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 Pos S 23°38' 44.04" 
E 147°37' 45.65"
Alpha is on the main highway from Emerald to Barcaldine, just over the Great Dividing Range. It is an area historically associated with large stations and grazing properties, but lately has been mooted as the next coalfield development.

There isn't much there, and to find the cemetery you must take the turnoff towards Clermont, then travel about 300m and turn left pass the wash-down facility. The original cemetery can be seen in the trees on the left as you approach the present one, but there is now only one headstone there plus some empty cast iron surrounds.

The cemetery listing shown here is largely complete; certainly most of the headstones have been recorded.

Collected and collated by Alan Wagener.
Actual headstone data;  Data from other sources

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This is now an archive. Most if not all of these records have been transferred to the MOP live database and as that is verfied you will see a tick alongside each entry.

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  Surname: Aitken
First names: Andrew Born: abt 1862 At: Scotland Died: 15 Apr 1940 At: Age: 78 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments:
  Surname: Anderson
First names: Anne Livinia Born: abt 1884 At: Died: 16 Apr 1965 At: Age: 81 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Wife of Hans Henry Anderson.
  Surname: Anderson
First names: Arthur Thomas Born: abt 1920 At: Died: 27 Sep 1952 At: Age: 32 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'erected by his father, mother, brother & sister'.
  Surname: Anderson
First names: Ernest Charles Born: abt 1923 At: Died: 25 Apr 1995 At: Age: 72 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'erected by his family'.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceAgeCommentsReunion_FIReunion_idBurialBoughtBuriedSexOccupationHeadstone picUndertakerShip inShip dateDeathcause
AndersonHans Henry19 Sep 1969ca 188881Spouse of Anne Livinia Anderson.HM090930_alpha_anderson7
AndersonJohn Henry15 Oct 1986ca 191571'Loved husband of Ethel May.HM090930_alpha_anderson6
AndersonMary27 Jul 1927ca 185275Wife of Peter Michael Anderson. 'my dear wife and our darling mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_anderson2
AndersonPeter JamesJan 1946ca 191828'erected by his father, mother, brothers & sister'.HM090930_alpha_anderson5
AndersonPeter Michael27 Oct 1937ca Apr 184889Age 89 years 6 months. 'also our dear father'.HM090930_alpha_anderson2
AndersonStanley Keith14 Jun 1925abt 19232Age 2 yrs 2 mnths. 'loving parents'.HMChild090930_alpha_anderson1
Banks'Jock'1994ca 191678HM090930_alpha_banks1
BattsHenry5 May 1954ca 188173Presumed to be spouse of Sophie Batts.HM090930_alpha_batts2
BattsSophie27 Jun 1951'My dear wife'.HFWife090930_alpha_batts1
BauerMichael13 Aug 20069 Aug 196541HM090930_alpha_bauer1
BauerMichael Henry13 Aug 2006ca 196541Yes, 2 of same name, 2 headstones!HM090930_alpha_bauer2
BeaufortPaddy1987ca 192067HM090930_alpha_beaufort1
BellewMary Ellen2 Jul 1953abt 1873Brisbane80HF090930_alpha_bellew1
BensonArthur Henry9 Mar 1925ca 189233Late AIF. 'our son and brother'.HM090930_alpha_benson5
BensonColin26 Dec 1920abt 19182Age 2.5 Child of William & Baud Benson.farwest28HMChild090930_alpha_benson2
BensonHenry Leonard14 Aug 1988ca 191474Spouse of Isabel Benson. 'our dear father, father-in-law, grandfather & great-grandfather'.HM090930_alpha_benson3
BensonIsabel Mary27 Nov 1970ca 191753Wife of Henry Leonard Benson. 'my beloved wife and our dear mother & grandmother'.HFWife090930_alpha_benson4
