Charters Towers Cemetery Listings

Charters Towers is inland from Townsville, west and south, and on the main route across to Mt. Isa. It is a picturesque town, with many buildings still as they were in the days of the gold rush, although today the mines are much farther out of town, and the area is probably better known for cattle and for the annual Country and Western festival.

In its mining hey-day it was the largest town in Northern Queensland, and very conscious of the fact, so much so that its inhabitants fondly called it 'The World'. This name is proudly displayed above the town even today.

The pioneer cemetery is on the SE side of town, a brown slab of pebbly ground the size of a large football field. Many of the interments here were deaths occurring in the mines of the day. The newer (and current) cemetery is on the road to The Lynd, on the north side of town.

It should be noted here that while we completed the Pioneer cemetery records alone, the major part of the new cemetery listings are the dedicated work of Cherylle Hamilton, June Norman and Lynn Wallis. It is their wonderfully presented booklet that has been used for base data in this case, along with our own.
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    Surname: Darb 
First names: Thomas Philip 
       Born: 1830                       At:
       Died: 7 Sep 1887                 At:
        Age: 57                     Buried: Pioneer cemetery  

  Surname: Davie First names: Janie Isabella Born: Dec 1877 At: Died: 1 Feb 1878 At: Age: 3 months Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Daughter of William Davie.

  Surname: Davie First names: William Born: 1841 At: Died: 12 Mar 1882 At: Age: 41 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Father of Janie Isabella Davie (infant).

  Surname: Davis First names: Annie Born: 7 Feb 1877 At: Died: 16 Feb 1877 At: Age: 9 days Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Davis First names: Catherine Born: 1846 At: Died: 9 Dec 1887 At: Age: 41 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Wife of William Davis.

  Surname: Davis First names: Mary Annie Born: 28 Jul 1879 At: Died: 23 Feb 1881 At: Age: 3 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Deehan First names: Frances Maud Born: 1867 At: Died: 10 Jan 1886 At: Age: 19 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: G'daughter of C.C.S. Anning.

  Surname: Dickinson First names: William Born: 5 Jan 1856 At: Ulverstone, Lancashire, England Died: 19 Jul 1894 At: Age: 38 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: 'Sorrowing widow'.

  Surname: Donaldson First names: Ada Caroline Born: 1857 At: Died: 4 Jun 1887 At: Age: 30 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Dott First names: James Jenkinson Born: 1880 At: Died: 23 Nov 1880 At: Musselburgh Age: 2 weeks Buried: Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh Comments:

  Surname: Dott First names: Robert Born: 10 Aug 1846 At: Edinburgh, Scotland Died: 2 Apr 1888 At: Charters Towers Age: 42 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Accidentally killed by a fall from his buggy at Charters Towers. 'dear husband'. father of James Jenkinson Dott

  Surname: Dunn First names: Sarah Elizabeth Born: 1817 At: Died: 23 Jul 1885 At: Charters Towers Age: 68 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Dunstan First names: James Tozer Born: 1836 At: Perranworthol, Cornwall, UK Died: 15 Sep 1890 At: Age: 54 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: