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 Pos  S  2537.051' 
E 15136.839'
Gayndah is a wonderful little town on the banks of the Burnett, perched above permanent water that supplies the zillions of citrus plantations in the area. Above the town is a striking outcrop of rock, and from the lookout there the cemetery can be seen directly below with the river meandering away into the distance, where eventually it reached Maryborough and the coast.
Many of the pioneers came up the valley of the Burnett from landings direct off sailing ships at Hervey Bay.

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Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Abbott First names: Bertie Born: ca 1882 At: Died: 12 Oct 1962 At: Age: 82 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments: Spouse of J. Olivia L. Abbott.

  Surname: Abbott First names: Francis George Noel Born: ca 1948 At: Died: 17 Mar 1979 At: Age: 31 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments: Presumed to be son of Bertie & Olivia Abbott.

  Surname: Abbott First names: Julia Olivia L. Born: ca 1901 At: Died: 1 Oct 1979 At: Age: 78 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments: Wife of Bertie Abbott.

  Surname: Lang First names: Ida Dorothy Born: ca 1907 At: Died: 10 Mar 1986 At: Age: 79 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments:

  Surname: Razzell First names: James Edward Born: ca 1895 At: Died: 26 May 1941 At: Age: 46 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments: 'wife Daisy & daughter Margaret'

  Surname: Sutherland First names: Anna Elizabeth Born: ca 1879 At: Died: 4 Mar 1944 At: Age: 65 Buried: Gayndah, QLD Comments: 'our dear mother'
SutherlandArthur Edward21 Feb 1967ca 1899Gayndah cemetery, QLD66M
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