BensonMaud Amelia3 Feb 1944ca 188361Wife of William Benson.farwest25HFWife090930_alpha_benson1
BensonMona13 Jan 191412 Jan 1914Age 1 day.Child of William & Maud Benson.farwest27HFInfant090930_alpha_benson2
BensonRobert John
BettyBertie Edward7 Mar 1948HM090930_alpha_betty1
BowyerAmelia Ann19 Dec 1964ca 187589'our dear mother'. Wife of George Bowyer.HFWife090930_alpha_bowyer1
BowyerGeorge Albert28 Mar 1943ca 187172'erected by his loving wife and sons'. Spouse of Amelia Bowyer.HM090930_alpha_bowyer2
BowyerWilliam Edmund George16 Jan 1986ca 192561'sadly missed by loving wife and family'.HM090930_alpha_bowyer3
BrownjohnAudrey Rose25 Jan 1992ca 193557'my darling wife and our mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_brownjohn1
BrownjohnDavid Thomas14 Sep 1988ca 195830'our dear son and our brother'.HM090930_alpha_brownjohn2
BrownlessC.H. (Harry)1924188836'Of Hutton Henry, Co. Durham, England, and Surbiton Station'. Served in France 55 Battn 14th F.A.B.HM090930_alpha_brownless1
BunnBenjamin Augustine20 Sep 1982ca 190973'our dear father'.HM090930_alpha_bunn1
BurtonAgnes Thelma Jane12 Nov 1915ca Jul 19105Age 5.5 months. 'erected by her loving father, mother, and brothers'.HFChild090930_alpha_burton1
ButlerEdward William28 Jan 19994 Dec 193465'Loved husband of Helen, father of Edward, Graeme, David'.HM090930_alpha_butler1
ChambersJames Ignatius4 Jul 1926ca 188937HM090930_alpha_chambers1
CharlesRobert Joseph5 Oct 20018 Dec 192081'loved father of Sharon, Steven & Leonie. Grandfather of Christopher, Sherree, Brodie & Mitchell'.HM090930_alpha_charles1
ClewsFrancis Arthur16 Sep 1979ca 191861'my dear husband and father'.HM090930_alpha_clews1
ClewsRichard12 Jun 1913abt 184469Age 69 yrs 22 days. Spouse of Selina Clews.HM090930_alpha_clews2
ClewsSelina18 Feb 1922abt 184775Wife of Richard Clews.HFWife090930_alpha_clews2
ConronGuy Evered1942187567HM090930_alpha_conron1
CroninMary15 Nov 1928ca 186167'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_cronin1
CroninMary Elsie10 Jun 1957ca 189463'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_cronin2
DahlkeBarbara Linda30 Nov 1949ca 188861HF090930_alpha_dahlke1
DahlkeChris25 Jun 1945ca 187966HM090930_alpha_dahlke2
DavidsonFrank JamesAug 1934Age 7 weeks.HMInfant090930_alpha_davidson1
DayPhyllis Mary5 Jan 1928ca Aug 19208Age 7 years 5 months.HFChild090930_alpha_day1
DeanCatherine Jane4 Jan 1958ca 190355'our dear mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_dean5
DeanSamuel James21 Oct 1982ca 191369'Missed by his loving daughter Coral, son-in-law Harold and grandchildren'.HM090930_alpha_dean4
DeanSamuel James23 Nov 1934ca 185480Spouse of Susan Jane Dean. 'our dear father'.HM090930_alpha_dean2
DeanSusan Jane6 Feb 1934ca 185479Age 79 years 8 months.Wife of Samuel James Dean.HFWife090930_alpha_dean1
DeanThomas Henry21 Jan 1952ca 188963'my dear husband and our father'.HM090930_alpha_dean3
DevineKate Marie Agnes23 Sep 1946abt 186284Wife of Thomas Devine.farwest38HFWife090930_alpha_devine3
DevineThomas16 Nov 193229 Sep 185676Spouse of Kate M. Devinefarwest39HM090930_alpha_devine2
DevineThomas John25 May 1914abt 190311Age 11.5 yrs. Son of Thomas & Kate Devine.farwest40HMChild090930_alpha_devine1
DillonBessie Josephine9 Mar 1985ca 189095Wife of Francis John Dillon. 'our dear mother & ma-ma'. 'Of Surbiton'.HFWife090930_alpha_dillon1
DillonFrancis John26 Dec 1935ca 188154Spouse of Bessie Dillon. 'my dear husband and our father'. 'Of Surbiton'.HM090930_alpha_dillon1
DobsonBridget18 Sep 1929ca 186465HF090930_alpha_dobson3
DobsonMatthew James8 Sep 1967ca 188087'from his loving wife and family'.HM090930_alpha_dobson2
