Babinda: Archive

Pos S  17 19.527'
E 145 55.656'
Babinda is or was a small sugar town on the main road to Cairns. If you are driving north, it is the next center after Innisfail, wedged between the mountain on the left and a green low valley on the right. If you have driven up from Townsville, you are probably wondering just how far away Cairns is, and will likely miss the cemetery with graves sprinkled on the hillside just to your left as you leave the thin line of houses.

This cemetery is maintained by the Cairns City Council, and is tidy, with well kept lanes and verges. There is a convenient layby beside the road, and behind the cemetery the hill rises abruptly to a bush-clad mountain worthy of New Zealand. A nice, quiet place.

The more recent Lawn cemetery is down the lane called Nelson Road at the southern corner of the main cemetery.

We have now gone to a live on-line database called MOP ('Myra's Other Place') and the records listed below are steadily being copied over. Once a record is there a green tick will show alongside the entry. The MOP database has a lot more than just cemetery records and is worth checking out here where you can log in as Guest password guest.

To find a person enter the surname in the target box and presss ENTER. This will list every case of that surname across all cemeteries. To list all persons in a particular cemetery enter the name of the cemetery and change the pull-down option immediately to the left from LAST NAME to CEMETERY then ENTER.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener

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  Surname: Grant
First names: Albert Victor Born: 31 Jan 1888 At: Died: 24 Jul 1948 At: Age: 60 Buried: Babinda, QLD Comments: Spouse of Wynnefred Hodson Grant.
  Surname: Grant
First names: Wynnefred Hodson Born: 5 Apr 1907 At: Died: 15 May 1998 At: Age: 91 Buried: Babinda, QLD Comments: Wife of Albert Victor Grant.
  Surname: Rexhep
First names: Selami Born: ca 1903 At: Died: 27 Oct 1947 At: Age: 44 Buried: Babinda, QLD Comments: