1
FishCharles19861916Sarina cemetery, QLD70'my husband, father and grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_fish1
FoanBertha29 Sep 1967ca 1892Sarina cemetery, QLD75'our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_foan2
FoanWellington21 May 1959ca 1891Sarina cemetery, QLD68'my dear husband, our father and grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_foan1
FodenHarry Ashford Thomas22 Mar 1979ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD80'our dear father'. Spouse of Violet Ivy May Foden.HM060421_sarina_foden1
FodenViolet Ivy May12 May 1971ca 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD69'my dear wife and our mother'. Wife of Harry ASford Thomas Foden.HFWife060421_sarina_foden1
FordeEva May2 Oct 1956ca 1921Sarina cemetery, QLD35Presumed to be daughter of John & Eva Parrott.HFWife060421_sarina_parrott1
FoxEric Charles5 Mar 1964ca 1920Sarina cemetery, QLD44'our dear husband, father & father-in-law'.HM060421_sarina_fox1
FranklinStanley Harper19771920Sarina cemetery, QLD57HM060421_sarina_franklin1
FreeseE.W.21 Oct 1995ca 1922Sarina cemetery, QLD73Spouse of Nada Irene Freese. 10 Field Ambulance.HM060421_sarina_freese1
FreeseNada Irene13 Mar 1987ca 1917Sarina cemetery, QLD70Wife of E. W. Freese. 'my dear wife'.HFWife060421_sarina_freese1
FroggattCharles Edward16 Jul 199110 Aug 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD80Spouse of Doris Madeline Sarah Froggatt.HM060421_sarina_froggatt1
FroggattDoris Madeline Sarah15 Feb 196316 Jul 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD52Wife of Charles Edward Froggatt.HFWife060421_sarina_froggatt1
GillNoelene DellSarina cemetery, QLD54With child Ray Olive (g'son?).HF060421_sarina_gill1
GlasirinLaura Henrietta12 Mar 1990ca 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD77Wife of Nicholas Glasirin.HFWife060421_sarina_glasirin1
GlasirinNicholas12 May 1982ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Laura Glasirin. 'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_glasirin1
GrahamEllen Priscilla13 Sep 1983ca 1889Sarina cemetery, QLD94Wife of Ernest William Graham.HFWife060421_sarina_graham1
GrahamErnest William10 Jul 1961ca 1886Sarina cemetery, QLD75Spouse of Ellen Priscilla Graham.HM060421_sarina_graham1
GreethamDavid21 Sep 1945ca 1858Sarina cemetery, QLD87Spouse of Louisa Greetham. 'our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_greetham1
GreethamLouisa16 Jul 1948ca 1858Sarina cemetery, QLD90Wife of David Greetham. 'our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_greetham1
GroseMarie Narelle11 Jul 199820 Apr 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD89Nee Ellis. Wife of Thomas Arthur Grose. Mother of Dolores, Fay, Denise and Lyn'.HFWife060421_sarina_grose1
GurnettDarryl Robert23 Jun 1971ca 1967Sarina cemetery, QLD3Age 3 yrs 9 mnths. 'our dear son, brother and grandson'.HMChild060421_sarina_gurnett1
GurnettRobert Bernard9 Apr 1986ca 1928Sarina cemetery, QLD58'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_gurnett2
HarrisonMelissa Marie2 Aug 198725 Mar 1987Sarina cemetery, QLD'our daughter'.HFInfant060421_sarina_harrison1
Hatfield Fanny Maria21 Sep 1943ca 1885Sarina cemetery, QLD58Nee Hansen. Wife of Thomas John Hatfield.H,OFWife060421_sarina_hatfield2
Hatfield Mary19 Mar 191930 Nov 1853Round Swamp, Mudgee, NSWKoumala, QLDSarina cemetery, QLD65Nee Oliver. Wife of Thomas Hatfield.H,OFWife060421_sarina_hatfield3
Hatfield Thomas26 Mar 191222 Jul 1852Moorebank, NSWKoumala, QLDSarina cemetery, QLD59Spouse of Mary nee Oliver.H,OM060421_sarina_hatfield3
Hatfield Thomas John23 Aug 1948ca 1869St. Lawrence, QLDSarina cemetery, QLD69'our dear father & grandfather'. Spouse of Fanny Maria nee Hansen.H,OM060421_sarina_hatfield1
HelyAlice Mary20 Sep 1965ca 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD63'my dear wife and our mother'. Wife of Edward Strickland Hely.HFWife060421_sarina_hely1
