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Murgon is an important crossroads town in Queensland history. It is located on the fertile highlands near Kingaroy, and the area is noted for its agriculture.
Many of the families buried in the cemetery have in fact come from South Australia, bringing their families overland at first, then later around the coast by ship.
These records are derived from photos of the headstones, so in most cases pictures are available on request. Simply move the mouse over the blue or red cross to read the file name to request, then email us.

The cemetery can be found at the northern end of the town, near the golf course.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
Actual headstone data;
 Data from other sources

  Surname: Angel First names: Elce Edith Born: 1905 At: Died: 1994 At: Age: 89 Buried: Murgon, QLD Comments: Wife of William Joseph Angel.

  Surname: Angel née Waldock First names: Martha Born: 1866 At: Died: 1936 At: Age: 70 Buried: Murgon, QLD Comments: Wife of Joseph Angel (Engel).

  Surname: Angel First names: William David Born: 1927 At: Died: 1985 At: Age: 58 Buried: Murgon, QLD Comments: Son of William Joseph & Elce Edith Angel.

  Surname: Angel First names: William Joseph Born: 30 Aug 1878 At: Died: 28 Jul 1902 At: Age: 24 Buried: Murgon, QLD Comments: Spouse of Elce Edith Angel.
BarlingAlfred Clement14 Apr 1957ca 1889Murgon, QLD68'Our dear parents'. Spouse of Annie Ellen Beatrice Barling.M
BarlingAnnie Ellen Beatrice23 Feb 1958ca 1899Murgon, QLD59'Our dear parents'. Wife of Alfred Clement Barling.F
BaulchAlice30 Jun 1959ca 1881Murgon, QLD78Wife of William Henry Baulch.F
BaulchWilliam Henry26 Jul 19575 May 1875Laidley, QLDMurgon, QLD82Spouse of Alice. 'My dear husband & our father'.M
BeinkeSamuel Paul7 May 194611 Mar 1856Schoenborn, SAMurgon, QLDMurgon, QLD90Spouse of Wilhelmine Louise Caroline nee ZerkM
BiddulphAnnie Alice19791909Murgon, QLD70'Our dear sister'. Daughter of Joseph % Alice Annie Pascoe.F
KilpatrickBrian Allen27 Jul 1961ca 1944Murgon, QLD17'Our Son' .M
LathamHarold Stewart14 Jul 1976ca 1894Murgon, QLD82'My dear husband'.M
LathamJessie26 Feb 1921ca 1864Murgon, QLD57'Dear mother and father'. Wife of Samuel Latham.F
LathamSamuel8 Aug 1944ca 1860Murgon, QLD84'Dear mother and father'. Spouse of Jessie Latham.M
LeitchAlex22 Nov 19338 Jan 1886Glasgow, ScotlandMurgon, QLDMurgon, QLD47Spouse of Beatrice Leitch.M
LeitchBeatrice23 Mar 1950ca 1887Murgon, QLD63Wife of Alex Leitch.F
McLarenPeter27 Jan 1945ca 1883Murgon, QLD62'our dear parents'. Spouse of Sarah McLaren.M
McLarenSarah G.20 Jul 1934ca 1880Murgon, QLD54'our dear parents'. Wife of Peter McLaren.F
MitchellThomas Stuart Laing Munro1 Oct 1949ca 1868Murgon, QLD81'my dear husband and our father'.M
PascoeAlice Annie19631887Murgon, QLD76'Our dear parents'. Wife of Joseph Pascoe.F
PascoeJoseph19631886Murgon, QLD77'Our dear parents'. Spouse of Alice Annie Pascoe.M
PerrettEdith Lillian5 Jul 1953ca 1871Murgon, QLD82'Our Mother' . Wife of George James Perrett.F
PerrettGeorge James5 Nov 1939ca 1864Murgon, QLD75'Our Dad'. Spouse of Edith Lillian Perrett.M
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