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Matakohe is also known as the Coatesville Memorial Gardens in honour of one family who went into political life and made a difference. It's also known as the place with the Kauri Museum, a fascinating record of days when kauri was king.

It was almost the epicentre of settlement when the Albertlander scheme unleashed shiploads of mostly English settlers on wild bushland with the intention that they should make it all into farmland like the tame English lands were.

Timber became the main resource, both for local dwellings and for export, and the sprawling Kaipara Harbour was the only way to get people in and timber out.

Now you no longer need the harbour as you can drive up from Auckland and turn towards Dargaville and follow the signposts. The grounds are immaculate and the museum well worth a visit plus there is the inevitable coffee and souvenir shop. The original settlers would no doubt be aghast at the changes but as they look around they would have to concede they did indeed end up with paddocks and dairy cows to replace the wild bush and gullies of their time.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and the various cemetery records are steadily being copied over. In this case we had no previous page and so you will have to go directly to MOP. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

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