HelyEdward Strickland7 Dec 1981ca 1898Sarina cemetery, QLD83'our dear father & grandfather'. Spouse of Alice Mary Hely.HM060421_sarina_hely1
HeronCharles9 Aug 1942ca 1869Sarina cemetery, QLD73Spouse of Lucy Ada Heron.HM060421_sarina_heron1
HeronGladys Mary27 Nov 1988ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD89Wife of William Albert Heron.HFWife060421_sarina_heron3
HeronLucy Ada9 Jan 1958ca 1875Sarina cemetery, QLD83Wife of Charles Heron.HFWife060421_sarina_heron1
HeronWilliam6 Dec 1943ca 1872Sarina cemetery, QLD71HM060421_sarina_heron2
HeronWilliam Albert1 Nov 1943Sarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Gladys Mary Heron.HM060421_sarina_heron3
Hetherington-HarfordEdward Frederick George14 Nov 1965ca 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD53'my uncle Eddy'.HM060421_sarina_heatherington-harford1
HillEmily May1 Feb 1981Sarina cemetery, QLD'our darling daughter'.HF060421_sarina_hill3
HillRuth Barling6 Jul 1952Sarina cemetery, QLDPresumed to be the wife of William Henry Hill.HF060421_sarina_hill1
HillWilliam Henry20 Mar 1951Sarina cemetery, QLDPresumed to be spouse of Ruth Barling Hill.HM060421_sarina_hill2
HinterdingErnie23 Oct 1984Sarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Rita Hinterding.HM060421_sarina_hinterding1
HinterdingRita7 Nov 1981ca 1927Sarina cemetery, QLD54Wife of Ernie Hinterding.HFWife060421_sarina_hinterding1
HixonGeorge Shey30 Jul 1953ca 1872Sarina cemetery, QLD81'my dear husband'.HM060421_sarina_hixon1
HoareRonald William15 Dec 1925ca 1907AccidentSarina cemetery, QLD18'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_hoare1
HollowayFrancis Edward15 Jun 1965ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD70Spouse of Jeanette Mary Holloway.HM060421_sarina_holloway1
HollowayJeanette Mary11 Dec 1955ca 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD53Wife of Francis Edward Holloway.HFWife060421_sarina_holloway1
HowlandKylie Jane17 May 1980Sarina cemetery, QLDStillbornHFInfant060421_sarina_howland1
HuntlyGordon Lockyer4 Apr 1973ca 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD69Spouse of Greta Margaret HuntlyHM060421_sarina_huntly1
HuntlyGreta Margaret10 Feb 1993ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD86Wife of Gordon Lockyer Huntly.HFWife060421_sarina_huntly1
IsaacsEric Llewellyn24 Sep 1997ca 1910Sarina cemetery, QLD87'our dear husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_isaacs1
IschenkoShirley May27 Mar 1964ca 1928Sarina cemetery, QLD36'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_ischenko1
JacobsenHenry R.24 Mar 1940Sarina cemetery, QLDSon of Margery Jacobsen.HM060421_sarina_jacobsen1
JacobsenMargery Isobella28 Mar 1941ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD32'my dear wife'.HFWife060421_sarina_jacobsen1
JansenHenry West4 Jun 1944ca 1878Sarina cemetery, QLD66'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_jansen1
JenkinsAlbert Edward13 Jul 199012 Apr 1901Sarina cemetery, QLD89Spouse of Annie Elizabeth Jenkins.HM060421_sarina_jenkins1
JenkinsAnnie Elizabeth14 Nov 198324 Dec 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD81Wife of Albert Edward Jenkins.HFWife060421_sarina_jenkins1
JonesGordon Robert17 Jul 1966ca 1932Sarina cemetery, QLD34'our beloved son, stepson and brother'. With Gordon & Greta Huntly.HM060421_sarina_jones1
JonesJoseph Hugh25 Apr 1979ca 1893Sarina cemetery, QLD86HM060421_sarina_jones2
KeatingAlice Annie20 Sep 198726 Sep 1893Sarina cemetery, QLD94Widow of Percy Holman Keating. 'our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_keating5
KeatingEdward (Ted) Samuel29 Jun 1981ca 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD70With John Henry Keating.HM060421_sarina_keating6
KeatingEdward Samuel7 Mar 1940ca 1887Sarina cemetery, QLD53Spouse of Maud Elizabeth Keating.HM060421_sarina_keating1
KeatingEric Stanley28 Dec 1978ca 1919Sarina cemetery, QLD59HM060421_sarina_keating3
KeatingJohn Henry7 Aug 1974ca 1884Sarina cemetery, QLD90With Ted Keating.HM060421_sarina_keating6
KeatingMaud Elizabeth24 Sep 1966ca 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD70Wife of Edward Samuel Keating.HFWife060421_sarina_keating1
KeatingPercy H.5 Mar 1974ca 1892Sarina cemetery, QLD82'my dear husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_keating4
KeatingRex Edward21 Jan 1958ca 1933Sarina cemetery, QLD25'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_keating2
KeatingRoma Emma Patricia22 Nov 1963ca 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD50With Rex Keating, but age difference suggests not spouses.HF060421_sarina_keating2
KeilyLoretta Rosemary2 Apr 1944ca 1941Sarina cemetery, QLD3'our dear daughter'.HFChild060421_sarina_keily1
KempColleen Margaret4 Apr 1983ca 1946Sarina cemetery, QLD37'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_kemp1
KingstonIda20 Feb 1982ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD87Wife of Joseph Kingston.HFWife060421_sarina_kingston1
KingstonJoseph1 Apr 1976ca 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD80Spouse of Ida Kingston.HM060421_sarina_kingston1
LambertJames Henry6 Mar 1921Sarina cemetery, QLDHM060421_sarina_lambert1
LandellsDavid Henry27 Sep 1968ca 1966Sarina cemetery, QLD2HMChild060421_sarina_landells3
LandellsHarriet Agnes24 Jan 1956ca 1877Sarina cemetery, QLD79Presumed to be wife of Jim Landells.HF060421_sarina_landells2
LandellsJim16 Jul 1944Sarina cemetery, QLDHM060421_sarina_landells1
LandellsLionel James5 Aug 1961ca 1897Sarina cemetery, QLD64HM060421_sarina_landells3

  Surname: Langdon First names: Charles Arthur Born: abt 1893 At: Died: 17 Apr 1973 At: Age: 80 Buried: Sarina Comments: Spouse of Harriet Ella Langdon. 'our dear father'.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceCemeteryAgeCommentsBuriedSexOccupationDatabase file nameShipShip date
LangdonCharles Arthur17 Apr 1973ca 1893Sarina cemetery, QLD80Spouse of Harriet Ella Langdon. 'our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_langdon2
LangdonHarreiet Ella1 Apr 1967ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD72Wife of Charles Langdon. 'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_langdon1
LangdonJackSarina cemetery, QLDHM060421_sarina_langdon3
LangdonZara (Poppy)6 Jul 1994ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD87Text unclear.HF060421_sarina_langdon4
LeonardElizabeth27 Sep 1984ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD77HF060421_sarina_leonard1
LowthAlice Elizabeth18 Sep 19908 Oct 1908Sarina cemetery, QLD82Wife of George Henry Lowth. 'our dear mother and grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_lowth1
LowthGeorge Henry6 Dec 19796 Dec 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD72Spouse of Alice Elizabeth Lowth. 'our dear husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_lowth1
MacEachernMark Francis19 Jan 198816 Jul 1974Sarina cemetery, QLD14'our son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_macearchern1
MalinMary Elizabeth18 May 1942Sarina cemetery, QLD'our dear daughter'.HF060421_sarina_malin1
MansfieldColin10 Jul 1980Sarina cemetery, QLDStillborn.HM060421_sarina_mansfield1
MansfieldEva Mary30 Dec 1986ca 1937Sarina cemetery, QLD49'my dear wife, our mother and grandmother'.HF060421_sarina_mansfield2
MatsenAmelia Auld5 Aug 198821 Aug 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD84'our dear mother, grandmother and g'grandmother'. Wife of Charles Percival Matsen.HFWife060421_sarina_matsen1
MatsenCharles Percival3 Aug 19875 Jul 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD91Spouse of Amelia Auld Matsen.'in loving memory of my dear husband and our father'. 6276 9th Battn.HM060421_sarina_matsen1
MattonBeatrice Maude12 Aug 1991ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD86Age 86 yrs 8 mnths. Wife of Louis August Matton.HFWife060421_sarina_matton2
MattonLouis August12 Nov 1979May 1894Sarina cemetery, QLD85Age 85 yrs 7 mnths. Spouse of Beatrice Matton.HM060421_sarina_matton1
MaudsleyMaurice26 May 1982Sarina cemetery, QLDHM060421_sarina_maudsley2
MaudsleyThelma20041926Sarina cemetery, QLD78Wife of Victor Maudsley.HFWife060421_sarina_maudsley1
MaudsleyVictor19821913Sarina cemetery, QLD69Spouse of Thelma Maudsley.HM060421_sarina_maudsley1
McGuinJohn19761903Sarina cemetery, QLD73Spouse of Olive McGuin.HM060421_sarina_mcguin1
McGuinOlive19861909Sarina cemetery, QLD77Wife of John McGuin.HFWife060421_sarina_mcguin1
McKnightRegina Elizabeth15 Jul 1997ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD88Wife of William James McKnight. 'our dear mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_mcknight1
McKnightWilliam James19 Jun 1991ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD82Spouse of Regina Elizabeth McKnight. 'my dear husband, our father, father-in-law, grandfather and great-grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_mcknight1
McNallyJohn24 Apr 1964ca 1888Sarina cemetery, QLD761692 Pte 49th Brigade. Spouse of May Ellen McNally.HM060421_sarina_mcnally1
McNallyMay Ellen9 Nov 1965ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD66'our loving mother'. Wife of John McNally.HFWife060421_sarina_mcnally1
McNaughtMalcolm James24 Apr 1962ca 1945Sarina cemetery, QLD17HM060421_sarina_mcnaught1
McPheeLaura Ethel7 Oct 199528 Dec 1894Sarina cemetery, QLD101Nee Smyth. Age 100 yrs 9 months.HFWife060421_sarina_mcphee1
MillerRonald Edward21 Nov 1975ca 1943Sarina cemetery, QLD32'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_miller1
MonumentJames William15 Jan 1964ca 1879Sarina cemetery, QLD85Spouse of Maria Grace Monument. Presumed father of Lavinia Barnes.HM060421_sarina_barnes1
MonumentMaria Grace25 Jun 1964ca 1880Sarina cemetery, QLD84Wife of James William Monument.HFWife060421_sarina_barnes1
MorenAlfred Charles23 Jan 198925 Oct 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD84Spouse of Beryl Eileen Moren.HM060421_sarina_moren1
MorenBeryl Eileen12 Aug 198822 Oct 1908Sarina cemetery, QLD80Wife of Alfred Charles Moren.HFWife060421_sarina_moren1
MorrisCharles28 Apr 1941ca 1864Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Olga Dora Morris.HM060421_sarina_morris1
MorrisOlga Dora18 Jan 1957ca 1860Sarina cemetery, QLD77Wife of Charles Morris.HFWife060421_sarina_morris2
MuggletonHannah Jane17 Aug 1903ca 1845Sarina cemetery, QLD58Wife of James Muggleton. 'our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_muggleton1
MuggletonJames1 Jun 1901ca 1843Sarina cemetery, QLD58Spouse of Hannah Muggleton. 'our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_muggleton1
MullerGibson Henry27 Aug 198429 Nov 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD69Spouse of Stella Mary Muller.HM060421_sarina_muller1
MullerStella Mary5 Dec 20013 Aug 1918Sarina cemetery, QLD83Wife of Gibson Henry Muller.HFWife060421_sarina_muller1
NewberyErnest9 May 1922Sarina cemetery, QLD'Drowned at Louisa Creek in attempting to save another life'.HM060421_sarina_newbery1
NewberyThomas Guy31 Oct 1984ca 1914Sarina cemetery, QLD70'my dear husband and our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_newbery2
NicholsonAda Dilke17 Feb 1945ca 1871Sarina cemetery, QLD74Wife of John Christopher Nicholson.HFWife060421_sarina_nicholson2
NicholsonJohn Christopher21 Apr 1960ca 1866Sarina cemetery, QLD94Spouse of Ada Dilke NicholsonHM060421_sarina_nicholson2
NicholsonMaude20 Nov 1971ca 1889Sarina cemetery, QLD82'our dear parents'. Wife of Ted Nicholson.HFWife060421_sarina_nicholson1
NicholsonTed24 Jun 1973ca 1897Sarina cemetery, QLD76'our dear parents'. Spouse of Maude Nicholson.HM060421_sarina_nicholson1
OliveRaySarina cemetery, QLD7With Noelene Gill.HMChild060421_sarina_gill1
OlsenJohn Reginald28 Jul 19842 Mar 1916Sarina cemetery, QLD68'my dear husband and our father'. QX18879 Pte 3/36 Transport.HM060421_sarina_olsen2
OlsenLetitia Annie8 Nov 1978ca 1915Sarina cemetery, QLD63Wife of Stanley Kenneth Olsen.HFWife060421_sarina_olsen1
