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Pos S  35  5.817'
E 174 14.565'
Paparoa is one of the 'Albertlander' settlements, close to the fingers of the Kaipara Harbour and huddled against the Brynderwyn range of hills.

It lacks the historical glamour of nearby Matakohe but the same people built the communities that surround the township. The Albertlanders were a particular group of settlers attracted by the government to settle land north of Auckland, land they imagined would be rougher versions of the hills of England and were shocked and dismayed to find it was steep bush-clad country full of winding creeks and rimmed by a mud harbour.

A great many of these arrivals had neither the means or the fortitude; they knew knew they were't landsmen in the English sense and saw no way to get the job done. For the most part they chose to go back to Auckland and 'civilisation'. Over the years they proved they had talents too, but of a different kind.

Another section of those same immigrants simply rolled their sleeves up and set to, aided in many cases by the local Maori, the very people they were dispossessing of the land...

To find the cemetery today you must turn off State Highway 1 towards Matakohe on Highway 12. When you see Paparoa turnoffs to the right take the Paparoa-Oakleigh road and then Hook street on your right. A hundred meters or so and the cemetery is over the bank on the left.

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