DobsonSarah Jane27 Jul 1920ca 189525'my dear wife'.HFWife090930_alpha_dobson1
DohringJane21 May 1917abt 186651HF090930_alpha_dohring1
DollardGavin David28 Jan 1972ca 19666Accidentally drowned. 'our darling son and brother'.HMChild090930_alpha_dollard1
DooleyJohn18 Feb 1916187145Spouse of Mary Jane Dooley.farwest53HM090930_alpha_dooley1
DooleyMary Jane2 Oct 195427 May 188866Wife of John DooleyF
DooleyRaymond Francis26 Nov 194616 Nov 1928Alpha, QLD18'my dear son'. Son of John & Mary Jane Dooley.farwest54HM090930_alpha_dooley2
DoyleMary Ann4 May 1905abt 185352Wife of John L. Doyle of Tambo.HFWife090930_alpha_doyle2
DoylePeter Patrick27 Jun 1951ca 188665HM090930_alpha_doyle1
DunneRose24 Nov 1929ca 189237HF090930_alpha_dunne1
DyerMary Jane23 Oct 1935ca 185877'our dear mother'. 'a good mother and a dear friend'.HFWife090930_alpha_dyer1
DyerRodney Andrew12 Oct 1974ca 196212'our dear son & brother'.HMChild090930_alpha_dyer2
EnglandGeorge25 Jun 19447 Jan 188361'my dear husband and our father'.HM090930_alpha_england1
EveringhamArthur Richmond1964190163'my husband'.HM090930_alpha_everingham10
EveringhamClaude5 Mar 1977ca 191067'my dear husband, father & grandfather'. Husband of Rose Alice Everingham.HM090930_alpha_everingham6
EveringhamDerwin29 Apr 1904abt 18994Age 4 yrs 8 mnths.HMChild090930_alpha_everingham1
EveringhamErnest Hubert29 Dec81Spouse of Sophie Everingham.HM090930_alpha_everingham5
EveringhamGarry Robert Alfred1 May 1980ca 195426HM090930_alpha_everingham2
EveringhamGweneth Joan28 Sep 1957ca May 19489Age 9 yrs 4 months.HFChild090930_alpha_everingham8
EveringhamLymon5 Aug 1942ca Jan 1941Age 19 months. 'our dear son'.HMChild090930_alpha_everingham3
EveringhamRose Alice16 Jul 2000ca Mar 190892Wife od Claude Everingham. 'our dear mother & grandmother'.HFWife090930_alpha_everingham7
EveringhamSidney Winifred25 Dec 1971ca 190170'my dear father & grandfather'.HM090930_alpha_everingham9
EveringhamSophia Eliza Jane17 Feb 1942ca 187666'our dear mother'. Wife of Ernest Hubert Everingham.HFWife090930_alpha_everingham4
FeatonbyAlbert Harmer30 Aug 189713Age 13 Yrs 4 mnths.HMChild090930_alpha_featonby1
FieldLouis15 Dec 1921abt 185863With Charles F. Robins. ' erected by loving sister & brothers'.M
FitzhenryH.D.15 Oct 1969ca 189376466 Private Machine gun Battalion.HM090930_alpha_fitzhenry1
FordhamAlice L.4 Jan 1941ca 186378Wife of George Fordham.'my dear wife and our mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_fordham1
FordhamGeorge1 Aug 1955ca 186788Spouse of Alice L. Fordham. 'our dear father''.HM090930_alpha_fordham1
FranklinEmily25 Jun 1918ca 185365Age 64 years and 11 months. 'our dear mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_franklin1
FrazerFlorence Elizabeth10 Feb 1979ca 192554'our dear mother and grandmother'.HFWife090930_alpha_frazer3
FrazerPercy22 May 1970'In loving memory of our father, father-in-law & grandfather'.HM090930_alpha_frazer2
FrazerPhillip18 Feb 1955ca 187085'accidentally killed'.HM090930_alpha_frazer1
FrazerRoy Henry15 Feb 1971ca 194427'our dear son and brother'.HM090930_alpha_frazer4
FreemanCharles F.19 Jul 1938abt 186177M
FullerHenry Joseph14 Jun 1960ca 188080Accidentally killed, Surbiton station.'our father and grandfather'.HM090930_alpha_fuller1
GabelMichael William25 Jul 1935'my beloved husband and our father'.HM090930_alpha_gabel1
GaebelJohn Jacob31 May 1886ca 184541In old cemetery 100 m away from main.HM090930_alpha_gaebel1
GilletRose7 Mar 1918ca 186751'our dear mother'. 'inserted by her sorrowing husband, sons & daughters and sons-in-law'.HFWife090930_alpha_gillet1

  Surname: Glazier née Clark First names: Elizabeth Ruth
Genealogy Born: ca 1864 At: Died: 29 Jun 1943 At: Age: 57 Buried: Mt. Morgan, QLD Comments: 'our dear parents'. Spouse of Louis William Glazier
  Surname: Glazier First names: Louis William Born: ca 1860 At: Died: 21 Feb 1935 At: Age: 75 Buried: Mt. Morgan, QLD Comments: 'our dear parents'. Wife of Louis William Glazier

  Surname: Griffith First names: Thomas Born: ca 1869 At: Died: 28 Nov 1911 At: Age: 42 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'sorrowing widow, sons & daughters'.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceAgeCommentsReunion_FIReunion_idBurialBoughtBuriedSexOccupationHeadstone picUndertakerShip inShip dateDeathcause
HaughtonEllen2 Oct 1902abt 184161HFWife090930_alpha_haughton1
HochDavid Grant23 May 20039 May 192479'Loved husband of Lilly, father of Gary, Gordon, Neville, Colin, Sherri, Janita'.HM090930_alpha_hoch1
HochNeville Adrian7 Jun 1999ca 195841Presumed son of David & Lilly Hoch.HM090930_alpha_hoch2
HochPeter Edmund ('Hochy')8 Mar 200515 Mar 195946HM090930_alpha_hoch3

  Surname: Jaques First names: Augustus
Genealogy Born: ca 1861 At: Died: 4 Aug 1927 At: Age: 66 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Spouse of (1) Louisa née Bianchi and (2) Ruth Jaques née Glazier.
  Surname: Jaques First names: Brian Gilbert Born: ca 1931 At: Died: 25 May 1993 At: Age: 62 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'My dear husband and our father, father-in-law and grandfather'.

  Surname: Jaques First names: Cornelius Born: 25 Oct 1917 At: Died: 25 May 2003 At: Age: 85 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'Beloved husband of May, father of Colin, Betty, Phillip and Shirley'.

  Surname: Jaques First names: Lancelot Ernest Herbert
Genealogy Born: ca 1916 At: Died: 11 Nov 1920 At: Age: 4 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Son of Louisa & Augustus Jaques.
  Surname: Jaques née Bianchi First names: Lancelot Ernest Herbert
Genealogy Born: 7 Oct 1865 At: Rockhampton, QLD Died: 24 May 1901 At: Age: 4 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Wife of Augustus Jaques.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceAgeCommentsReunion_FIReunion_idBurialBoughtBuriedSexOccupationHeadstone picUndertakerShip inShip dateDeathcause
JenkinsAnn28 Feb 1934ca 185777HF090930_alpha_jenkins1
KellyMichelle2 Dec 19581 Dec 1958Aged 10 hrs. Daughter of Claude & Florence Kelly.HFInfant090930_alpha_kelly1
KnickelGeorge8 Aug 1930ca 189535HM090930_alpha_knickel1
KohlFred20 Oct 1962HM090930_alpha_kohl1
LambAda E.S.13 May 1942abt 190933'erected by loving husband & family'.F
LambDenis17 Dec 1942185785Spouse of Elizabeth Lamb.HM090930_alpha_lamb3
LambElizabeth5 Aug 1926186363Spouse of Denis LambHFWife090930_alpha_lamb3
LambFrederick3 Jun 1959abt 188673'our dear father & grandfather'.M
LambFrederick William14 Feb 1946abt 193312Age 12 years 7 mnthsM
LambGeorge Jonathan23 Jan 19816 Jun 189982'Our dear father' Spouse of Mary Louisa Lamb.HM090930_alpha_lamb1
LambMary Louisa10 Jan 19722 Dec190270Spouse of George Jonathan Lamb. 'My dear wife and our mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_lamb2
LambWilliam9 Nov 1927abt 189928'our dear brother'.HM090930_alpha_lamb5
LaurieSarah Eliza30 Nov 1941'my dear wife and our dear mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_laurie1
LewisJohn24 Mar 1951abt 187774Spouse of Mary Ann LewisHM090930_alpha_lewis1
LewisMary Ann27 Mar 1971abt 188685Wife of John Lewis. 'our dear mother'.HFWife090930_alpha_lewis2
LoisJohn Ludwick ('Johhny')28 Mar 1996ca 193165HM090930_alpha_lois1
LongBridget10 Aug 1912abt 185953'erected by her loving sons & daughter'.HFWife090930_alpha_long1
LynchEllen24 Apr 1942ca 188656HF090930_alpha_lynch1
MarkwellAda Violet22 Nov 1914abt 189519Age 19 yrs 5 mnths. Daughter of Richard & Matilda Markwell.F
MarkwellCharles AlfredJul 1978M
MarkwellRichard Apsley12 Dec 1916Spouse of Matilda Markwell. Accidentally killed by fall from horse.M
McLaughlinPeter Grant12 Sep 1890 ?HM090930_alpha_mclaughlin2
McLaughlinRalph Norton19 Apr 1965ca 192342centqld154HM090930_alpha_mclaughlin1

  Surname: McMah née Peckett First names: Ada Lavinia
Genealogy Born: 29 Jun 1883 At: QLD Died: 30 Jan 1971 At: Alpha, QLD Age: 88 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Wife of William John McMah.
  Surname: McMah First names: Alfred
Genealogy Born: ca 1893 At: QLD Died: 10 Jul 1955 At: Alpha, QLD Age: 62 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'Our dear brother and our uncle'.
  Surname: McMah née Marshall First names: Eliza M.
Genealogy Born: ca 1853 At: QLD Died: 14 Dec 1933 At: Alpha, QLD Age: 80 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Wife of William James McMah. 'Inserted by her loving sons & daughters'.
  Surname: McMah First names: George
Genealogy Born: 29 Jun 1887 At: QLD Died: 28 Jun 1949 At: Alpha, QLD Age: 61 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Spouse of Theresa McMah. 'Our dear parents'.
  Surname: McMah First names: Harold George Born: ca 1910 At: Died: 27 Nov 1976 At: Age: 66 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'Erected by his brother & sisters'.