OlsenStanley Kenneth18 Dec 1995ca 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD83Spouse of Letitia Annie Olsen.HM060421_sarina_olsen1
PannellMarion10 Aug 1967ca 1879Sarina cemetery, QLD88Wife of Walter Richard Pannell.HFWife060421_sarina_pannell1
PannellWalter Richard8 Aug 1971ca 1880Sarina cemetery, QLD91Spouse of Marion Pannell.HM060421_sarina_pannell1
ParrottEva2 Feb 1970ca 1886Sarina cemetery, QLD84Wife of John William Parrott.HFWife060421_sarina_parrott1
ParrottJohn William3 Aug 1938ca 1873Sarina cemetery, QLD65Spouse of Eva Parrott.HM060421_sarina_parrott1
ParryR.C.26 Aug 2003ca 1923Sarina cemetery, QLD80Spouse of Alma Parry. Father of Suzanne, Dale, Christine, Lionel & Keith. 414823 Warrant Officer RAAF.HM060421_sarina_parry1
PatchDorothy13 Oct 199113 Jul 1891Sarina cemetery, QLD100Wife of Thomas Walter Patch.HFWife060421_sarina_patch1
PatchThomas Walter11 Mar 1959ca 1883Sarina cemetery, QLD76Spouse of Dorothy Patch.HM060421_sarina_patch1
PatonGladys Ellen19851913Sarina cemetery, QLD72Spouse of James Paton.HFWife060421_sarina_paton1
PatonJames (jr)19951914Sarina cemetery, QLD81Spouse of Gladys Ellen Paton.HMGrazier060421_sarina_paton1
PattersonJohn Alexander James2 Dec 1975Sarina cemetery, QLDSpouse of Phyllis Susan Patterson.HM060421_sarina_patterson1
PattersonPhyllis Susan7 Feb 1974Sarina cemetery, QLDWife of John Alexander James Patterson.HFWife060421_sarina_patterson1
PayneAnnie Maud19651885Sarina cemetery, QLD80Wife of William Andrew Payne.HFWife060421_sarina_payne3
PayneClara Maud30 Jul 19873 Feb 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD85Wife and mother of Frank, Eddie, Alex, Clarrie & Clara.HFWife060421_sarina_payne2
PayneDesmond William8 Aug 1928ca 1926Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 1 year 7 months.HMChild060421_sarina_payne4
PayneDoris Marjorie3 Mar 1986ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD81Wife of Harold Ernest Payne. 'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_payne5
PayneGladies22 Jul 195723 Oct 1918Sarina cemetery, QLD39Wife & Mother of Louis, Lorraine & Pam.HFWife060421_sarina_payne1
PayneHarold Ernest27 Sep 1993ca 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD89Spouse of Doris Marjorie Payne. 'our dear father and grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_payne5
PayneWilliam Andrew19611884Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Annie Maud Payne.HM060421_sarina_payne3
PerfectBeryl Monica11 Mar 19988 Apr 1929Sarina cemetery, QLD69Wife of Gordon Joseph Perfect.HFWife060421_sarina_perfect1
PerfectGordon Joseph4 Oct 198510 Oct 1927Sarina cemetery, QLD58Spouse of Beryl Monica Perfect.HM060421_sarina_perfect1
PerschelK.J. (Kevin)16 Jul 1963ca 1922Sarina cemetery, QLD4144783 leading aircraftman RAAF. Remembered by your loving wife Helen, son Ronald and daughter Ann'.HM060421_sarina_perschel1
PetersenElizabeth May26 May 1976Sarina cemetery, QLD'cherished always by Essie'. Presumed wife of William Alfred Petersen.HFWife060421_sarina_petersen3
PetersenElsie Maud12 Mar 197629 Jul 1903Sarina cemetery, QLD73Formerly Wharton.HFWife060421_sarina_petersen1
PetersenWilliam Alfred13 Mar 1981Sarina cemetery, QLD'cherished always by Essie'. Presumed spouse of Elizabeth May Petersen.HM060421_sarina_petersen2
PitcherArthur Charles11 Mar 196227 Apr 1949Sarina cemetery, QLD13'Beloved son of Bill & Grace'.HMChild060421_sarina_pitcher1
PitcherGrace Margaret4 Feb 19972 Dec 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD88Wife of William John Sussens Pitcher.HFWife060421_sarina_pitcher2
PitcherWilliam John Sussens20 May 19833 May 1906Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Grace Margaret Pitcher.HM060421_sarina_pitcher2
PlumbAlfred7 Nov 1939ca 1864Sarina cemetery, QLD75Spouse of Florence Plumb.HM060421_sarina_plumb1
PlumbFlorence11 Dec 1954ca 1873Sarina cemetery, QLD81Wife of Alfred Plumb.HFWife060421_sarina_plumb1
RandellBeryl EllenSarina cemetery, QLDQF266271 Bombardier. Wife of E.J. Randell.HfWife060421_sarina_randell1
RandellE.J.30 Jul 1995ca 1918Sarina cemetery, QLD77QX8311 Lieutenant 2/9 Infantry Battn. Spouse of Beryl Randell.HM060421_sarina_randell1
RankinIvy I.E.26 Sep 1986ca 1924Sarina cemetery, QLD62Wife of Bill Rankin 1949 to 1986.HFWife060421_sarina_rankin2
RankinWilliam J. (Bill)3 Apr 2004ca 1925Sarina cemetery, QLD79QX5244 Pte 33 Works Coy. Spouse of (1) Ivy Rankin (2) Joyce RankinHM060421_sarina_rankin1
RasmussenFay Violet3 Aug 1942ca 1936Sarina cemetery, QLD6Age 6 yrs 8 mnths. 'our dear daughter and my grandaughter'.HFChild060421_sarina_rasmussen2
RasmussenIvy19261905Sarina cemetery, QLD21HF060421_sarina_rasmussen1
RayDouglas27 Jul 1942ca 1880Sarina cemetery, QLD62'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_ray1
RichardsFlorence Fanny17 Aug 1953ca 1874Sarina cemetery, QLD79Wife of George William Richards.HFWife060421_sarina_richards1
RichardsGeorge William11 Feb 1960ca 1872Sarina cemetery, QLD88Spouse of Florence Fanny Richards.HM060421_sarina_richards1
RichardsGertrude Irene25 May 1969ca 1899Sarina cemetery, QLD70Wife of William Richards.HFWife060421_sarina_richards2
RichardsShirley Emily9 Aug 1940Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 2 weeks.HFInfant060421_sarina_richards3
RichardsWilliam (Jumbo)13 Oct 1953ca 1894Sarina cemetery, QLD59Spouse of Gertrude Irene Richards.HM060421_sarina_richards2
RichmondW.2 Sep 1953ca 1888Sarina cemetery, QLD653139 Pte 47 Battn.HM060421_sarina_richmond1
RobertsH.R.17 Jun 1987ca 1914Sarina cemetery, QLD7378044 Leading Aircraftman RAAF. Spouse of Nancy Roberts.HM060421_sarina_roberts1
RobertsonGeorge Alexander2 May 1981ca 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD79HM060421_sarina_robertson1
RobinsonReginald J.3 Aug 1986ca 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD74Spouse of Edna Robinson. QX12388 Sapper 2/7 Field Coy R.A.E.HM060421_sarina_robinson1
RoffArthur Leslie28 Mar 197216 Aug 1902Sarina cemetery, QLD70Spouse of Gladys May Roff.HM060421_sarina_roff1
RoffGladys May5 Nov 197631 Jan 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD72Wife of Arthur Leslie Roff.HFWife060421_sarina_roff1
RootsCharles Edward31 Oct 1934ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD29HM060421_sarina_roots2
RootsErnest George28 May 1916ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD7HMChild060421_sarina_roots1
RowlesLouise Alice11 Jul 1944Sarina cemetery, QLDHF060421_sarina_rowles1
SchaeferArthur Edward20 Sep 1977ca 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD66'my dear husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_schaefer2
SchaeferLionel Eric8 Jul 1978ca 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD65'my brother' (Stan)HM060421_sarina_schaefer1
ShailerFrederick Thomas15 Sep 1983ca 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD71HM060421_sarina_schailer1
ShepherdDelphine Jocelyn Ruth22 Jul 1982ca 1931Sarina cemetery, QLD51'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_shepherd1
SiddleTom Tate5 Feb 1916ca 1871Sarina cemetery, QLD45HM060421_sarina_siddle1
SimonsenElizabeth Muriel Ruth30 Nov 1983ca 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD79Wife of Percy Alfred George Simonsen. 'my dear wife, mother and grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_simonsen2
SimonsenPercy Alfred George13 Dec 1988ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD83'my dear father and grandfather'. Spouse of Muriel Elizabeth Ruth Simonsen.HM060421_sarina_simonsen1
SingleMaud Luct19651905Sarina cemetery, QLD60nee Bartlem.HFWife060421_sarina_single1
SleemanHarold25 Aug 1998ca 1919Sarina cemetery, QLD79'our father'. Spouse of Negia Sleeman.HM060421_sarina_sleeman2
SleemanNegia3 Jun 1978ca 1930Sarina cemetery, QLD48'my dear wife and our mother'. Wife of Harold Sleeman.HFWife060421_sarina_sleeman1
SmithBessie29 Jun 20059 Sep 1917Sarina cemetery, QLD88Wife of William Charles James Packham Smith.HFWife060421_sarina_smith1
SmithDavid Francis4 Jul 1929Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 7 months.HMInfant060421_sarina_smith4
SmithDonald Harold James18 Jun 19629 Jun 1942Sarina cemetery, QLD20'our dear son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_smith1
SmithDorothy6 Apr 1961ca 1917Sarina cemetery, QLD44Presumed to be wife of Robert SmithHF060421_sarina_smith3
SmithNorman16 Feb 1943ca 1908Sarina cemetery, QLD35'our husband and father'.HM060421_sarina_smith5
SmithRobert William1974ca 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD61'our dear brother'.HM060421_sarina_smith2
SmithWilliam Charles James Packham26 Dec 200327 May 1913Sarina cemetery, QLD90Spouse of Bessie Smith.HM060421_sarina_smith1
SmithWilliam Herbert John28 Oct 194816 Jan 1936Sarina cemetery, QLD12'our dear son and brother'.HMChild060421_sarina_smith1
SmythHenry Stewart2 Apr 1940ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD33'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_smyth1
SmythStewart4 Jul 19921 Mar 1927Sarina cemetery, QLD65'my dear son and our father'.HM060421_sarina_smyth2
SolliAsbjorn27 Nov 200131 Dec 1917Sarina cemetery, QLD84Presumed spouse of Sylvia.HM060421_sarina_solli2
SolliJohn Maxwell16 May 19712 Jul 1950Sarina cemetery, QLD21HM060421_sarina_solli1
SolliSylvia Frances12 Nov 198328 Nov 1923Sarina cemetery, QLD60Presumed wife of Asbjorn.HF060421_sarina_solli2
SomervilleBrian William4 Nov 1956Oct 1954Sarina cemetery, QLDAge 1 month.HMInfant060421_sarina_somerville1
SotoAllan19 Nov 1969ca 1945Sarina cemetery, QLD24HM060421_sarina_soto1
SotoRaymond15 May 1970ca 1925Sarina cemetery, QLD45HM060421_sarina_soto1
SprattRalph18 Aug 1978ca 1958Sarina cemetery, QLD20'our dear son'.HM060421_sarina_spratt1
StridJohn Victor12 Jan 1988ca 1907Sarina cemetery, QLD81Spouse of Mabel Hannah Strid.HM060421_sarina_strid1
StridMabel Hannah25 Jun 1999ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD90Wife of John Victor Strid.HFWife060421_sarina_strid1
TandyDaisy H. (Teany)2 Aug 1961ca 1905Sarina cemetery, QLD56'our dear sister'.HF060421_sarina_tandy3
TandyHarriet2 Jul 1958ca 1866Sarina cemetery, QLD92'our dear mother'. Wife of John Tandy.HFWife060421_sarina_tandy3
TandyJohn14 Mar 1944ca 1858Sarina cemetery, QLD86'my dear husband and our father'. Spouse of Harriet Tandy.HM060421_sarina_tandy3
TandyRoy14 Oct 1970ca 1898Sarina cemetery, QLD72HM060421_sarina_tandy2
TandyThomas Alfred17 Apr 1958ca 1890Sarina cemetery, QLD66'our dear brother'.HM060421_sarina_tandy1
TappendenArthur George3 May 1978ca 1910Sarina cemetery, QLD68Spouse of Constance Helen Tappenden.HM060421_sarina_tappenden1
TappendenConstance Helen4 Nov 1970ca 1910Sarina cemetery, QLD60Wife of Arthur George Tappenden.HFWife060421_sarina_tappenden1
ThompsonGeorge NorgateSarina cemetery, QLDPresumed spouse of Mona Florence Thompson.HM060421_sarina_thompson1
ThompsonMona Florence21 Aug 199614 Aug 1927Sarina cemetery, QLD69Presumed wife of George Norgate Thompson.HFWife060421_sarina_thompson1
TigheErnest Edward25 Mar 1976Sarina cemetery, QLD'my dear husband and our father'.HM060421_sarina_tighe1
TilneyClaude Alfred13 Jun 19838 Dec 1910Sarina cemetery, QLD73HM060421_sarina_tilney1
TurnbullElaine Ethel3 Oct 1958ca 1917Sarina cemetery, QLD41'my dear wife and our mother'. Presumed to be waife of George Henry Turnbull.HFWife060421_sarina_turnbull2
TurnbullGeorge Henry26 Aug 19674 Sep 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD55'loved and missed by his sisters and children'. Presumed to be spouse of Elaine Ethel Turnbull.HM060421_sarina_turnbull1
TurnerGeorge Thomas25 Apr 198821 Nov 1919Sarina cemetery, QLD69QX2693 Pte 2/9 Aust. Battn.HM060421_sarina_turner1
VentonEdward Alfred30 Oct 1976ca 1906Sarina cemetery, QLD70HM060421_sarina_venton1
VoiceDaisy Annie6 Oct 19775 Jun 1897Sarina cemetery, QLD80'our mother and nana'. Wife of Jack Voice.HFWife060421_sarina_voice1
VoiceJack7 Jul 1971ca 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD77300 Lance Corpl. 41 Battn. 'remembered by his son and daughter'. Spouse of Daisy Annie Voice.HM060421_sarina_voice2
