Mangapai: Archive

Pos S  35 50.639'
E 174 17.134'
Mangapai is a small rural settlement just south of Whangarei, in New Zealand's Northland. Like many historical centres it was established by sea and was originally served by a dedicated route that had a wharf near today's Oakleigh where the main highway now skirts the harbour mangroves.

At one point in history the immediate area was considered the preferred location for Whangarei itself but again the prevalence of water transport changed the equation and today the city is located at the very head of the harbour.

To find the cemetery take the Mangapai turnoff at Oakleigh and continue along Mangapai Road until Ormandy Road on the right where you turn and will find the cemetery down a small lane on the left.

Close the Gate!

The cemetery is scattered over a ridge with more graves on the far side. Somebody has taken very good care looking after what must be a very difficult site to mow and keep presentable.

Be aware that this is not the only Mangapai cemetery; there is another commonly referred to as Mangapai South, or Springfield, which is located a little further south. We have recorded that cemetery as Springfield on a separate page.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and all the older records listed are being steadily being copied over. In this case we did not have a page for Mangapai before now so you will have to go directly to MOP. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

To find a person enter the surname in the target box and presss ENTER. This will list every case of that surname across all cemeteries. To list all persons in a particular cemetery enter the name of the cemetery and change the pull-down option immediately to the left from LAST NAME to CEMETERY then ENTER.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener


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