This cemetery has at this stage been listed solely from historical records. If anyone has additional info please get in touch with us.
Actual headstone data; + Data from other sources

  Surname: Blucher First names: Carl Theodor (Charley)
Genealogy Born: 11 Dec 1857 At: Neu Mecklenburg, SA Died: 7 Mar 1932 At: Age: 75 Buried: Carlsruhe Lutheran cemetery, SA Comments: Spouse of Elise Mathilde Emilie née Schmaal.
  Surname: Blucher First names: Christian Friedrich Johann
Genealogy Born: 11 Oct 1856 At: Neu Mecklenburg, SA Died: 23 Aug 1944 At: Waterloo, SA Age: 88 Buried: Carlsruhe Lutheran cemetery, SA Comments: Spouse of Louise née Riessen.
  Surname: Blucher née Schmaal First names: Elise Mathilde Emilie (Emily)
Genealogy Born: 13 Oct 1863 At: Neu Mecklenburg, SA Died: 2 Sep 1900 At: Age: 36 Buried: Carlsruhe Lutheran cemetery, SA Comments: Wife of Carl Theodor Blucher.
  Surname: Blucher née Riessen First names: Louise
Genealogy Born: 9 Feb 1858 At: Neu Mecklenburg, SA Died: 16 Jul 1938 At: Waterloo, SA Age: 80 Buried: Carlsruhe Lutheran cemetery, SA Comments: Wife of Christian Friedrich Johann Blucher.
EckermannAnna Louise28 Jan 18751 Feb 1868Waterloo, SAWaterloo, SA7Child of Heinrich & Louise EckermannFChildLutheran
EckermannElizabeth11 Feb 189929 Nov 182277Nee Schmaal. Wife of Hans Heinrich Eckermann.FWifeLutheran
EckermannHans Heinrich29 May 18784 Feb 1808Granzin,Mecklenburg,Schwerin,Prussia70Spouse of Elizabeth nee Schmaal.MLutheran
EckermannHeinrich9 Mar 190917 Oct 1842Zahrensdorf,Mecklenburg,Prussia67Spouse of Louise Eckermann nee WurstMLutheran
EckermannHeinrich Carl14 Jul 196416 Jul 1872Waterloo, SA92Spouse of Mary nee MildeMFarmerLutheran
EckermannJohann Carl3 Jan 187530 Jun 1870Waterloo, SAWaterloo, SA5Child of Heinrich and Louise EckermannMChildLutheran
EckermannLouise26 Mar 192618 Sep 1843Ransen,Prussia83Nee Wurst. Wife of Heinrich Eckermann.FWifeLutheran
EckermannMary4 Jun 18735 Oct 196087Nee Milde. Wife of Heinrich Carl Eckermann.FWifeLutheran
EckermannSophie Caroline8 Jan 19473 Oct 1849Gaazerhof,Prussi98Nee Moller. Wife of Wilhelm Eckermann.FWifeLutheran
EckermannWilhelm15 Sep 191313 Sep 1844Bretzin,Mecklenburg,Prussia69Spouse of Sophie Caroline Charlotte nee MollerMLutheran
KnauerhaseJohann Wilhelm21 Feb 189120 Feb 1823Ransen, Silesia, PrussiaWaterloo,SA68Spouse of Johanne Henriette nee WurstMLutheran
KnauerhaseJohanne Henriette25 Jul 190226 Apr 1828Ransen, Silesia, PrussiaBooleroo, South Australia74Nee Wurst. Wife of Johann Wilhelm KnauerhaseFWifeLutheran