Charters Towers Cemetery Listings

Charters Towers is inland from Townsville, west and south, and on the main route across to Mt. Isa. It is a picturesque town, with many buildings still as they were in the days of the gold rush, although today the mines are much farther out of town, and the area is probably better known for cattle and for the annual Country and Western festival.

In its mining hey-day it was the largest town in Northern Queensland, and very conscious of the fact, so much so that its inhabitants fondly called it 'The World'. This name is proudly displayed above the town even today.

The pioneer cemetery is on the SE side of town, a brown slab of pebbly ground the size of a large football field. Many of the interments here were deaths occurring in the mines of the day. The newer (and current) cemetery is on the road to The Lynd, on the north side of town.

It should be noted here that while we completed the Pioneer cemetery records alone, the major part of the new cemetery listings are the dedicated work of Cherylle Hamilton, June Norman and Lynn Wallis. It is their wonderfully presented booklet that has been used for base data in this case, along with our own.
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    Surname: Lang 
First names: Julia 
       Born: 1853                       At: 
       Died: 21 Aug 1881                At:
        Age: 28                     Buried: Pioneer cemetery
   Comments: Wife of William Lang.

  Surname: Lang First names: William Born: 1850 At: Died: 30 Oct 1892 At: Age: 42 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Widower of Julia Lang.

  Surname: Larkin First names: James Born: 1849 At: Died: 19 Aug 1888 At: Age: 39 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Husband of Margaret Larkin.

  Surname: Larkin First names: Peter Born: 1853 At: Died: 25 Aug 1880 At: Age: 27 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Lathbury First names: William Henry Born: 1843 At: Burton-on-Trent, England. Died: 7 Mar 1884 At: Macrossan Bridge. Age: 41 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Lawrence née Wakeham + First names: Selina Primrose
Genealogy Born: 27 Nov 1882 At: Died: 6 Sep 1940 At: Charters Towers, QLD Age: 58 Buried: New cemetery Comments: Other husband Tobias Holt.
  Surname: Lennon First names: Patrick Born: 1868 At: Died: 4 Aug 1892 At: Accident, Day Dawn Mine. Age: 24 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Lennox First names: Dorothy Dawn
Genealogy Born: 1 Apr 1936 At: Charters Towers, QLD Died: 5 Apr 1936 At: Charters Towers, QLD Age: 4 days Buried: New Charters Towers cemetery Comments: Infant daughter of John & Dorothy Lennox.
  Surname: Lindsey First names: Florence Born: Oct 1883 At: Died: 20 Dec 1883 At: Age: 10 weeks Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: (Presumed) daughter of Mary Ann Lindsey.

  Surname: Lindsey First names: Mary Ann Born: 1860 At: Died: 20 Dec 1886 At: Age: 26 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: (Presumed) mother of Florence Lindsey.

  Surname: Lindsey First names: William Francis Born: 1882 At: Died: 26 Jul 1884 At: Age: 2 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: (Presumed) son of Mary Ann Lindsey.

  Surname: Long First names: John Joseph Born: 1867 At: Died: May 1889 At: Charters Towers Age: 35 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments:

  Surname: Long First names: Matthew Henry Born: 1859 At: Died: 6 Oct 1894 At: Accident, Brilliant Extended Mine Age: 35 Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Widow M. Long.

  Surname: Long First names: William Born: At: Died: 1875 At: Age: Buried: Pioneer cemetery Comments: Son of Richard and Mary Anne Long.