WareHerbert23 Jan 1953Sarina cemetery, QLD'my husband and our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_ware1
WareLiam Arthur3 Aug 1952?Sarina cemetery, QLD39'my husband and our dear father'.HM060421_sarina_ware2
WattBronwyn1 Oct 197525 Nov 1947Sarina cemetery, QLD28'my wife'.HFWife060421_sarina_watt1
WattJason1 Oct 197511 Aug 1971Sarina cemetery, QLD4Son of Bronwyn Watt.HMChild060421_sarina_watt1
WattNicole1 Oct 19755 Feb 1974Sarina cemetery, QLD1Daughter of Bronwyn Watt.HFChild060421_sarina_watt1
WattPeta1 Oct 197527 Sep 1964Sarina cemetery, QLD9Daughter of Bronwyn Watt.HFChild060421_sarina_watt1
WattsCharles Edward21 Sep 1976ca 1890Sarina cemetery, QLD86Spouse of Edith Lottie Watts.HM060421_sarina_watts1
WattsEdith Lottie17 Sep 1976ca 1891Sarina cemetery, QLD85Wife of Charles Edward Watts.HFWife060421_sarina_watts1
WeekesDavid Richard12 Dec 1976ca 1914Sarina cemetery, QLD62HM060421_sarina_weekes2
WeekesElizabeth May11 Feb 1968ca 1885Sarina cemetery, QLD83Mother? of Thomas Henry Weekes.HF060421_sarina_weekes1
WeekesThomas Henry2 Sep 1968ca 1903Sarina cemetery, QLD65Son? of Elizabeth May Weekes.HM060421_sarina_weekes1
WeeksThomas16 Oct 1928ca 1857Sarina cemetery, QLD71HM060421_sarina_weeks1
WentzelMary Ann Elizabeth27 Aug 1973ca 1880Sarina cemetery, QLD93'our dear mother'.HFWife060421_sarina_wentzel1
WestcottHenry8 Nov 20029 Apr 1916Sarina cemetery, QLD86'beloved husband, father and grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_westcott1
WheelerClara Shailie26 Jun 1945ca 1909Sarina cemetery, QLD6'our dear daughter'. Presumed daughter of Henry William & Shailie Wheeler.HFChild060421_sarina_wheeler2
WheelerHenry William6 Oct 19739 Jan 1896Sarina cemetery, QLD77Spouse of Shailie Wheeler. 'loving parents, grandparents and g'grandparents'.HM060421_sarina_wheeler1
WheelerShailie24 Nov 20014 Mar 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD90Wife of Henry William Wheeler. 'loving parents, grandparents and g'grandparents'.HFWife060421_sarina_wheeler1
WhelanDaniel10 Mar 1974ca 1887Sarina cemetery, QLD87274 pte 25th Battn. Spouse of Deborah Elsie Whelan.HM060421_sarina_whelan1
WhelanDeborah ElsieSarina cemetery, QLD82Wife of Daniel Whelan.HFWife060421_sarina_whelan1
WilliamsArthur25 Sep 1936?Sarina cemetery, QLD55'Erected by his loving mother'.HM060421_sarina_williams1
WilliamsMargaret Rae20 Mar 1903ca 1875Sarina cemetery, QLD28HF060421_sarina_williams2
WillsBarry Thomas27 Sep 199810 Oct 1954Sarina cemetery, QLD44'much loved partner, father, son and brother'.HM060421_sarina_wills2
WillsMalcolm William31 Dec 198929 Nov 1931Sarina cemetery, QLD58'my dear husband, father and grandfather'.HM060421_sarina_wills1
WilsonE.R.24 Dec 1953ca 1895Sarina cemetery, QLD58799 Bombadier 14 Field Artillery BrigadeHM060421_sarina_wilson1
WoodFlorence May19831898Sarina cemetery, QLD85Presumed wife of Walter Henry Wood.HF060421_sarina_wood2
WoodWalter Henry8 Sep 1977ca 1892Sarina cemetery, QLD853157 Pte 26th Battn. AIF. Presumed spouse of Florence Wood.HM060421_sarina_wood1
WyvillClifford John8 Jan 199419 Jul 1930Sarina cemetery, QLD64Son of Jack & Lily Wyvill.HM060421_sarina_wyvill1
WyvillLily Margaret13 Sep 1989ca 1911Sarina cemetery, QLD78'our dear wife, mother & grandmother'.HFWife060421_sarina_wyvill1
WyvillWilliam John22 Jan 1940Sarina cemetery, QLD'our dear infant son and brother'.HMInfant060421_sarina_wyvill1
ZurvasElsie Agnes9 May 1988ca 1912Sarina cemetery, QLD76Wife of James Townsend Zurvas. 'our dear parents'.HFWife060421_sarina_zurvas1
ZurvasJames Townsend8 Jun 1963ca 1904Sarina cemetery, QLD59Spouse of Elsie Agnes Zurvas.HM060421_sarina_zurvas1
de BergColin Charles Waldemar28 Jun 1979ca 1898Sarina cemetery, QLD81Spouse of Ruby Evelyn de Berg.HM060421_sarina_deberg1
de BergRuby Evelyn21 Jun 1955Sarina cemetery, QLD'my beloved wife and our mother'. Wife of Colin Waldemar de Berg.HFWife060421_sarina_deberg1