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Pos S  36 3.961'
E 17352.637'
Te Kopuru is on the Northern Wairoa, the northern arm of the Kaipara Haorbour pointing north. Before settlement by the English this was a rich river domain teeming with fish and wildlife and inhabited by several Maori tribes.

Over the decades following colonisation the vast forests of native timbers were felled and shipped away on sailing ships, a process that allowed the hillsides to wash away and the river to change to the yellow sediment-loaded ditch we have today.

Subsequent farming practices made this worse for in general dairy farmers firmly believed that any tree that remained reduced the grass cover and hence grazing. This may not be entirely true and it wasn't only the farmers who unknowingly stripped the land; gumdiggers went over the swampy parts like ants, removing and shipping off tonnes of what we now prefer to call amber.

To find this cemetery first find Te Kopuru, then take the West Coast Road for many kilometres until Redhill Cemetery Road appears on the left. The rest is quite simple...

This is one of those cemeteries with deeply mingled Pakeha and Maori residents, and it is suggested that you look at the Whakapapa Club who do a fantastic job on the Maori side.

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Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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