CRACOW: Archive

 Pos S  25°18.077'
E 150°19.180'
Cracow is located SE of Theodore, NW of Maryborough. It is a small mining town which is currently enjoying a new lease of mining life. It is an underground mine driven through the ridges and has recently been fortunate that the years of development bore fruit exactly when the price of gold climbed dramatically.

The cemetery I found is a relatively modern one located in the valley to the east of the ridgetop township. Assuming you've arrived at the twonship from Theodore to the north, drive towards Eidsvold and the cemetery can be found down near the creek, on the right in the trees.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and the records listed below are steadily being copied over. Once a record is there a green tick will show alongside the entry. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Arnold   First names: Eric Hartley Born: 24/10/1906 At: Died: 11/4/1985 At: Age: 78 Buried: Cracow Comments: Son of Joseph & Charlotte Arnold

  Surname: Barnes   First names: Robert Gordon Born: abt Apr 1942 At: Died: 21 Aug 1942 At: Age: 4 months Buried: Cracow Comments:

  Surname: Borchardt   First names: Rudolf Franz A. Born: abt 1931 At: Died: 5 Jun 1959 At: Killed Golden Plateau Mine Age: 28 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'my dear husband & our father'.

  Surname: Bradshaw First names: Ada Esther Born: abt 1909 At: Died: 11 Dec 1967 At: Age: 58 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'my dear wife, our mother and grandmother'. Wife of Curzon Henry Bradshaw.

  Surname: Bradshaw First names: Curzon Henry Born: abt 1906 At: Died: 28 Dec 1978 At: Age: 72 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'our dear father and grandfather'. Spouse of Ada Esther Bradshaw.

  Surname: Cope First names: Bill Born: abt 1930 At: Died: 2 Feb 1940 At: Age: 10 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'our son and brother'.

  Surname: Downes First names: Winifred Eleanor Born: abt 1931 At: Died: 10 Nov 1941 At: Age: 10 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'my dear daughter and our sister'.

  Surname: Freeman First names: Ada Margaret Born: abt 1879 At: Died: 25 Nov 1941 At: Age: 62 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'our dear mother'.

  Surname: Garcia née O'Leary + First names: Gladys Catherine
Genealogy Born: 22 Apr 1907 At: Boat Harbour, Tasmania Died: 22 Jan 1943 At: Cracow, QLD Age: 36 Buried: Cracow Comments: Childbirth complications
  Surname: Harvey First names: Mary Jane Born: 5 Sep 1891 At: Died: 10 Feb 1960 At: Age: 69 Buried: Cracow Comments: Wife of Robert Roland Harvey.

  Surname: Harvey First names: Robert Roland Born: 27 Sep 1885 At: Died: 10 Jun 1966 At: Age: 81 Buried: Cracow Comments: Spouse of Mary Jane Harvey.

  Surname: Heiniger First names: Mary Roberta Born: abt 1921 At: Died: 1942 At: Car accident Age: 21 Buried: Cracow Comments:

  Surname: Jarvis First names: Harriet Laura Born: abt 1881 At: Died: 30 Jan 1964 At: Age: 85 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'my dear mother'

  Surname: Jenkinson First names: Robert Raymond Born: abt Feb 1940 At: Died: 27 Nov 1940 At: Age: 9 months Buried: Cracow Comments:

  Surname: Jorgensen First names: Olaf (Oscar) Born: abt 1898 At: Died: 16 Jan 1968 At: Age: 70 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'our dear friend'.

  Surname: Keller First names: Robert August Born: abt 1909 At: Died: 25 Oct 1958 At: Age: 49 Buried: Cracow Comments: 'my dear husband and our father'.
KentBenjamin James25 Oct 1959abt 1936Cracow23HM
LaingWilson2 Sep 1940abt 1887Cracow53HM
LetteAlexander Gibson7 Jan 1961abt 1883Cracow78'my dear husband, our father and grandfather'. Spouse of Charlotte Priscilla Anne Lette.HM
LetteCharlotte Priscilla Anne15 Mar 1971abt 1887Cracow83Age 83y 4 mnths. 'our dear mother, grandmother & great-grandmother'. Wife of Alexander Gibson Lette.HF
LindenMary Jane18 Nov 1939abt Feb 1868Cracow51Age 51 yrs 9 mnths 23 days. Wife of Robert Linden, mother of Fred Linden, Adeline Thomson and Hazlett Kehl.HF
LindleyJohn30 Jul 199122 Mar 1937Cracow54'our dear father and grandfather'.HM
Long-DayAlice Catherine6 Oct 19773 Mar 1912Cracow65HF
McCarthyCornelius (Con) Finbarr16 Nov 1970abt 1926Cracow44HM
McKayRobert13 Jul 1946abt 1888Cracow58HM
MillerHoward Hughes22 May 1950abt 1892Cracow58HM
PotterFrederick Henry7 Dec 1954abt 1909Cracow45Killed Golden Plateaux Mine. 'a loving father and husband'.HM
QuinnBertha Alice2 Jul 1972abt 1884Cracow88Wife of William J, Quinn. 'our dear mother and grandmother'.HF
QuinnWilliam J.2 Nov 1951abt 1883Cracow68Spouse of Bertha Alice QuinnHM
StoddardJ.26 Aug 1957abt 1873Cracow84Sadly missed by his wife Maria and family. 2718 Pte 4 Pioneer Batt.HM
TaylorCecely Margaret29 Jun 1941abt 1940CracowAge 9.5 months.HM
TynanPatrick William8 Jul 199330 Jul 1912Cracow81Husband of Amy Florence Tynan. QX29704 Sapper 2/12 Aust. Inf. Batt.HM
WalshDorothy Jane23 Apr 199621 Jun 1947Cracow48HF
WoodroofeKerry Patrick7 Dec 1954abt 1933Cracow21HM