  Surname: McMah First names: James A. J.
Genealogy Born: 20 Jul 1930 At: Died: 6 May 1993 At: Age: 63 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Brother to Vera McMah.
  Surname: McMah First names: Joseph
Genealogy Born: ca 1893 At: Died: 27 Feb 1948 At: Age: 55 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: 'Erected by his brother and sister'.
  Surname: McMah née Hatch First names: Theresa
Genealogy Born: 14 Nov 1891 At: Died: 1970 At: Age: 79 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Wife of George McMah. 'Our dear parents'.
  Surname: McMah First names: Vera June
Genealogy Born: 3 Jun 1936 At: Died: 11 Aug 1937 At: Age: 1 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Sister to James McMah.
  Surname: McMah First names: William James
Genealogy Born: ca 1844 At: Died: 31 Mar 1917 At: Age: 73 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Spouse of Eliza M. McMah. 'Inserted by his loving wife, sons & daughters'.
  Surname: McMah First names: William John
Genealogy Born: 3 Aug 1875 At: Died: 13 Nov 1938 At: Age: 63 Buried: Alpha cemetery, QLD Comments: Spouse of Ada Lavinia née Peckett.
SurnameFirstnamesDeathBirthBirthplaceDeathplaceAgeCommentsReunion_FIReunion_idBurialBoughtBuriedSexOccupationHeadstone picUndertakerShip inShip dateDeathcause
O'SullivanEllen10 Mar 1937abt 186176Wife of Faugh O'SullivanF
O'SullivanFaugh23 May 1919abt 185267Spouse of Ellen O'Sullivan.M
OhlMary26 Jun 1902abt 186141Mother of Terrance.HFWife090930_alpha_ohl1
OhlTerrance3 Jul 1902ca 27 Jun 1902Age 11 days. Infant son of Mary Ohl.HMInfant090930_alpha_ohl1
ReshlBernard Richard23 Sep 1906abt 1905Alpha1'our little son'.M
RobinsCharles Ernest Freeman16 Apr 1924abt 19203Age 3 yrs 7 mnths. 'loving parents & brothers'.M
RobinsJames F.1 Mar 1930abt 19246M
RogersFrederick Isaac18 Mar 1913abt 189518Age 18 yrs 3 mnths. 'our dear son'.M
SparrowIsabella13 Jul 1966ca 189373Presumed wife of Roy Sparrow.HFWife090930_alpha_sparrow2
SparrowRoy8 Jul 1957ca 189958'erected by his loving wife and son'.HM090930_alpha_sparrow1
SparrowWilliam2 Oct 1942ca 186874Presumed father of Roy Sparrow. 'my dear father'.HM090930_alpha_sparrow3
SteelAnthony12 Sep 1914abt 185361Spouse of Mary Ann Steel.M
VaggAlice Rose24 Sep 1933189142'our dear parents and grandparents'. Wife of Michael William Vagg.farwest29HFWife090930_alpha_vagg1, 090930_alpha_vagg2
VaggMay28 Apr 1986ca 192066Wife of Victor Vagg. 'our darling mother & our dear nanna'.farwest32HFWife090930_alpha_vagg3
VaggMichael William1959187980'our dear parents and grandparents'. Spouse of Alice Rose Vagg.farwest30HM090930_alpha_vagg1
VaggVictor ('Kitch')9 Oct 1981ca 191665Spouse of May Vagg. 'my darling husband, our dear father & grandfather'.farwest31HM090930_alpha_vagg3
VallisAlbert George7 Jan 1991ca 190388'my dear husband and our father'. Spouse of Edna May Vallis.HM090930_alpha_vallis3
VallisEdna May14 Dec 2003ca 190994Wife o Albert George Vallis. 'our dear mother & grandmother'.HFWife090930_alpha_vallis4
VallisFrancis William Henry24 Dec 1926abt 185769HM090930_alpha_vallis1
VallisMorgan James20 Jul 1912abt 189220'who was accidentally killed through a fall from a horse at Duccabrook Stn'.HM090930_alpha_vallis2
WilliamsSamuel Brown8 Aug 1909abt 185052Spouse of Annie Williams. Inserted by loving wife and children.M