Ellenbrook (Henley) cemetery

Pos S 31 47.753'
E 116 0.238'
Western Australia was the last australian state to be developed and did so with immigrants from England and Europe, plus in the early years they still accepted convicts as a source of labour.

Fremantle is the port of arrival on a sandy coast that stretched several thousand bare kilometers north. From about Geraldton onwards the land is very desert-like so agriculture was developed in a green triangle across the SW corner of the land.

Wheat and other grains became the mainstay of the state well before the mining of today's world. The city of Perth quickly grew on the Swan River which was in fact a series of lagoons giving access to the immediate interior.

Henley is located at the junction of the Swan and Ellenbrook and quickly became the centre of development in those first years. To the immediate east of the Perth coastal area is a forested granite escaptment that effectively separates coastal dairy from inland wheatbelt. The next largest urban centre after Perth (historically speaking) is Kalgoorlie which is 600km directly east, beyond even the wheatbelt.


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